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2017-06-26, 06:42 PM
Ah found the LFP forum my bad.

Note I don't know if you can/can't post LFG/LFM posts here or not if this is the wrong place let me know and I will take the post down.

Hello potential players, we have had two openings in our long running group due to scheduling conflicts and I am looking for some new additions.


This game will be run every Saturday starting at 7:00PM EDT and lasting around 3-5 hours. The game is played on Roll20 with voice chat through a discord server.

We are going to be playing through the Zeitgeist adventure path in D&D 4E, this path takes players all the way from level 1 - 30. However we will be starting at level 8 and picking up the plot around the 3rd book in the adventure. Don't worry about missing the first 3 books we will get you up to speed and the first few sessions I will be writing myself to gradually ease everyone back into the main plot.

Before you apply I would recommend you at least skim over the free players guide that should be easy to find, to see if this setting/game would appeal to you.

[The GM]

I have been running and playing games for about 7 years and have played/run a lot of systems including D&D 3.5/4/5, Pathfinder, Star Wars FFG, Stars Without Number and a few others. My games tend to be a pretty even mix between fun fast moving combat and narrative. You can expect to have some sessions that will be very intense and feature lots of tactical combat, and others that might involve a whole night of just role-playing. Mostly they will be a fairly even mix of the two. I also make good use of my PRO status to add in some scripts to make my job easier and give my players some neat things like customizable power cards.

[The Application]

I do have a few baseline requirements for players if you don't meet the following you will not be accepted.

1. A decent microphone, don't expect studio quality or anything but you should be understandable and not have constant background noise.

2. Be over 18, we are all adults and I would prefer to keep it that way.

3. Be interested in Roleplaying, if all your looking for is a tactical war game with bare minimum story you will not enjoy my campaign.

Also let me know what kind of player you are and what you are looking for a game, maybe throw in a short possible character backstory to show me how you generally like to roleplay/build characters. Nothing too massive don't feel like reading multiple novels :).

Feel free to reply below or PM me if you are interested in playing or have any questions, I will be taking applications until the 10th when I will deiced who if anyone gets into the group.