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2017-06-26, 03:50 PM
Good afternoon, playground,

I've been running through the Rise of the Runelords anniversary edition and have recently come across a situation I'm at a loss on how to handle.

A bit of background:

Last session the party quite easily bested the Siege of Sandpoint. However, there are some surviving characters from Chapter 1 that I'm not quite sure what to do with now. Way back in Thistletop they decided to capture and interrogate Nualia, Tsuto, and Lyrie but left them in Sanpoint's prison overnight. This wouldn't be so much of a problem if it weren't because A. I'm converting this to 5th Edition to help me learn the system better and B. Lyrie was defeated so quickly that she didn't actually use any spells in the Thistletop raid. Long story short, the bad guys were easily able to escape Sandpoint's garrison and travel to Magnimar where they were encountered again. After the Party's hijinks in Magnimar, Lyrie was dead, Tsuto was turning into an evil version of Batman, and Nualia fled to Thistletop to continue uniting the Goblin tribes and the Party decided to beeline to Turtleback Ferry instead of dealing with her. Fast-forward to the Siege of Sandpoint and there has been some strife in the Bad Guy's party. Tsuto wants out because he's slowly also becoming more Han Solo-esque but wants to bring Nualia with him because she is now a stupid smexy demon lady. Nualia on the other hand has no interest in betraying Lamashtu or the agents of Karzoug. This resulted in an uneasy truce between Tsuto and the Party during the Siege with Tsuto's goal being to capture Nualia alive, if possible. They were able to capture Nualia during the raid and have placed a more vigilant raid over her cell but the truce between Tsuto and the gang is rapidly disintegrating.

Here lies my conundrum; Tsuto knows that he and Nualia can't defeat the party anymore as they've simply become too powerful, but he wants to convince Nualia of the same conclusion. I'm at a loss as to where Tsuto goes from here since A. He's wanted in Sandpoint and Magnimar for murder, B. His truce with the party is quickly running out, and C. If worst comes to worst, he can only hope to run away from the party and slit their throats in the night.

I turn to you now, O' giants of the playground, to see if any of you have ideas as to where the Han Solo/Evil Batman Tsuto can go from here.

TLDR; There was a truce between Tsuto Kaijitsu and the party, but it's quickly falling apart. Where does he go from here?

2017-06-26, 03:54 PM
Honestly, I'd say...run.

As sort of anticlimactic as it is, it sounds like he knows he can't fight the PCs, can't go to Sandpoint or Magnimar without being a wanted man...this sounds like the sort of thing that ends with "and he heads off for parts unknown (maybe Korvosa?) with a bag of gold to start a new life". Unless he's so obsessed / devoted to his goal here that he'd prefer death to failure.

2017-06-26, 04:03 PM
Running is always an option and definitely the best logical option for him.

2017-06-26, 08:59 PM
Running is always an option and definitely the best logical option for him.

Consider having him run off and then having him reappear if you, for instance, do Shattered Star (the "sequel" to Runelords).