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The illithid looked at one of the versions of his creations .This was the 12th one .They were bracketting the levels of component personalties . The mixture of innocent child and cold hearted assasine were being varied in order to obtain the best mixture of combat and infiltration .

This Advanced Infiltration Prototye Technology Demonstrater had the least amount of the slain assinnes personalty stregnth .It was ashame he would have to kill the creature .He had grown quite fond of his aiptd (pronounced ape-dt) The streght of the slain child's personalty was strongest in this one .The amount of what humans and other races would call ethics or morales was too strong for this one in the series to be succesful.

The illithid had a funny thought if he had to kill it he should go ahead and at least get some utility out of it in the end . It was composed of blood flesh and bone like any other biological being but far far denser than nornal living things . It appeared as a male drow adolescent but it was only programed with the upper surface dwellers common langauge .This was a precaution to ensure its destruction if it ever ecaped to the underground .

Yes it would a be good preliminary test of at least the how durable , strong and nimble it was . It never actualy killed in simulations or otherwise.Those damnable ethics that AIPTD #12 had could be utilized for the benifit of testing to destruction . The illithid thought about the technical difficulties of inserting the AIPTD into a drow community and observing the destruction of #12 without drawing attention to himself or perhaps a thrall.

#12 was 5'8 and appered to weigh 150 .In actualty its superdense physique weighed in at 320 lbs . It possessed pionics senses to search out targets for physical combat and assination . It had a weak mental blast about 1/3 to 1/2 the stregnth of a conventional ilithid mental blast . It was quick and durable as it was strong . But it lacked the killer instinct necessary for it survive in the under dark by itself no matter what its therotical abilities were. It did have a talent for grappling which was a fluke .The illithid pondered the source of that personalty fragement and found himself without an explantion .

Just then thralls were screaming and sounding out the alarm . The illithid realized what was happening and knew he was the cause. To secure these personalty fragments he had to capture and kill the most dangerous prey imagianable , drow assines . To the drow entering the illithids sancturay it was payback time .

A number of aiptd's were used in test raids with various success rates against the drow community that had wreaked so much havoc upon his retreat . It would seem he would never get the upperhand on theses figurative devils of the deap underdark.

The illithid noticed amongst the drow powerful psi emnations that were atypical of the drow or for that matter most surface elves. Then he saw them 4 dwarf illithid hunters had made a truce with the drow to kill the illithid . In the end that truce was doomed to fail , but it would not fail quick enough to spare his life .

The illithid did the one sane thing an illithid would do facing overwhelming odds.It fled and ran for its life . Al around the illithid powerful magics were being tossed about .He felt himself burning from a fire ball , lit up with fairefire . Reflexivly he unleashed his mental blast , however one of the dwarves stepped up to the front anticpating this and reflected his atack right back at him .

#12 was paralyzed with fear . He stepped into the shadows watching as thralls were being gutted left and right .Snake headed flails and whips cauing so much pain . #12 fell down in aganony as he accidently tuned into one of the thralls last death throes.

The female leader looked at her work the carnage that she and her assault team had inflected. She let the dwarves have the satisfaction of killing the illithid .

#12 struggled to be quiet as tears fell upon his cheaks . the only reason why he was alive was because he did not enter the fray . He reached out to his brothers .All slain to the last .He had hated them for beign so evil but they were like him created against there will by a despotic creature .He vowed if ever felt a bond like that again that he would rather die than let that bond be crushed by cowardice.

The assault team swept the cavern . #12 quietly kept ahead of the sweeps. He was unijured. Other thralls were in the process of bleeding out and dying and the drow assault team helped them on there way. No prisoners were to be taken . It was the assault teams thouroughness in killing would be prisoners that allowed gaps in there perimeter.

#12 left the cavern quietly , the assault team none the wiser . He was walking to the trails that led to the surface .

The security team had spotted one of there collegues coming out of the cavern . "who let that one in on the assault "said the female drow .

The male swordsman stated,"politics , it must be a son of a powerful cleric who wanted her offspring to get some fame and renoun early in life.You know have him do all the mop up killing and claim all the glory "

The taller female looked miffed," watch it or have you forgoten your place male or for that matter swordsman . We clerics are superior to you in every way . i do not take kindly to you critzing a felow cleric "

The fierce swordsman had a tinge of fear and a lot of regret in his voice , " i dont know what i was thinking .Please forgive me"

A warm smile came across the twering female drow," there is nothing to forgive little brother, i would only want to sting you with words rather than sting you with my mace.Just watch what you say . No matter your skill brother you are swordsman and you are male "

Changing the subject,"here he comes now , he doesnt even have a sword "

Glowering at the new new drow male,"where is your sword ..........i said where is your sword !!"

