View Full Version : USOR Games - Town Location 4 for Fragments of Karn World - Bellicose Barrows

2017-06-15, 10:01 PM
Fragments of Karn has many islands and many cultures. Let's explore some of these places.

On the island of Dainar, there is a series of rolling hills Northeast of Fendor known as Bellicose Barrows:

"You want to see the sites around Fendor? Go to Gallow Woods during the day only. Stick to the coastline of Holm Lake. But the Bellicose Barrows...why the heck would you ever go there? Ever?!? Sure, the rolling hills display a vibrant landscape of emerald green grass and a pleasant breeze. But this place has the Bellicose! I'll even add in giant spiders and ferocious wolves to boot. But who needs them? The Bellicose are bad enough. Rumor has it, some crazy sorcerer accidentally stumbled across a magical disease that infects any person struck by it. Within a few days, that person changes not only physically, but mentally as well...They begin to take on the appearance of a primitive cave man and adopt a savage and dangerous nature. At the slightest sight of a regular person...they go ballistic and run towards you, brandishing sharp, jagged nails, torn bloody clothes, a ferocious unkempt appearance, and maybe even a crude bone club to boot. They no longer recognize their kin. I saw a woman who became a Bellicose who bludgeoned her own daughter to death...tragic. This wouldn't be a problem so much if it weren't for the fact that they never seem to attack each other and in fact, often live in burrows together...hence the name, Bellicose Burrows. So be my guest, wander into this area, and try to survive even a couple of hours with a pack of these formerly sentient creatures racing after you. If you outrun them, you can also have a pleasant time with the spiders whose venom takes control of your mind which they use to enslave you before they decide to use you as food, sucking all the life right out of you.
It never fails though...people never learn. There is always the occasional brave soul who goes looking for his wife or daughter after she gets infected with the Bellicose disease and wanders off into the hills. This brave and hapless farmer actually thinks he can bring them back. But soon, he becomes one of them as well if he isn't eaten by them first. And that's how the Bellicose survive...how do you kill a loved one, even if that person really isn't himself/herself anymore? I don't want to talk about this anymore."

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