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Fuum Bango
2007-08-04, 07:18 AM
Yeah, I've made a bunch of gods, its all half finished, but feel free to take a look. I think I've covered all the bases with these guys, every one, every race should have someone to worship so I'm going to use them in all my future games.

Your standard Mighty High Gods;
Isit – Fate, Time, Indifference, Objectiveness
Dias - Light, Day, Expansion, War
Nocce - Dark, Night, Marriage, Common Sense
Comun - Earth, Flora, Fauna, Hunting
Garus - Sea, Glory, Adventure, Youth
Kaseb - Weather, Passion, Lust, Humour
Severenous - Death, Ore, Secrets, Science

Middle Gods that most folk worship;
Lelushava - Rivers, Theatre, Disguise, Romance
Foucano - Fire, Misfortune, Forge, Oath
Salulhe - Healing, Balance, Diplomacy, Peace
Lasapa - Fertility, Harvest, Family, Community
Tunami - Philosophy, Song, Feast, Liberation
Shohann - Navigation, Knowledge, Stars, Gambling
Akiika - Wind, Transformation, Trickery, Outcasts
Cobsung - Industry, Commerce, Progress, Wealth
Alilusreus - Tactics, Loyalty, Honor, Sportsmanship
Skardart - Envy, Discord, Vanity, Theft
Dourmon - Justice, Punishment, Honesty, Repentance
Albusom - Dream, Illusion, Subtle Magic, Patience
Heth - Vulgar Magic, Madness, Deserts, Famine
Ohywerp - Hatred, Fear, Ice, Betrayal
Tikkibodtleol - Volcanoes, Men, Sloth, Beauty
Murtum - Agriculture, Deformity, Herbs, Amphibians
Dalledebella - Scouts, Gossip, Birds, Charm
Ububub - Stupidity, Strength, Doom, Undead
Gonn - Assassination, Women, Vengeance, Survival
The Knockerman - Elderly, Illness, Wisdom, Miners

I'll post some bits of myth next. :D

What do you think, any God types missing?

Fuum Bango
2007-08-04, 07:25 AM
A little on Isit.

Isit – Fate, Time, Indifference, Objectiveness
Great Engine of Time, Architect of the Future, The Lock & The Key, Artist-Most-Harsh

Isit is the Over-god. It does not recognize a gender. It was the first and set time in motion. It is the creator of Dias, Nocce, Comun, Garus, Kaseb and Severnous.
It is often pictured as a twelve limbed featureless figure holding twelve keys; a key for each possible outcome to any situation. The size and colouration of Isit change depending on who is creating the artwork. Isits rare clerics say it looks like all things, past and future. A great worming mass of tendrils unleashing images onto the mind of the faithful one.
Isit created the universe on a whim, like a painter he smoothly formed the planet and stars and all thinks over and under them. The only known thing about Isit is that it is above all things and greater than them...which some beleive it enjoys very much.
Isit rarely communicates with the lesser deities.
Isit is honored by almost everyone, though rarely worshipped. He is thought by some to be far to elderly a God to care about people, perhaps deaf and blind, for mortals have been known to scream and throw curses at statues of Isit and they are never punished by the most ancient of Gods. Other thinks he is unimaginably powerful, even for a God, and that he knows all and is all, has no need to punish others, thusly should be worshipped out of awe and fear.
Gnomes claim to be the children of Isit, though how they can be more It's children than anyon is debatable.
Isit clergy wear white flowing robes and a small clock on a chain around their neck. They are often aloof and uncaring; anyone that asks them for aid will gain the answer, “Let fate decide.” His clergy often debate the meaning of life, but give the impression they to do so half-heartedly.
Isits Holy Day is New Years Day.
It asks for no sacrifice.
Its messenger animal is said to be the snake.
Its religions symbol is a simple white circle or a white clock.

TN to some, CN to others and can be thought of as NE. But none know for sure.

Fuum Bango
2007-08-04, 07:27 AM
A little on Comun.

Comun - Earth, Flora, Fauna, Hunting
Shield Maiden, The Mighty Huntress, Green Queen of Nature, Dragon Mother Cacorumudann

Comun is the earth, beasts and trees, monsters and flowers are her children as well as four well-loved Godly children that she had with Garus. Additionally, three children with Kaseb.
Her clergy tell a tale of Comun and Kaseb, wherein Comun was tricked into bearing children for Kaseb, when he disguised his self as Garus while her husband was out on a grand and heroic adventure. Comun was furious as only an earth Goddess can be and made the Dragons from her own blood and fingernails, and they would plague the sky, and sadly the world, for all eternity. She hunted Kaseb for many centuries with the aid of her dragons. They clashed many times. She cut out his left eye, which he later replaced with a star in a trade with Shohann. She calmed and returned to her husband renewed and far more powerful and matured. To this day she keeps his eye; with it her clergy can predict the weather.
Since those early days Earth and Sea split themselves from Sky, baring all mortals of Comun from the power of flight. Wizards who seek means to fly are said to be loathed by her.
She appears as a large, round cream skinned woman with brown hands and feet. Her eyes a wide, intense and green and her hair is golden, crowned with vines and flowers. Her attire is often pale green when she is meeting her clergy; otherwise she wears leathers and carries a longbow.

She is on fine terms with many of the Gods, from Dias to Severenous. Her children and mortal faithful have come to her side many times. She is seen as a trustworthy Goddess, a practical and generally peaceful being doing her duty.

