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2007-08-07, 09:41 PM
This seems to happen to me all the time. I have period of time where generally everything goes well, then it is almost immediatly followed by a period of time where everything goes horribly bad. It's not just a case of ups and downs, it's almost like something's trying to balance out those ups and downs :smalleek:

Example: Junior year went great. Everybody was worried about it (it's said to be the toughest year in my school), but I was actually looking forward to it. I had classes I enjoyed and was good at, I got a high seat in the most prestigious youth orchestra in the state, and I started the year being extremely close to a girl I had a crush on since 8th grade. The year went quite well.

But then May came around, and everything took a turn for the worst. The lady friend gave me a "let's just be friends" speech (which was worsened by the fact that she wouldn't/couldn't tell me why), stress from AP exams came up, I performed awfully in my end-of-the-year recital, and my grades were dropping (although still better than ever). The first one really hit me hard.

So I almost feel like I'm cursed. For every good day/time I recieve an equally bad day/time, and vice versa.

And you? Do you ever feel cursed?

Mr. Moon
2007-08-07, 09:44 PM
Now dude, that's what I call karma gone horribly wrong. I don't think anything of that porportion has ever happend to me.

Then again, I don't really pay attention, either. Maybe that's what I'm doing wrong... ;)

2007-08-07, 10:04 PM
Wow. This really hits close to home.

:smalleek: Almost that entire thing happened to me last year.

Needless to say, things will look better in the future. I was going out with a friend of mine and she ended it in May of last year. I was devastated. She started talking to me again in August (while I was still in Quebec and just started posting here). We sort of picked up were we left off when school started again in September.

I did get the reason about why she broke it off, though. I had to ask her best friend, and her friend said that she wasn't really ready for a relationship.

We are really good friends right now and it could go anywhere at this point in time. So just look up for the future.

2007-08-07, 10:13 PM
Lucky for you. All I ended up was with confusion, even though we had a sit-down-and-talk session two weeks after APs. A close friend of hers told me one set of reasons, but the lady friend told me another set. The close friend hinted that my lady friend might have just been particularly upset with me when she told her the reasons, although at the same time the lady friend might have tried to "put me down lightly" herself.

I'm still very confused, and bitterly dissapointed (not bitter, just dissapointed).

Well, here's to next year...I hope it's bland.

2007-08-07, 10:21 PM
I think life must just BE like that. Because I've noticed these things: whenever my life is going JUST dandy, and I'm coasting along with not a cloud in my sky, suddenly everything reverses and I'm bawling under the sheets because everything has gone so awful all of a sudden. It's NOT just female hormones, seriously.

It did prompt me to coin a phrase, though....

"There are times when one moment you're on top of the world, and the next, it's squashing you."

Hmm...seemed wittier when I came up with it. :smalltongue:

2007-08-07, 10:25 PM
"In Mother Russia, world on top of you!"

It had to be done.

Anyway, I can see some parallels in our curses.

You live a fine life.

My life sucks.

Your life starts sucking.

My life sucks.

Your life gets better.

My life sucks.

*Sigh*... you don't know how good you have it (50% better than me, to be exact.)

2007-08-07, 10:27 PM
I don't mean to sound ungrateful or whiny or whatever. I merely feel as if my life has serious ups and downs, and the way the come at me right after another has made feel a little...odd.

Again, I don't want to sound like some ungrateful brat, but I can't wonder at my predictament.

Hell Puppi
2007-08-07, 10:29 PM
I feel very cursed. I'm like the black cat of human beings. Bad luck to not only myself but others.

I was thinking about it one day and i said to myself 'nah, I'm just being paranoid. Surely everyone has luck like this!'
Then I went to grab something from the buffet that me and a friend were at, and as soon as I got within 2 feet of the person next to me, her tray flipped out of her hands on onto the floor.

Vespe Ratavo
2007-08-07, 10:30 PM
Happens to me all the time. Never really so extreme though.

My summer's been going really well though, which is why I worry the next school year is going to be hell...

2007-08-07, 10:43 PM
ya, the phrase "its too quiet" applies to all aspects of life, in fact, when things are good, i get even more paranoid than when i was living with a crazy person. and im currently into the beginning of one of those fun times right now, dead cat 30 misses on AC 15 in a row.... and a wonderful chain of events like that, its just what happens, i see it as proof that there is some sort of divine entity, and that it hates everyone personally for some reason beyond your comprehention, but thats just me

2007-08-07, 11:23 PM
Nah...it's all just a cosmic test, my dears, to help us grow as human beings....
Actually, if you try to believe that, things start making more sense.... O_o

2007-08-07, 11:33 PM
My efforts at cooking and at dating are both cursed. Horribly.
However, I like to see the humor in it. I'd rather laugh at life than spend it all crying.

