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2007-08-07, 08:41 AM
You can basically think of these as 'supplementary attributes' that can round out your character (perhaps quite literally,) for particular aims and purposes. As before, while these rules/addons are intended for application within the Majesty setting, I am hopeful that with slight tweaking, they should be applicable within standard games.

General build rules I'll be getting around to later. I think.

An Innate Skill represents taking advantage of physical qualities that significantly enhance certain skill or checks- but at a price. Every point you invest in an Innate Skill is applied as a penalty to their key ability, and many impose drawbacks as well as benefits.
In addition, Innate Skills may only be learnt during character creation, which puts their maximum ranks at 4. An Innate Skill's total check modifier may never exceed +/-5.

Appearance(Con)[Race][Greater or Lesser]
You are particularly visually striking by the standards of a particular species. This skill may be taken several times- each time, it applies to a different race, and may either improve or worsen aesthetic qualities in their eyes.
(You may not chose an Appearance skill for races outside your type, which are unaffected by your Appearance.)

The skill is particularly effective against individuals with a sexual preference for your gender, providing a +2 bonus.
Creatures of the same type as the chosen species can also be affected, albeit at a -2 penalty.

Greater Appearance confers an initial bonus to Relations, and a bonus on Diplomacy, Bluff, Gather Information or Performance checks (with double effect on Performance(carnal) efforts,) but suffers a -2 modifier penalty for each age category the character advances.

Lesser Appearance confers an initial penalty to relationships, but a bonus to Intimidate, Bluff and Gather Information checks (with double effect on Intimidate checks.)

Acuity(Wis)[Visual, Aural, Tactile or Scent]
You have a particularly keen attunement to your surroundings that can come at the expense of easy distraction and loss of focus. This skill may be taken several simes- each time, it applies to a different channel of perception.

* Visual Acuity provides a bonus to all Hide, Spot and Search checks or saving throws against illusions with optical components at a -2 penalty.
* Aural Acuity provides a bonus to all Listen, Balance and Move Silently checks or saving throws against illusions with audio components at a -1 penalty.
* Tactile Acuity provides a bonus during Disable Device, Open Lock, Escape Artist, and Sleight of Hand checks at a -3 penalty, or Craft(textile) checks, at a -2 penalty. The skill also confers a bonus to saving throws against illusions that involve touching or physical interaction with the subject.
* Scent Acuity provides a bonus during Survival and Craft(alchemy) checks, or saving throws against illusions with smell components.

Acuity skills suffer a -1 modifier penalty for each age category advanced.

Extent(Dex)[Greater or Lesser]
Greater Extent makes you particularly lithe and slim of frame, perhaps to the point of being gangly. The skill confers a benefit to Escape Artist, Jump, Run, Climb and Tumble checks. Unfortunately, you also incur penalties against efforts to resist Bull rush, Grapple, Trip, or Overrun attempts.
Greater Extent suffers a -2 modifier penalty for each age category advanced.
Lesser Extent makes you squat and blocky, with converse effects, and Strength modifiers are reversed.

Stature(Str)[Greater or Lesser]
Greater Stature gives you bulk and a looming presence, granting a bonus to Swim and Concentration checks, or Grapple, Bull rush, Overrun and Intimidate checks against opponents of the same size category. However, you incur matching penalties to Hide, Move Silently, Sleight of Hand and Balance checks.
Lesser Stature makes you petite and inconspicuous, with converse effects. In addition, Strength modifiers to the skill are reversed- any Strength penalty is applied as a bonus, and any bonus becomes a penalty.

Greater Stature suffers a -1 modifier penalty for each age category the character advances.
Only base Strength scores- taken initially on top of level and racial modifiers- affect Stature modifiers in either case. Finally, your bonus x 5% is applied as a change to your height and, x10% to weight.

Talent(Int)[skill check]
You have an intellectual predisposition toward a particular task or field of study that somewhat narrows your range of interests and aptitudes.
This skill may be taken several times- each time, it applies a bonus to a different chosen kind of skill check. The skill affected must have either Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma as a key ability, and is never considered untrained.
Talent applies ((skill ranks x 2) + key ability modifier) to the chosen skill check, up to +10.

You have an intrinsic, almost instinctive, affinity for the manipulation of magical power, which often causes you to become emotionally withdrawn and detached from more mundane concerns.
(Manna modifier + 10) is taken as the 'key ability' for Sorceror spellcasting. Unlike other Innate Skills, Manna modifiers may exceed +5.