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2017-06-26, 04:23 AM
Hello fellows. I am rather new to posting here though I have enjoyed reading various discussions that have been posted over time. I have encountered a problem however and I am hoping that I will be able to gather assistance here from people with much more experience than I.

To start off with. I do have a group that I currently am playing several different RP systems with. I am however feeling that the stories that are told often do not interest me unless I'm the one running the game.

I face the issue of not knowing how to search out for a new group or new people to add to my existing group that I will be able to mesh with and have enjoyable games with. I would appreciate any tips and suggestions on what I should be considering and how to go about looking fro new people to play with and games that will mesh well with me.


2017-06-26, 05:08 AM
I'd generally just bring in existing friends who don't necessarily do roleplaying games but are sufficiently nerdy that they might be interested.

Darth Ultron
2017-06-26, 06:44 AM
Well, really all you can do is try.

The easy way is to just look for other games in your area. At least half of all groups are all ways looking for another player. So join up and see if you like them and the game. Even if it turns out you don't like the game or group, you still get to meet a couple gamers.

The bit harder way is to just run your own game. You can put out an add online or anyplace you can post something ''for real''. Libraries, community centers, parks and convenience stores all often have a board. Also you can grab one or two players from each group you find above.

Otherwise it's just like meeting any new person for anything. It's always a big help to be honest. If you like x, but don't like y, make that very clear.

Watch out for Red Flags. What is a red flag is a bit different from person to person, so just go with what you think is right. For example, one of my Big Red Flags is if the person ''can't'' stop using their cell phone for even a couple minutes.

2017-06-26, 01:32 PM
Trial and error, invite people, play a short one off, find out who's worth bringing along to the next game. Rinse and repeat until you got group you like.

2017-06-26, 01:51 PM
Step 1: Want to play RPGs

Step 2: Find a few open-minded friends with light schedules and bug them to play RPG with you. Wear down the doubters by saying, "come on, man/woman, don't be a nerd/weiner/degenerate/(other mildly offensive word that expresses your displeasure, but would not drive them away in shock)"

Step 3: When you introduce your friends to RPGs, they are now fish out of water and will defer to you on matters. Pull a Genji on them and train them to be the ideal RPG players to play RPGs with you.

Jay R
2017-06-26, 02:23 PM
Paradoxically, looking for role-playing groups tends to be the worst way to find a compatible group.

Obviously, it's the most efficient way to find a random group, but an hour's reading of these forums will demonstrate that there are a great many gamers out there whose approach to role-playing is not compatible with yours.

So do the other things you enjoy doing. Spend time with people that you enjoy being around. Eventually, you'll find out that some of them enjoy gaming. Then invite them to a game you're running, or see if you can get into one of theirs.

But the method is this: "Find friends. Look through them for gamers."
NOT "Find gamers. Look through them for friends."

[I give the same advice for finding a romantic interest, by the way, and for the same reasons. The best way to find people who will enjoy doing X with you is to start with people who enjoy being with you, for almost any value of X.]

2017-06-26, 03:29 PM
Thanks for the help folks. I'm a tad limited in my ability to gather people since I live in a very remote location and my only access to most people is through the internet. I will however ask around with my online friends I dont already RP with and see who is interested.


2017-06-28, 09:11 AM
You can always try searching online. I've heard good things about meetup.com, though I've never tried it myself.