#12 thought for a bit he didnt understand what she was saying but it was clear she was angry at him. #12 made a slow gesture owards his throat and ears.

The cleric regarded him for a moment as evil as she was she did not want one of her flock not to be combat capable . Being deaf and dumb from all kinds of magics and psionics bandied about in that cavern must have wreaked havoc with him.Then alarm bells went off in her mind .This was one of the "things" that were sent to harrass her village and it was coming straight towards herself and her little brother.She started to gesture to prepare a spell.

#12 had a fragment of his personalty recall in his mind , yes ...i know what that is , that is spell casting . Reflexively his miniscule mental blast was let loose .

The cleric had the spell in her mind and then it happended. it wasnt enough to actualy stun her well maybe just a little . She was lucid . It hurt but more along the lines of a hard slap againt her psyche rather than an all crushing blast of mind power she was led to belive would happen . Yet it was enough to interrupt her spellcasting .

The swordsman charged in , swinging his blade in a beautiful graceful arc that came to a suden halt as the "thing" stepped inside that arc thrust an arm under his shoulder and "thing " used its other arm as a fulcrum or lever effortlessly separating his shoulder disarming him in the process as the sword clanked to the ground.

The cleric heard her brother scream .She saw the "thing" just staring at her brother .The thing looked puzzled .Her brother should have been dead by now.Lolth be praised something was keeping him from killing her brother and his back was towards her . She quietly came up behind him .The evasion from her flail was effortless , graceful it seemed as if she were in slow motion .The "thing's" evasion successwas not total nor complete one of her snake heads from the flail connected and struck home.

#12 never felt such excrutiating pain as he let out a blood curdling child like scream .However far from being incapactitated #12 was enraged the first time he truly felt anger. He kicked her left knee with a gratifying snap.She was helpless.

The "thing" was looking at her sister and it was going to kill her ,"please dont kill my sister, kill me instead"

#12 did not have to understand drow to understand the pleading tone in the swordman voice . #12 supressed the fragment of the assasines personalty that had shone through for a moment . With a look of horror on his face he regared them carefully. The cleric was in too much pain to cast and the swordsman wasnt able to use his sword arm .He left them there .He should have killed them ....it would be tacticly sound a part of him screamed ...but another part of him was even louder .............it would be wrong .

He sprinted to the surface as fast as he could taking the tunnels and trails his illithid master had told him not to trevail.

The assualt team were still busy dispatching the wounded thralls and searching the illithids cavern when they heard the comotion from there rear area security detail.

#12 was blinded ....it was so bright it was painfull . he struggled to the surface. Unknown to #12 not all drow were evil , some were even seaking recouncilation with surface elves.

He waited until night to enter the surface town . He stole a hooded robe and kept his hands in his pockets looking for food .It smelled wonderful he thought .The scent of warm stwe was wafting thru the air and even tho he looked like he was a scant 150lbs his metabolism was fast and it supported a 320 lb physique .

Inside elma "heard" the hunger of a confused little child a boy . it would be rude to peer deaply into his mind . She reached out with her mind "come in little one "

#12 felt the voice lightly touch upon his mind .It bore no malice . It had no hostilty only gentleness. He knocked on the door of the dwelling . The door opened and the kindly middel aged lady opened the door .

Elma had a bit of a fright the mind felt human but what was before her was a drow. She was about to close the door when she gazed into the sad eyes and continued to let him in .

Elma a caring person but no fool let him in but kept her battle hardened psionic mind on full alert . "have some stew boy its good help yourself , i need to go upstairs ill be back in a bit .

#12 poured himself a bowl of the deicous stew and started eating at the rate that he was acostomed to in order to fuel his metablism .

Elma was upstairs "Grynn we have unusal company and i need you downstairs .He seems so helpless , his mind reads human but he is a drow "

Grynn "what did you do ? you let one of those underdark warriors in our household becuase he was hungry. Elma you cant help every wayword soul who passes thru here .I know its tough that your barren . I know its hard on you ..on us . ill go downstairs and watc him with you . we will have to fetch the constable soon. " Grynn grabbed his sword . altho past his physical prime he still could embarass most swords man in the town thru skill even if his strenght had dimished in his later years .