Comun is widely worshipped, she is what mortals stand, work and feed on, and it is difficult not to have faith in her. People almost have to, she’s ever present.
Her clergy wear green robes with leaf patterns during sermons, however as they travel often, to better understand the world, they can be seen in light armour wielding spear & shield.
Comun Holy Days are the first and last day in spring.
She asks for a sacrifice from her faithful of meat and fruit once a month.
Her messenger animals are the deer and the lion.
Her religions symbol is a green oak or in some sects a green spear.

Fuum Bango
2007-08-04, 07:33 AM
A little on Kaseb.

Kaseb - Weather, Passion, Lust, Humour
Storm Brother, Funny Sky King Kasu-Kasu, The Wicked Lover, The Blue Clad High Man

Priests of Kaseb claim that just as Dias was born to be with Nocce, Comun with Garus, Kaseb should have been husband to Severenous, but disgusted by her creation of death and vile secrets, he spurned her in favour of wooing Comun. Her prideful husband was keeping the graceful goddess in a great glass dome under the waves; scholars say this tale suggests that at one time the world was flooded. Kaseb risked the depths, fighting great foes, but at last he freed Comun and with her he birth three children. But sadly, the God last her to Garus once more, the God has taken many mortal lovers since, but none hold a candle to her.
He appears as a tall, bronze skinned man with stubble and red, wildly curling hair. His right eye is a piercing blue, his left a bright as a star. His tongue is often abnormally long. He wears expensive looking blue clothes adored with rubies and emeralds and upon his head is a platinum crown. Though, he can be seen naked as often as clothed.
Kaseb takes a huge interest in mortal lives, he is readily considered the most interfering God, having been spotted watching great battles, chatting with old fisher-wives about what the local dukes been doing and giving objects of great power to budding wizards.
He takes his place in many myths as a hearty, amusing God, often appearing to help the hero of the tale, and often the help isn’t very helpful. In one tale Kaseb gets his foot stuck in a cloud, as he stomps around trying to free himself he causes thunder and lightening to career across the sky and in another he loses his penis, which is then taken by a lonely widow, he had to dance for her to get it back.
Some elves claim their race was birthed from Kaseb, and, indeed, the race is a very magical one. However they are often silenced by the races Comun following druids.

Tense is a word often used. He and his clergy have awful relations with Garus and Comun clergy. He is utterly hated by Severenous, to the point where his clergy appear to often die in horrible ways, though some say this is merely due to there adventurous lifestyle. Some of the younger Gods seem to enjoy his company, and at the very least his children abide him.

Kasebs Holy Day is the first day of Summer.
He asks for a sacrifice from his faithful of valuable objects whenever they can spare one.
Its messenger animals are said to be the flamingo and the robin.
Its religions symbol is a blue wistful cloud.

Fuum Bango
2007-08-04, 07:44 AM
A little on Severenous.

Severenous - Death, Ore, Secrets, Science
Guide of the Dead, Iron Woman, The Cutter of Life's String, The Pained Lady

Terrifying matriarch of death, Severenous is a troubled Goddess. Left without a lover for millennia she grew distant, the virgin Goddess of Death. It is unknown whether she was death before or after she was scorned by Kaseb, but her clergy are adamant that all would live longer if Kaseb had never been created. She rarely appears before mortals as they live, and thus her will is often miss-interpretated.
Her history is vague, as a Goddess of secret should be. But what is known is that Severnous claimed ownership of all ores and gems, or perhaps Comun gave them to her as a gift. But they were not mere ornaments to her, so experimented on them, and with them crafted great items of power; the invisible blades, the gold, tin, silver, iron masks of death. Another of her great achievements was alchemy, with her ores and the earth’s herbs she created many poisons and almost magical healing potions. Which she kept hidden from all.
Her loneliness was abated by the arrival of Tunami, who she fell in love with and he her. It is not considered coincidence that several scientific achievement where discovered in the year of their marriage.

Her lover Tunami is always by her side, a whispering advisor. She enjoys Comun's trust, but she rarely speaks to her. Kaseb is not hated, she is quicker to heal than many fables state. She has spoken to him since he left her, and in one story it is she who makes Shohann give Kaseb a star for a eye...
All others she is uninterested in, and perhaps they fear her power.

Few worship Severnous, she is called upon in hours of need, in boasts of murderers and by doctors before operations. However a selct few dwarven clans directly worship her for simple greed of ore, and with her grim aid they have made themselves rich...but those who worship her always die young. She doesn’t care for mortals, her place is in their death and their afterlife, what happens as they live is not her duty. This means she has few clergy, who are often sullen, but not unkind. They wear silver and dark grey robes at all times with masks designed by the member him or herself.
She asks for sacrifice of meat.
Her messenger animal is the crocodile.
Her symbol is a tomb.

Fuum Bango
2007-08-04, 07:54 AM
And one last thing for now, as its all I have left to show...

A badly drawn family tree! Yay. :smallconfused:


Fuum Bango
2007-08-05, 09:01 AM
I am from Bumpsville.
Doesn't anyone want to add a God? have I really filled in all the roles? :smallsigh:

2007-08-05, 07:31 PM
One thing I'm seeing that you might want to expand on is that none of the gods seem to be entirely good or evil (or at least good or bad). The god of light is also the god of war, the god of dark is also the god of marriage and common sense... I like that.