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2017-06-08, 04:24 AM
hey hey,
So, I've fallen down the rabbit hole for a character design I'm in love with (moreso after having recently rewatched Claymore): the voracious eater

I want the synthesist to be obsessed with swallowing its prey whole and able to reach them no matter where they go.

Def not an optimized build for damage or anything, just something that I think is super fun and would provide for some interesting roleplay situations. I'm not very familiar with variant classes so please let me know if I'm onto something here or not. The base model for synthesist is Elemental - Serpentine/Quadruped depending on how I feel about aesthetics.

My questions are now about variant oracle with the Ravenous Curse, which is as follows:
You suffer from ravenous hunger, but cannot hold down large meals. You are almost impossibly thin, your tendons and bones clearly visible beneath your loose skin.

You can only go one day without food before you begin to starve. You cannot eat for more than one ten minutes at a time before you must wait half an hour to eat again. However, your nonlethal damage total from starvation and thirst cannot exceed your hit points and you are immune to all ingested poisons and harmful potions.

At 5th level, you gain a primary bite attack that deals damage for a creature of your size (ld6 for a Medium character, ld4 for Small). You have the grab ability; if you hit with this bite, you deal normal damage and attempt to start a grapple as a free action without provoking an attack of opportunity. You receive a +4 bonus on combat maneuver checks made to start and maintain a grapple. You gain the swallow whole ability; the AC of your stomach is 10 +1/2 your natural armor bonus (if any) +your Charisma modifier, and it has hit points of 1110 your total. If you swallow whole an opponent of any size, they disgorge 2d4 rounds later on your turn automatically, nauseating you for your tum.

At 10th level, you learn heroes’ feast as a 5th level spell, though you are unable to benefit from it.

At 15th level, your swallow whole ability allows you to swallow opponents up to your own size.

In addition to the flavour text of constantly needing to feed (and vomiting up the prey to potentially eat them again) it seems that this may be a clutch way of conserving evolution points. My questions are as follows:
1) could the curse enabling a bite attack be considered for: Bite (Ex): The eidolon’s maw is full of razor-sharp teeth, giving it a bite attack. This attack is a primary attack. The bite deals 1d6 points of damage (1d8 if Large, 2d6 if Huge). If the eidolon already has a bite attack, this evolution allows it to deal 1-1/2 times its Strength modifier on damage rolls made with its bite.
2) grab ability seems like it would apply no problem...
3) would the swallow whole ability then allow for CHA modifer for stomach AC?

Being able to save evolution points: (1) imp bite, (2) grab, (3) swallow whole would make picking up burrow/large/huge easier and I'd be able to build a flying/burrowing nightmare :)

Any advice is much appreciated, thank you kindly

2017-06-08, 07:28 AM
This is better suited for the 3.x forums but I'll pitch a bit of ideas before I have to leave for work.

If you can make your fluff work it, Quadruped has more strength for grappling and does more damage with most attacks you'll use. I'd go for Abberation (since you'll be using Unchained Eidola). Aberrant is most flavorful but Biped would be mechanically superior. From then, google our "Bigger Boat" Eidolon thread and improve your bite attack dice to insane levels.