Pearls before swine talking about this matter.:smallwink:


2007-08-08, 01:09 AM
Reminds me of a guy at my residential college in first year... Toran was the most depressing person you could ever possibly think of. As soon as you sat with him, he started talking about how horrible everything was. He was certain that things always went bad for him at July... His story is thusly: Once upon a time (i think a year or two before we met), he had a dog, house, wife and good job. Then July rolled by, and his wife had an affair and left him, he lost his job, the wife took the dog and he couldn't afford to pay off the house. He spent the next several months sitting on a park bench in Orange off his face giggling. So, then he picked himself up and started a course for music teaching, he got himself a girlfriend, he was all under control... then July rolled round again. His girlfriend dumped him and he discovered he couldn't afford the next payment to stay at the college. Sooo he had to pack up again and shift back to Orange... We figure he's probably either sitting on the park bench giggling again or he's dead. He always maintained that he'd never commit suicide, cuz that'd mean life wins...
Ah Toran. Such an awesome guy. I really hope things worked out for him again...

2007-08-08, 01:10 AM
I had a post in this thread, but realized that I really didn't want to post it. The summarized version? Yes.

2007-08-08, 01:31 AM
"In Mother Russia, world on top of you!"

I'M NOT A WHORE! :smallfrown:

Yeah, sometimes I feel cursed. WITH LUCK!


No really, most of the time I suppose I'm indifferent to everything going on so extremes like bad luck may happen, I just don't notice, live my life, and laugh it off. But I do notice when good things happen, so it all works out optimistically. Or ignorantly. *shrug*

And is that sum Pearls Before Swine? Yes! 2 Internets to you, good lady.

I too have a photo that will give you hope and messages in meaningful deep ways! GENTLEMAN! I GIVE YOU...


Tor the Fallen
2007-08-08, 01:38 AM
I think it's because Reality is clustered.

2007-08-08, 03:46 AM
The universe hates me, and it does not play fair.
Example: I Recently got a new DS charger to replace the one I lost. As soon as I start playing my DS again, I discover that two good DS games have inexplicably disappeared.
Sometimes it seems like reality tries to keep me from getting too happy.

2007-08-08, 04:16 AM
You're all so pessimistic. The way I see it, life gives me a load of good stuff whenever things starts to get bad. That's not a curse, life is trying it's best to be nice. Can't you see how you're hurting it's feelings by calling it a curse?

*Goes to comfort life*

The Vorpal Tribble
2007-08-08, 08:03 AM
You wanna speak cursed?

In the last four months I have...

Torn a ligament in my knee (in a freak accident that involves me slowly jogging in my backyard and my knee just twisting for no reason)
Broken a toe on the opposite limb so can't use either well (first broken bone ever)
Gotten a cold or the flu almost every two weeks (and until this year I got the sniffles maybe twice a year, tops)
Started developing migraines where before I'd not had a headache in years.
Had two aunts and an uncle die
Had two family dogs die
Three vehicles of my family have self-destructed in as many days, one after the other in a row, and before they'd never had a problem since they'd been bought new.
These died on my way to meet with a girl who I've been pursuing for 10 years now who for the first time invited me to go somewhere with her.
Gotten my first ticket (for speeding... was chosen out of 10 others I was just going in the flow of traffic with)
Milk has been rotting in my house. Literally, within a day it's gone bad. No matter what brand, store, or refrigerator I keep it in (which are running just fine). The other day I took back 3 jugs to as many stores, came back... and the replacements were ALL curdled within an hour.

...and thats just what I can name off the top of my head.

2007-08-08, 08:13 AM
yer i have had that feeling to =S
i had a realy bad day about a month ago .. I be bothered right now to write it all down butif you want to read it's here -->> http://ice-phonixe.deviantart.com/journal/13579122/#comments this links to the comments but if you scroll up then youll see it .. snice then ive had a great tiome with ye little going wrong i suppose its just life, we have to go throught both bad and good , because i cant exsist without the other .. if you get what i mean :smallconfused:

2007-08-08, 10:09 AM
I'm just hoping that what they say about bad luck coming in threes is true. If that's so, then this should be the last bad thing to happen for awhile. Month and a half ago, SUV decides to not work in reverse anymore. WHILE it was parked in a grocery store parking lot. Here I am, with an SUV full of groceries, a child under the age of one who is tired, hungry, and cranky, and I have no reverse to get the vehicle out of the parking lot. Luverly. Fortunately we have the Glold RVPLUS AAA card, so I called them, and because I have a baby, they send a tow truck asap. Tow truck says, your transmission is shot. LUVERLY. Take it to the shop, turns out, it's only one piece of the transmission. Instead of 3200 bucks, it's only going to be 800. Good news bad news, ya know? Still had to find 800 bucks. SO, get that fixed, month later, SUV no longer wants to move at ALL... and decided that halfway to the grocery store. Get it coasted into a shop, they look at it, they don't do transmissions, so Hubby gets it towed to a place that does. Torque converter decided to ... disintegrate. Literally. This place rebuilds transmissions and puts their work under warranty. Yay! So, 2 grand later, we have our SUV back. urgh.

