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2017-06-27, 11:24 PM
Hello! welcome to my thread and thank you for taking your time to read and take part :D

Ok so jumping into it I am about to launch a campaign called "!GEMS!" Clever right :D. So it's a open world tournament style game where you purchase a gem at the start of the game for 1 plat piece. From there you find other participants and form a group of 3 or more. After that you adventure around trying to find other competitors to get there gems. Once a group loses all gems they are removed from the tournament after 24 hours.

Alright kinda went off track but wanted to give some back story for quest ideas. I can't find an idea that sticks for a starting quest that will stick the group together and give them the money needed to buy there gems. I had an idea that a band of bandits attacked a coach on route to the captital and killed the driver and wounded the man in the coach (Steve) and took his daughter back to there camp. Steve makes his way to the nearest town and goes into the tavern pleading with the adventures in the tavern to help him but all the local adventures trade with the bandits or are afraid to cross them.

2017-06-28, 11:04 AM
You need to be more specific as to what you want. The pay to play idea to get the gem in the first place seems unrealistic in a d&d setting. Everybody trafficking with a band of outlaws is also overpowering for 1st level characters. Since the outlaws get crossed a small army entire town comes after you?

If you are looking for a first adventure?

Have a public official ask for volunteers to go on a mission in a fort owned by Lord blackheart. There is a magic item he is auctioning off. The players being unknown can go and bid on the item (wand of darkvision).

Report back. Get a gem as an aventureing group

2017-06-28, 11:53 AM
There is the simple bounty board, a nobleman has offered to sponsor a team in the tournament if they can kill the man: stole a family heirloom
Defiled his daughter
Killed his brother

Make something appropriate to the tone of your setting. Have the players be the only people who noticed the post

2017-06-28, 12:08 PM
Yea I was setting the gold value high for future plots so that it would be impractical for commoners to join and each faction would send champions to do the quest. For opportunities to include elements such as corruption. As for the bandits how should I go about fixing that so it would be a practical idea? Just a small time bandit band ?

2017-06-28, 02:06 PM
Six bandits one of which is a sub leader have no more than 5 of these 30 total between you have three lieutenants one leader

Total number 31- 34 people. Not all are archer types some are information gathering in different towns to set up ambushes. Some are intimidation experts for shaking down businesses. Some go out to gain experience with parties to set up thefts later. Magic loot.

2017-06-28, 03:19 PM
Save the world! Afterward, no other adventure can live up to that. It is a struggle.