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Darth Mario
2007-08-07, 10:49 AM
This is my first attempt at homebrewing a race, so please bear with me if I seriously mess anything up. Also note that this race is for a specific campain world I've created with other homebrew races, so some of the fluff will not make sence.

Arels are a proud race of feather-winged humanoids. Their skin ranges from near-white to a deep ocean blue. Feather colors come in all shades, the most common being a rusty shade of brown. All Arels have completely black eyes, a look that most other species find highly eerie. An Arel's hair color is naturally the same color as it's feathers. They stand about the same hight as a human does, and are approximatly as slim.

Personality: Arel's are a proud, intellegent race, and it shows. Other races often see them as arrogant, though an Arel will be the first to point out a weakness it truly precieves itself to have. Many are quite academic in their approach to life, frequently coming off as aloof. Some are logical to an extreme, but nearly all have strong emotional bonds.

Relations: Having warred with them many times in the past, Arels and Inferni rarely get along, the race's personalitites conflicting far to stongly. They are friendly to Humans, especially those who share the Arel's drive for knowledge. They are mistrustful of Darkbloods, but will give individuals a chance to prove themselves. Arel's have little contact with Maranins, and having no colonies of their own, rarely interact with Tasloi, Koro, or Taltans.

Alignment: Due to their studied approach to life, most Arels tend toward a lawful alignment. They tend to be neutral on the good/evil axis.

Arelin Lands: In the old world, Arels lived in the high, fridged mountains of Aslian, far to the north part of the contenent. Two twin floating cities also exist over the Brangar Wood. In the new world, Arels are one of the most common races in Human colonies, though there are none that are exclucively theirs. Arels do best in a city setting, so they have very few outlying settlements.

Religion: Arels believe that they are the decendants of the Great God Telius, God of Air. Most Arel clerics follow Telius, though they have been known to revere almost any God or Goddess in the old world pantheon. They most often will play tribute to Dalia, Corum, and The Word. Those that reside in the flying cities oftem worship Bermius.

Language: Arels speak their own language, which they call Skyevon. It has a beautiful, fluid alphabet that some other races will occasionally borrow for a “High-Class” writing system.

Names: Arels have an unusual naming system. Instead of simply the traditional personal name/family name, they have a third as well, one stating their profession. This is so important to their culture that the profession name goes first, personal name second, and finally familiy name at the end. Many other races don't realize that the name an Arel goes by in everyday conversation is actually their job.

Common Professions: Fervan (Archer), Falmurir (Scout), Soriman (Swordsman), Holanir (Priest), Morgavan (Trunamer), Quirmarin (Mage).

Male Names: Olodirn, Marithor, Vincellian, Laechentiun, Karilir.

Female Names: Ehoi, Morivun, Kreemin, Vadervei, Hurvee.

Family Names: Tobermoi, Seice, Rurdaech, Alhien.

Arel Racial Traits:

+2 Intellegence, -2 Charisma: Arels are very bright, but their personalitiy tends to rub other races the wrong way.
Arels are Medium size.
Arel base speed is 30 ft.
Fly 40 ft. (poor)
Wing Baffle: Though their wings aren't strong enough to be used in combat as unarmed strikes and cannot hold objects, an Arel can violently flap it's wings in melee combat to confuse it's oppoments. The Arel makes a Bluff check, upposed by the target's Sense Motive check. If the Arel succeeds, the target loses it's dexterty bonus against attacks made by the Arel in the current round. This ability uses a move action.
+2 bonus on any two Knowledge skills: Arel's are very well read, and are knowledgeable on a number of topics.
Arels get a +1 bonus on Will saves.
Automatic Languages: Skyevon, Common.
Bonus Languages: Any
Level Ajustment: +1

2007-08-07, 11:24 AM
So wing baffle is essentially the same as getting improved feint for free and without the prerequisite of combat expertise? Too bad the low charisma hurts the bluff check for feinting. Also too bad that most characters have almost no reason to feint, ever (beguilers and sneak attackers excluded).

Is there an explanation in the fluff for why they get +1 on will saves? If so, I didn't see it.

Overall, seems just fine for a +1 race.

2007-08-07, 11:50 AM
I agree looks like a good LA 1 race to me as well.

Darth Mario
2007-08-07, 12:44 PM
The original idea with wing baffle (stolen from a race in OA) was to have the bluff chcek grant a +2 attack bonus and be a free action. I thought this would be more useful, but I may be wrong.

Glad I got the LA right.

2007-08-07, 12:54 PM
The amount of benefit you get on an attack roll after a successful feint is entirely dependent on the enemy's dex bonus, anywhere from nothing to a -5 or -6 on the opponent's AC. The best reason to feint, in my opinion, is that it allows sneak attacks and beguiler surprise casting.