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2017-06-26, 03:07 PM
I'm currently allowed to use this in a game I'm playing however I'm not sure how balanced it is on weak or op spectrum.

Don't have proper names for it all yet either.

Considered making it a martial adept sort of thing building manuvers as combat rolled on but seemed to complicated so scrapped that idea unless someone has some proper homebrew disipline and a better idea for how to recover the maneuvers or expend the building resource like my original design.

Please forgive any trouble I have conveying this message. I've always been terrible at communication. This is probably the roughest draft you've ever read lol.

Here is the homebrew I emailed my dm.

Building rage

Rage points
Maximum points: you can store up to half your barbarian level + your con mod

Gaining points: you gain a point any time you fail any roll or if you succeed in an attack or if you take damage. You can only store rage points for a minute after your last rage point was spent. You lose all rage points of your knocked unconcious or under an effect that prevents you from becoming angry (calm emotion) this also prevents you from gaining points for the duration.

Points spent per round: at level 1-5 you can spend 1 point 6-10 2 points 11-15 3 points 16 -20 4 points per round.
If you spend a point you may not gain points until the beginning of your next turn and take a penalty to ac and reflex saves equal to the points you've spent this round until the beginning of your next turn.

Points gained per round: you can only gain 1 point levels 1-4 2 points 5-8 3 points 9-12 4 points 13-15 5 points 16-20

Rage point uses: you can gain a +2 bonus per point spent to any str based skill or con save or will save or ability check or melee attack roll or melee damage roll or to innitiate a grapple or bullrush or trip. You must spend the points before the result of the roll is determined thus a failed roll still wastes the point.

You can as an immediate action you can spend rage points to gain Dr 2/- per point spent for a single attack or resist fire cold electric or acid 2 per point spent for a single damage roll

You can spend a rage point to gain temp hp equal to 5 times the number of points spent.

You may spend 2 rage points to innitiate a grapple or trip or bullrush or demoralize an opponent within 30ft until the beginning of your next turn as a swift action without provoking an attack of opportunity following all the normal rules.

You may spend 3 points to ignore hardness or Dr against a target during your turn as a swift action.

You may spend 4 points as a swift action to make a full attack.

What I wanted to capture
I feel this capture the feel of pure rage and adrenaline. You start off calm until something happens. Sometimes you just deal with it for a while (represented by a pool that starts off at 0) but other times you just gotta let it out throwing caution to the wind (represented by lowering ac and reflex). Your able to perform at a higher level than normal (represented by all the utility options and the options that help you shrug off damage). Sometimes after you either feel drained or a sense of euphoria or regret but regardless it takes a bit to get you raging again (represented by not being able to gain points for a round in which you spend points). All n all this seems like a high risk decent reward way of playing making it feel fairly heroic.

The number of points you can store is greater than any you could spend or even gain in a turn. This allows you to nova when things seem grim or to have a smaller bonus about every other round since you can't gain points if you spend points. The bonus was meant to be versatile to allow for varied tactics and meant to be only as effective as a normal rage not to overshadow any options since it's turn by turn not for a long duration. You must also wiegh the risk since you become quite a bit bigger of a target becoming easier to damage making this option excellent at drawing aggro. This is why I included some utility options that could let you shug of a big hit or multiple smaller hits. Some of the options add a bit of control allowing almost any fighting style to do something more than just attack every turn and lock down an enemy for a turn. Eventually this option feels like he could just wreck something but I feel this is balanced due to the high level and opportunity cost.

Any questions concerns criticisms?