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Intermediate Deity (R15)
Symbol: A cracked white mask with open black eyes.
Home Plane: Plane of nightmares
Alignment: Neutral evil
Portfolio: dreams, inspiration, darkness, nightmare, and fear
Cleric Alignments: LE, NE, CE, NN
Domains: dream, illusion, madness, shadow
Favored Weapon: sickle

Morrok (Mor-roc) encompasses all that is ghoulish and frightening into his person. always covered in a thin cloak that personifies shadows and drips with a black ethereal energy. Wearing a cracked and wickedly warped mask he looks upon the world with eyes filled with the void of darkness and insanity. Dark tendrils flow in and out of cloak, always seeming to be reaching towards an unknown target, ready to grasp and to drag whatever it touches into the depths of which it came from.

During the beginning of time, the budding of civilization and humanity. their has always been the creeping darkness that has both frightened and brought fear to even the strongest of wills. Born from the accumulation of this fear was Morrok an entity of never ending nightmare. Though Morrok is an ancient creature from even the earliest of recorded history it was only after the second calamity of the world that he was able to rip and steal a godly spark from one of the many weakened gods of the time.
It is only after he gained the powers of a god that his tendrils of madness began to spread like wildfire, an infection that was rampant in power and scale across nearly ever aspect of the world. his shadow helped spread an age of darkness that perceived for nearly two thousands years. During this time an enigma formed as many creatures began to worship him and his power. As time passed Morrok began to care for his own worshipers and appearing before them began to teach them the powers of his own realm. It was the high priestess golseer that persuaded Morrok into loosening his maddening grip of the world, he would agree only if she were to go out and teach the world of the true meaning of his fear.
With the world now becoming more sane and being released out of their nightmarish scape of reality. Golseer began to travel and teach the learnings of Morrok through compassion instead of fear.
After Golseer's death and the events proclaimed as the God wars, Morrok has become much more subtle in his ploys with the world. No longer does he force madness to the world but prefers to show that the nightmares of the world are more then they seem. Becoming more benevolent in his age, but the gods are always wary if he were to re surge among the material plane as the true god of nightmares once more.

Morrok followers are expected to be those who inspire and create fear and the overcoming of it. From fear comes the need and inspiration to overcome fear. All things can be overcome as not everything in the world should be understood and interpreted as nightmarish. The idea of overcoming fear brings the ideal self out.

Clergy and temples
The clergy of Morrok are often adorned in fixtures and ornaments of Gore and horror, each one placed upon a massive ceremonial mask that all high cleric wear as a prize and trophy. Each item placed, nailed, or stuck on their near body sized masks a testament of the horrors or fears that they have overcome in their life.
Temples of Morrok are often placed in locations of fear like old swamps, graveyards, or even the unfriendly locations of a city. However it is over time that the clergy are constantly trying to break apart the fear that the setting around become more appeasing. It is as such that a Temple of Morrok can be placed nearly anywhere as overtime the swamp can become a town, the graveyard a large museum, or the city backstreets become a thriving market.
A temple of Morrok has three main purposes in society. first to be a place of prayer to Morrok, second to be a place of stay and rest for the followers and workers of Morrok as they try to spread his teachings, and lastly to be a holder of the terrors of the world. It is common practice to magically outfit the many rooms of their temple to be specifically aligned with a common fear that people have, it is in these rooms that their followers or people who choose to participate may try to overcome their fear. An example of this could be a room where millions of spiders make their home, or a room with water that cannot leave the room for drowning.
The clergy of Morrok have a long standing hatred for the Paladins of the sun as they are believed to be the cause of their greatest profit Golseer's death. The Clergy of Kili'ir (goddess of souls) also have a very tense relationship with the followers of Morrok. Their followers often taking near obsessive measures to avoid one another, for it is well known that their gods hate one another yet are at a ceasefire.

Other stories of Morrok

-Secret soul wars-
During The early ages of humanity as we know it now the god Morrok(god of nightmares) and Kili'ir (goddess of souls) did not get along that well. The world was coming new after the god wars and death was plentiful across the world as new empires grew and fell with the passing of time. Though during this time Morrok began to become bored with his daily duties of the dream realm. He saw Kili'ir and noticed that once a being was dead their souls were free to move to and be manipulated in her realm. He could only every bring his nightmares so far, only til death. But, what about afterwards.
It is after this thought that he began to create one of his most horrifying creations, A being that was all the frightening and dangerous. This creation not only was monstrous to the living, but if killed by it, the soul of the being slain was forever trapped within the creature. Able to be manipulated and tortured forever more by Morrok.
For obvious reasons Kili'ir did not come to likable terms with this creature but feared a war would spread among the gods if direct action were taken. The followers of Kili'ir would be given secret quests and jostled towards this creature in an attempt to kill it, but with every failed attempt the creature only became more powerful. Years passed as the fight against this beast continued through the ages until at last the beast was killed by the high priestess of kili'ir herself. A mighty spear piercing the creatures heart. As it died the souls it had captured released to go freely to kili'irs realm.
Morrok only saw this amusing as he watched the goddess struggle with his creation. So he created the beast once more in the image of the last, only to watch the dismay of Kili'ir. The beast scourged for souls purposefully attacking many of the soul gods temples in an effort to collect more. A grand crusade was gathering, a mass of both followers of Killi'ir and Morrok coming to fight in holy war. Other gods watched and prepared to see what would come of it.
It was only when the goddess Aliara came that the fighting would stop. She offered Morrok a deal to end his boredom as well as gain him more access to the plane of souls as he so wished. A proposal of marriage between the gods, bringing Morrok into the family line of his own enemy. All he would have to do was to reign in the beast and destroy it. With the sight of gaining more power he accepted, bringing his beast and beheading the creature for his rival to see.
Even from that day the two gods have not seen eye to eye, but they hold a steady peace. Their followers distrustful of one another but an truce in place. Aliara took her place beside the god of nightmares and has been with him ever since that day.
The beast was destroyed, the pentacle of fear for the great god. A being powerful enough to affect the very souls it touches and consumes. But even till today the dark god smiles. For the worst of nightmares can never truly be destroyed.

