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2017-06-17, 03:54 PM
Here's a spooooky wizard subclass I made that gives your wizard a splash of cleric and a splash of warlock.

Occultist Arcane Tradition

Occult Expertise
At 2nd level, you gain proficiency in the Arcana and Religion skills. Your proficiency bonus is doubled for any ability check you make with either skill. In addition, you learn the Spare the Dying cantrip.

At 2nd level, when you use your arcane recovery feature you can choose to replace a spell you have prepared with any other spell you have in your spellbook.

Spiritual Knowledge
At 6th level, the spells Hunger of Hadar, Revivify, and Speak with Dead are added to your spellbook.

Spirit Channeling
At 10th level, you can spend an hour meditating over a short or long rest to channel various spirits, celestials, and otherworldly entities to give you abilities. Choose one of the following spirits to gain their abilities:

* Amon - The Hell Beast of Dis:
Devil's Sight. While channeling Amon, you can see in dim light and darkness for 60 feet, even magical darkness.
Fire Resistance. While channeling Amon, you gain resistance to fire damage.
Mark. While channeling Amon, curling ram horns sprout from your head.
* Caiphon - The Violet Star:
Silver Tongue. While channeling Caiphon, you gain proficiency in Deception and Persuasion. Your proficiency bonus is doubled for any ability check you make with either skill.
Deceiving Light. While channeling Caiphon, you have advantage on attack rolls against creatures charmed by you.
Mark. While channeling Caiphon, your eyes glow with a brilliant purple light.
* Aoskar - The Wailing God:
Share Pain. While channeling Aoskar, when a creature you can see takes damage, you can use you reaction to reduce the damage that creature takes by your wizard level. In return your current hit points are reduced by an amount equal to your wizard level.
Maddening Moan. When channeling Aoskar, whenever you take damage you can cast the spell Dissonant Whispers as a reaction.
Mark. While channeling Aoskar, your skin appears to be covered in hundreds of scars
* Naberius - The Smiling Hound:
Keen Hearing and Smell. While channeling Naberius, you have advantage on perception checks that rely on hearing or smell.
All seeing eyes. While channeling Naberius, you can see invisible creatures to a range of 30 feet
Mark. While channeling Naberius, your teeth become excessively sharp and your mouth is forced into a twisted grin.
* Shax - The Drowning One:
Drowned. While channeling Shax you can breathe air and water and you gain a swim speed equal to your walking speed.
Haunting Mists. While channeling Shax you can cast the spell Fog Cloud at will. When you cast the spell in this way it is centered on you. For the duration of the spell, the fog cloud moves with you and your vision is not obscured by it at all.
Mark. While channeling Shax, you appear to be dripping wet.

You continue to channel an spirit until you choose to channel a different one. In addition, you gain resistance to psychic damage and immunity to madness.

Soul Binding
At 14th level, when you finish a long rest you gain the effects of the spell Death Ward.

Liran Sterling
2017-06-18, 03:20 PM
Since the effects of Death Ward last specifically for 8 hours, granting the effects after a long rest seems a little odd. Perhaps make it so that a similar effect is applied at all times, once per long rest, and give it a bit of flavor instead of just "The effects of the spell" and make it more like "because of this magical thing you did, once per long rest, you can drop to 1 HP instead of 0 HP, or negate an instadeath"

just my humble opinion as a fellow homebrewer