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2007-08-04, 01:02 AM
I made some homebrewed feats for a seafaring campaign that I never played and I want to make a swashbuckling character using these and the scout riposte variant. I am making a fencing master of who is obsessed with dueling.

The feats are: Insightful Defense which gives your Int bonus to AC when fighting defensively, and Reactive Duelist which requires Riposte (+1d6/+1) and Grace +1. RD stacks Scout and Swashbuckeler levels for the purposes of Riposte bonuses.

What I am thinking of is a human Rogue 3/Scout 3/ Swashbuckeler 3 with Combat Expertise, Insightful Defense, Reactive Duelist, Daring Outlaw, and Improved Feint

I rolled Str 10, Dex 18 (yay), Con 14, Int 17 (double yay), Wis 11, and Cha 15 which is really good. I'm going to boost Int and Cha at 4 and 8.

I plan on taking the rogue variant where you get 1/2 SA instead of Trap Sense from Dungeonscape.

I was wondering if there is a way to further optomize this build. The books available are core, CAd, CAr, CD, CS, CW, Stormwrak, RoD, RoS, RoW, Cityscape, Dungeonscape and PHB2.

2007-08-04, 01:28 AM
Improved feint is a very ho-hum feat, you are spending a move action (and thus losing your full-attack) make a bluff check vs BAB and Sense Motive to get a single sneak attack (which you are not focused on). You could do far more with improved trip and or improved disarm which can be used in a full-attack and overtimes will win the fight for you.

2007-08-04, 01:31 AM
Sorry, I forgot to mention that we house ruled that feinting is a move action and IF makes it a swift action.

The problen with trip and disarm is that they require STR checks, and the character has a 10 STR.

2007-08-04, 04:00 AM
Complete Scoundrel has the feats Daring Outlaw, which allows you to stack Rogue and Swashbuckler levels for some of the class abilities of both classes, and Swift Ambusher which does the same for Rogue and Scout levels. Therefore, if you take the minimum levels in Scout and Swashbuckler, you can then dump into Rogue to gain the bonuses of three classes.