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2017-06-23, 12:48 AM
So I quite enjoy slapping together homebrew content I never end up using, but I really like the idea of this spell so here I am. This spell is meant to be high risk (in that Warlocks have such limited spell slots in 5e) but high reward (many possible effects from this spell are FANTASTIC [probably OP!]). Please let me know if anything in this is unclear, too verbose, or overpowered! :smallbiggrin:

Homebrew Warlock Spell: Crumbling Faculties - Variable Level (must always be cast at highest level possible, up to 5th. level)
Components: V, S - A suggestion of surrender to the target by an extended hand in a seemingly friendly manner.

Target(s) must make a Charisma saving throw with disadvantage or suffer from one of the following effects on a percentage dice roll:

01 to 30: Target(s) develop a crippling fear of an object / creature within sight such as swords or rocks and will use every available opportunity to get at least 30 ft. away from said object and remain distanced from it for 1d4 + 1 rounds. If a target can not get at least
30 ft. away before the end of their turn, they suffer 2d8 Psychic Damage. This effect is possible for every round the target is affected.

31 to 50: Target(s) begin subconsciously hyperventilating, affecting movement and spell casting for 1d6 + 1 rounds. All movement is cut by one-third ( 1 / 3 ), and all spells involving a verbal component become impossible to cast.

51 to 65: Affected by Blindness / Deafness as in the 5e PBH.

66 to 75: Target(s) temporarily forget any proficiency with weapons, causing any bonus to hit with weapons or spells that stem from stats (like Dexterity or Intelligence) to be nullified for 1d6 + 1 rounds. [Ex. A Ranger's bonus to attack with a crossbow is reduced from +7 to +3, negating the Ranger's +4 Dex Mod bonus.)

76 to 80: Target(s)are severely impaired in their attacks, becoming unable to score critical hits and causing a critical misson a 1 through 3 roll on a d20 for 1d8 + 2 rounds.

81 to 85: Affected by Dissonant Whispers as in the 5e PBH but at semi-max damage, 13 + 1d8.

86 to 90: Target(s) receive disadvantage on two saving throw types of the caster's choosing for 1d10 days. (This duration is meant to present this effect as a pseudo-curse more than to cripple a BBEG over a long period of time.)

91 to 96: Reroll!

97 to 99: Target(s) become self injurious and will use every possible action to harm themselves on their turn for 1d3 + 1 rounds.


This 100 effect is meant to be a little OP! That's why it only has a 1% chance of occuring!

100: One target, chosen by the caster, is sent into violent convulsions and is considered completely incapacitated for 1d3 rounds and must use it's first available action to stand upright again. While the target is incapacitated, they suffer 3d8 Psychic Damage per round. Only ONE creature is affected by this when it is rolled. If other creatures remain unaffected, reroll the dice. THis effect CAN NOT be rolled again until the caster takes a long rest. Treat any subsequent 100 rolls as "Reroll!"


If a victim is immune to an effect or a type of damage inflicted by this spell, reroll the effect until the target has no such protection. If said creature is immune to every effect on this spell's list, Gods Help You.

This spell MUST be cast at the maximum spell level available, up to 5th level. For each 1 spell level spent above 3rd., you may affect one additional creature with this spell.

If this spell targets only a single creature but is cast at 3rd. level or above, add two of the effect's applicable dice to the result (ex. Dissonant Whispers' 13 + 1d8 Damage would add +2d8 damage per level spent above 3rd. Level.)

I've had to edit this several times and had a mini-stroke when I thought I lost all of this!! I'm eager for feedback and I'm excited about my first post to an awesome forum that I've been skulking around on for a long time! :smallbiggrin::smallbiggrin::smallbiggrin: