View Full Version : Rework on the Elemental Savant.

2007-08-06, 11:24 AM
A cliché archetype: The Fire-based Mage.

This should be perfected with the PrC the Elemental Savant (Complete Arcane, pg 32)
But as people around here should know:
- Blasting is Not the most effective arcane caster.
- Losing 2 Caster LvLs is not the most effective arcane caster.

So question one: are there any PrC around that get the same feeling as the Elemental Savant?

Question two: What can we do to work away the loss of 2 caster LvLs?

Lose the elemental change ideas = Drop the immunities (but keep resistance to energy + immunity), Darkvision & elemental perfection.

Thing I'd have liked in the class
CL increase for element.
Ability to damage 'resisting/immune' creatures.