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2017-06-28, 09:34 PM
So, for a (long) while now I have been working on my own homebrew system. I'm trying to write some crafting rules for larger crafting projects. I've had some luck with regular, single check, crafting rules but expanding it beyond that has proved harder. I would like to include them, if only because if creating a new magic sword with a single check seems to trivialize the process a bit.

I was wondering if anyone knows of systems that had rules for crafting more significant creations. I'm just scouting for sources of inspiration. Magic weapons, super computers, biological weapons or a new home, it doesn't really matter as I'm still looking at this from a high level.

Koo Rehtorb
2017-06-28, 10:18 PM
Burning Wheel.

To begin with you need a component related to the power you're trying to put into the item, typically taken from the carcass of a magical creature. You need to roll either Alchemy or Taxidermy to successfully extract the component, with a higher difficulty based on how powerful the component is.

Then to begin enchanting you need a complementary skill from the following list: Doctrine, Sing, Folklore, Ancient History, Obscure History, Ancient Languages, Astrology, Demonology, or Empyrealia. They're normally just supposed to help, but if you really want more rolls you could make that a roll as well, I suppose. The thing you want the magic item to do draws from the type of complementary skill you're using.

And then finally you make the actual Enchanting test. One test per property you're putting on the item, if you fail then you can't add any further properties to it.

2017-06-30, 07:44 AM
Well I was hoping for more replies but thank you Koo Rehtorb. I'm looking into discreet steps and synergizing skills right now. By which I mean I'm running rules through my head to see if they work or not. Hopefully I will find one that does. Thanks.

Lord Torath
2017-06-30, 09:05 AM
Dragonsfoot.org (www.dragonsfoot.org) has a Magic Item Creation for Dummies file. You first need to research the item your making (one roll, with bonuses and extra costs for each failure), then actually craft the item with another roll (with penalties and increased costs for each failed roll, meaning you may need to start over completely from scratch - but only for the crafting part, not the researching part). There is a whole host of modifiers, based on the level of the crafter, the level of the effect, the permanancy of the effect, and a bunch of other things. Go to the Free Downloads section to find it.

Mark Hall
2017-06-30, 09:43 AM
You might also look at Ars Magica. 4th edition is free on-line (http://www.atlas-games.com/arm4/), and long-term magical projects are definitely a thing for that system.

2017-07-02, 07:53 PM
I cannot find the Magic Item Creation for Dummies file, but thank-you both none the less.