So far, in a month and a half, we've had to find 2800 dollars. But it gets better! oh yes. We're under a heat wave, normally, not a big deal since we have an awesome AC unit... or rather, we HAD an awesome AC unit. When we got a new furnace a couple years ago, they hooked the AC into it wrong apparently, and moisture got in, and well.. messed up the compressor. Even on a day in the low 80's the house gets up to 76, which is ok.. but not great when you have a baby. So, consider what it's been like with the weather in the high 90's. So, get a guy out to look at it yesterday. The AC we have, is not really worth fixing, better in the long run to just get a new one. LUVERLY. Find an AC place that is GOOD, and does financing, get prices... 3grand for a new heatpump AC. Do you know how hard it is to find, in 2 months, 5800 bucks? Thank god for financing is all I have to say.

So I figure, that's three bad things. We should be out of the woods for awhile now. Oh, technically 4 bad things since the SUV needing it's 2grand repair meant we didn't get to go to Canada to see my family... altho... that may have been a good thing, since I was dreading the idea of 3 days in a vehicle with an active 10 month old who's just learned to walk.

2007-08-08, 10:43 AM
I may not control what happens to me, but I can control my reaction to it.

That's been something I've kept in my mind for a while now. Life may throw bad stuff at you, but ultimately it IS you who decides how you are doing. And seriously? Life may not feel so bad once you get out of the mental rut and really think about what has been going on. When we feel like that we normally ignore the good, exaggerate the bad, and refuse to cheer ourselves up.
Now I'm not saying that you should smile on learning that a relative died (unless they were mean, then go right ahead :smalltongue: :smallwink:) but you can avoid a great deal of depression that you are putting yourself through if you stop and think.

2007-08-08, 11:24 AM
At times during the past two years I really felt like I have been cursed.

Graduated from college, couldn't find a job for about a month. Did some odd jobs here and there until I landed a several month long job. It was paying good, decided up upgrade my computer.

The day the parts arrived I was "let go" with no warning nor reason, less than two weeks into it (was suppose to be for about three months or longer).

Swallowed that, few months later found a better job, again contract, but with the strong possibility of going perm in 6 months.

Went great for the 6 months, the contract was extended for several more months until they could get a opening to hire me full time. Even upgrade my car (I drove a lot for the job, so I needed a reliable car) and bought a decent entertainment set.

2 weeks after buying the entertainment set (about 8-9 months working for this company) I was one of 1400 contract workers, many like me with renewed contracts, were let go with no warning on a Friday in November.

So I am now hunting for a job in November in a city who economy is sinking fast, but okay, my wife still has her job, so we are kind of okay and can get by until I might be able to find something.

She got let go 2 weeks after I did for completely (insert rant about companies lying about stuff to let go of workers to avoid paying unemployment) reasons.

Found some menial temp work, then a company I was the runner up for a position offered me temp-to-perm slot in the next city over. Pay was better, work was better, so I decided to take a chance and swallow the 50 mile drive each way every day. Wife was having no luck whatsoever finding work.

A month into that, the day me and the wife were about to renew the lease on our apartment, I was let go for no reason given via a voicemail message (thankfully when the wife went to submit the paperwork for renewing, noone was there to accept it).

Thus we ended up swallowing our pride and moved across the state back in with my folks. I got a interview with a excellent company, got a offer, but need a security clearance to work there, which takes about 3 months. This job is pretty much my dream one, excellent pay, benefits, and very low turnover in a growing economy, and they do a lot of government work. Plus my wife found a job that she likes, and they like her a lot, and is already getting a promotion after only being there for a month.

Right now it is almost to the 3 month mark, and I'm hoping my luck with jobs doesn't strike me again as I wait by the phone during the day :smalleek:

So yes I can say I have been feeling cursed the past two years.

2007-08-08, 12:11 PM
No, I don't usually feel cursed myself... more like the bringer of the curses.

Seriously, I am like a magnified, genetically-empowered black cat. When I'm around, bad things happen to people. When I wave at someone who's in any high place, he will inevitably slip and sprain something. When I touch a die, it will never roll higher than the average value in another people's hands (incidentally, I tend to lend dice to my DMs in climactic fights. We've not lost a boss fight in months :smalltongue:). Whenever I tell someone "it's going to be okay", Murphy's law goes full effect on said person. Any night I go out with my friends (which is rather unusual, since I don't like "nocturnal life" very much) someone invariably ends up hurting himself by accident or being mugged right after I go home. And so on and so forth.

I'm like a little Cthulhu or something :smallannoyed: