View Full Version : Roleplaying USOR Games - Town Location 3 for Fragments of Karn World - Gallow Woods

2017-06-09, 05:25 PM
Fragments of Karn has many islands and many cultures. Let's explore some of these places.

On the island of Dainar, there is a bountiful forest Northwest of Fendor. The locals call it Gallow Woods:

"How do you think we were able to construct all of Fendor's buildings? Honestly, do you think anyone would import lumber all the way out here? Mate, you've got to be joking. No one would bother with the likes of our town in that way. Gallow Woods provided it all. A lush, beautiful forest. Virgil Falls far in the north provides enough water and minerals to the trees and they respond in kind...some of the richest vegetation on our island. The trees here are solid and healthy. The grasses are tall and fertile. During the daytime, this place is perfect for a picnic. My only hesitation in recommending this place for a vacation is those damned hungry roving band of wolves. I've seen more than my fair share of lonely stragglers taken out by these increasing bold and dangerous canines. You want a day of sunshine in Gallow Woods? Pack a sword under the picnic basket.

At night...this place is down-right spooky. The crickets chirping and croaking frogs make this place sound like a haunted graveyard. Worse yet, the sounds are matched by creatures most foul. Why does the nocturne bring out such peril? Please, don't go into these woods at night."