Lita had been tracking that "thing" it was the last of those creatures the illithid had created .This was going to be all to easy .she loaded up her drow hand crossbow .It wasnt a clear shot thru the window .

Elma came downstairs .Lita had an idea she would draw out th thing by being noisy enogh for the foul creature to here .

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What do you need?

2007-08-06, 12:45 AM
What do you need?

Ideas for feats . Stat bonus's , ac that sort of thing etc etc.

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Elma floated her psyche away from her body alerting the constable of her strange house guest . Se drifted back to her body and ented the dining room where the window was open .

Lita had her opportunity she contined to make noise , however a human woman with a weary look was infront of the window .

"Get down!" #12 shouted as he was pushing her to the floor ,just then #12 felt the bolt strike deap into his shoulder.The poisson flowing thru him .He screamed in agony.

Grynn came out sword drawn ready to decapitate the little bastard .

"No grynn , no he stepped in front of the bolt , he knocked me to the ground so he could take the bolt instead of me . He saved my life ........Boy why did you do that ...why did you step in front of that bolt why , why why"

#12 began to hyperventillate as the poison rushed thru him , he steadied himself in a childs voice ," i did it becuase you were kind "

Lita heard the town constabulary approach with a sizeable force . It was highly unlikley he would survive. It was time for her to go mission accomplished .

Elma was in hysterics ," dont let that child die "

The cleric wasnt sure of himself ,this was strong poison very few recovered from it . They brought an armored carrigage up drawn by 4 horses .The youth was far heavier than they thought . it was certainley not a drow .

Several days later #12 awoke . He was in a ...what was the word for it .......a church . Armed men and women were about as well as spelcasters of various types.

Elma and Grynn looked on , Grynn spoke to #12 "you made it , i owe you one for saving elma here "

Dranno a powerful psion looked at this creature .When it was hoverig at deaths door , he was peering into his mind knowing what lay beneath the surface.It had a good sense of right and wrong , yet it was created to destroy . Morale quandrys abounded . " i want you to think on something ...you were created to kill and part of that lurks inside you even now ...i can help you if you want but there would be risks involved"

#12 looked at him "hh hh how "

Dranno "Its a bit like suregery with the mind but with psionics...i want you to take your time......"

#12 interupted him , "yes please , i dont want that part of me that anger , that hate in me ...do what you must "

9 hours went by as 4 powerful psions snipped connections to the assinenes instinctional centers while maintaining the creatures muscle memory and psionic abilities .#12 slept for days in a coma like sleep .

Groggily he awoke , "My head oh my head "

Elma looked at him , "you need a new life and we can teach youhow to get that new life .I have these friends and they will teach you and be your family ."

The magician gave #12 a pendant ,"put this on "
#12 looked at his apperance change to look like a half elf .

The altruer the monk looked at #12 " you ready to feel blood sweat and tears ....for a noble cause ?"

#12 looked at altruer and then at Elma and Grynn , im not sure i am ready yet ....i dont have a name yet .Can you name me ?" Looking imploringly at Elma and Grynn .

For Elma and Grynn the childless couple they were this was almost too much .Elma eyes over flowing with tears , " Marcus after Grynns father , it's a good name and i know you will wear it well "

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I don't know man. There's a bit too much fluff in there. don't know where to start. Pick something out of there to start with and maybe we can help with that.

Zeta Kai
2007-08-06, 05:23 AM
Is there a monster in there? Hello?


2007-08-06, 09:32 AM
Is there a monster in there? Hello?

a monster based pc designed to hang with PC dragonscales , actual PC dragons and a hellfire mage . The campaigne is 10 to 12 level . Exisitng characters have demonstrated the capabilty to do 100 hp damage in one round , sometimes with just one attack.

Im trying to find out ECL adjustment for something that is basicly a biological terminator per se and come up with feats . I know he will have impressive physique ( i think thats what its called where he gets to fight as a size catagory larger ) I want make him grapple intensive .

Im thinking his skin would function at least like leather armor.He would have drow infravision along with the sunlight vunerabilty .In terms of str dex and con he has been boosted quite considerably .Plus 2 to plus 4 .He might be gullible this might be represented with a minus to wisdom and perhaps intelligence .However he is a minor psionic creature with apropriate psi powers to detect people along with his weak mental blast .