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2017-06-17, 02:51 PM
Hey all! My players (and one player in particular) generally enjoy some puzzles, riddles, or minigames within a session. I've done a few that went over great that I'll detail below, but my last session I had a fiendish star-shaped Sudoku style puzzle and it sucked every bit of fun out of the session for the night. So, I wanted ya'll's suggestions for puzzles that:

1) Are relatively fast breaks from a session - 10 minutes, tops
2) Are able to support, or even require, more than one player working on them.

I've already done the following:
- Deciphering encrypted stuff - usually also involving a riddle.
- A series of pillars granting a boss power-ups; these pillars needed to be relocked by certain elemental spells, 5th-element style.
- A secret door that had the password "Frost"; the trick was that the door spoke and conversed, and would only open if it was "tricked" into saying Frost itself as part of a conversation. (this was awesome and led to some great RP and confusion, but sadly feels like a trick that only works once).

If it helps, we're playing a modified Red Hand of Doom in 5E and they're gearing up to fight Ozyrandion after having just cleared Vrath Keep so any suggestions on specific puzzles you've used in that setting would be greatly appreciated!

2017-06-19, 07:30 AM
Take a look at the Book of Challenges. It's 3.5, and has quite a few puzzles/encounters for you to look through. At the very least it'll give you more ideas.

2017-06-19, 07:55 AM
Some puzzle sources I've used before:
- mensa IQ questions (especially, complete a symbol sequence or 2d pattern)
- engineering/mcgyver puzzles (e.g the players discover an altar is a counterweight that needs to be made much much heavier to work, it's hallow inside and there's a water stream running in the next room... or a scroll is encased in toxic and flammable gas, the players need to figure out how to safely suck the gas out using provided valves)
- math/cyphers (e.g. strings with knots on them are a nice "fantasy" way of writing binary numbers)

2017-06-19, 04:32 PM
Locked door in a dungeon that can't be opened.
Put trap in front of said door.
Real unlocked door at bottom of pit trap.