Size/Type: Medium
Hit Dice: 120d8+80d10+200(1960hp)
Speed: 60ft
Armor class: (10+15+40+23)
Base Attack/Grapple: 200/210
Attacks: +210 shadow sickle 1d10+10+9d8, +90 Tendril 1d12+20,
full round attack
Space/Reach: 5ft/5ft
Special attacks: Dire hexblade's curse, spells, Turn or Rebuke Undead, shadow sickle
Special qualities: evasion, mettle, godly immunities, arcane resistance, Aura of Unluck, godly aura
Unique abilities: Absolute fear, Tendrils of nightmare, Dream's sight, The madness
Saves:Fortitude 104, Reflex 117, will 138
Abilities: str 30, dex 56, con 30, int 48, wis 74, chr 90
Skills: All Str skills +213, All Dex skills +226, All con skills +213, All Int skills 222, all Wis skills +235, All Chr skills +243
CR: Godly

Special attacks
Dire hexblade's curse: 5/day free action choose target in 60ft, all d20 rolls take -6 penalty. will dc60 negate.
Aura of Unluck: 3/day all attacks against Morrok have 20% miss chance for 43 rounds each use.
Turn or Rebuke Undead: as a 200th lvl cleric for 43 times a day.
Spells: Morrok has spells as a 20th level hexblade, and 40th level cleric. His caster level is considered 200 for all spell or spell like abilities.
Shadow Sickle: a sickle like blade of shadow that is considered a +10 epic sickle, on a hit Morrok may choose to deal an additional 9d8 unattuned magic damage, or choose to deal no damage and deal 9 attribute drain to any mental attribute. This drain goes passed all resistances unless the target is of a god of higher rank. This effect can be applied to all attacks.

Special qualities
Arcane Resistance: Gain +40 to all saves against spells.
godly aura: add god rank to saves and ac, add chr to ac.
Immunities:Morrok has Immunities as a god of rank 15

Unique abilities:
Absolute fear: Morrok Knows all fears and no creature is safe from them. At the beginning of every round as a swift action, Morrok may unleash the pure forces of nightmares and fear. Every creature within a 150ft radius are effected as if under the spell Weird. The DC is a 79 will save that goes through all fear immunities. If any creature is killed by this Ability they are Immediately under the effect of the SoulBind spell with no Save. Their soul turned into one of the many Tendrils of Nightmares that follow Morrok.
Tendrils of nightmare: Following Morrok, trapped by his influence as well as realm are the many souls he has taken and captured during his long lifetime. These tendrils reach out in remembrance of the life that they used to have and over the centuries of being tied to the realm of nightmares have become near insane creatures of fear. During the round each Tendril will either choose to attack a target within 30ft of Morrok, or stay and protect Morrok. Each Tendril has 60hp with a dr10/epic and good. If a Tendril chooses to protect Morrok they will instant take the damage of any attack that manages to hit Morrok, taking all the damage instead. Morrok generally travels with 40 tendrils at a time. but has access to a near infinite amount while in his own realm. As long as one tendril is defending Morrok, he cannot be considered flat-footed or flanked.
Dream sight: Morrok sees beyond even the basic thoughts of the living. Knowing the desire and wants of all that make thought. Morrok is always considered to have True-sight activated as well as can instantly know the driving desires of all living creatures.
The Madness: Any attack or touch that Morrok, or his Tendril make against a target must succeed a DC50 will save or contract the Curse known as Morroks Madness. Any creature affected by Morrok's Madness will have their attitude permanently become that of a fanatic towards Morrok as well as towards any creature, or action that they once feared, wanting to appease, become closer, and become more like their once feared counterpart. If anything would prevent the afflicted from appeasing their new found counterpart they will become instantly hostile towards the target, trying to kill or get rid of them. Any living creature that is struck or wounded by an Afflicted creature must roll a dc18 will save or become afflicted by the same curse. Due to the way the curse works, it only afflicts humanoid creatures and leaves monstrous humanoids immune to the affects. In history this has caused strange occurances, such as entire towns becoming will slaves and servants to the local forest Minotaur that they once all feared.

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Looks like a good start. It's a lot of work to stat a god. Good luck with this.


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Finished a majority of Morrok's stat block.

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Pffft, I could take him in a fight (just joking! :D). Looks suitably terrifying - I forget how many HD gods have in 3.5 though? I think he's considerably more powerful than most greater deities; is he meant to be able to take on Ao or the Lady of Pain?

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So, about half of the party was not able to make the session but we weren't able to play the previous week, This God came in Clutch! I was able to use a RNG map (they are chaotically drawn out anyway)
and do a dungeon crawl that made the characters face their fears, and overcome them. Doing this in a nightmare that Morrok set up, allowed the campaign to continue as normal. Giving us a great night! Keep up The Good work!!

2018-05-07, 11:30 PM
So, about half of the party was not able to make the session but we weren't able to play the previous week, This God came in Clutch! I was able to use a RNG map (they are chaotically drawn out anyway)
and do a dungeon crawl that made the characters face their fears, and overcome them. Doing this in a nightmare that Morrok set up, allowed the campaign to continue as normal. Giving us a great night! Keep up The Good work!!
I am glad you enjoyed it. I have been running and creating a world and morrok is one of my favorites. But he is only one of the 30ish gods i have created and used.