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2007-08-06, 10:05 AM
Got my players jumping around the country killing green stuff and smiting evil to get them started. But I feel it's time for the more subtle work now. I worked out the basic idea, but I got stuck on the smaller events.

Background & Basic Ideas:

- It's placed in a Small/large town (+/- 2000 people) on the edge of civilization.

- The town has been infiltrated by two dopplegangers which are looking to take over/get rid of/replace the thieves guild for there own gain.

- The local thievesguilsmasters are out on some buisness and left the command to an adjudant.

- The main hide-out of the thieves is attacked by a rooming band Gnolls. This a background indication as gnolls from the next country are massivly migrating/fleeing from an unknown threat.

The dopplegangers will make use of these two events to strike. The defense of the guild was pretty strong, but if they can kill the remains they could surprise the leaders on there return.

Basic Adventure Idea:

The party will stumble upon an attack of the dopplegangers on one of there minor hide-outs.
Crash a wagon with wood & oil through the door by rolling downhill.
Make a ride-by with a torch.
Be recognized as a Guildmember.

Unknowingly contact with the thievesguild is made. The adjudant is short on manpower (attack on main + large escort) and gets the party working for him pretending to be a the victim.

The local authoraties won't be of much help as the dopplegangers have replaced the Sherrif & the Town Guard captain, which were also low LvL because of the Gnoll-Problems.

The Roles

LvL 4 Human Fighter.
LvL 4 Elven Wizard.
LvL 1 Halfling Rogue/3 Cleric.

The guild:
Some thuggs & Mugs: LvL 1 Wariors & Rogues. # = what the story needs.
There leaders: LvL 3 Warriors & Rogues (+/- 2 each)
Adjudant: LvL 3 rogue/3 swashbuckler
'Assasin': 3th LvL halfling Rogue whit a lot of poisons.

What Next?

More trouble with the dopplegangers. But what exactly?

Clearing the Main-hideout. Depending on the parties behaviour the guild will ambush them aftherwards.

Ghal Marak
2007-08-06, 10:21 AM
So... you don't know what to do next? Hmm... okay. The doppelgangers, angered over their defeat, set up a series of ambushes along the road to the next town/village/city/castle. They might have set up an alliance with the gnolls, or they could have bumped off the gnolls bandit leader and took over. Either way, they use the gnolls to harry the party every step of the way. This is where it gets better. The doppelgangers pose as an elderly couple being attacked by more gnolls. The Party helps them, and they request aid in getting through the troubled gnoll lands. Maybe they offer to pay, maybe not. Either way, while they are in the gnoll lands, the doppelgangers bide their time and wait for the perfect moment to strike. Could be on a cliff side, or if the party is trying to sneak past a gnoll army camp.

The Thieves Guild can still do their attack, but since they are professionals it could be at any time in the future. Maybe set up a plot where the party needs the Thieves Guild to help them, even though they have been betrayed by the Guild once before. It would create some tension between the party and the guildmembers who go with them.

That's about how I envision it. :smallsmile:

Hows that? Did I help any?