View Full Version : RPG helper - IOS app for roleplaying tabletop games.

2017-07-25, 02:57 PM
Hi all!
I'm RPG player for few years, and at some point I've decided to make my life/games more automated and convinient. I've spent some time and made app for char storing, dice rolling. music listening, quest queuing etc =).
I want to share app, which will be helpfull for D&D (Warhammer Fantasy, etc. and other similar games) players.
Its absolutely free and currently available for IOS only, you may find it in Apple Store by searching RolePlay Helper (sory, not enougth rating for pasting links).

It has char lists, dice rollers (2/3D), sound mixer and much more!
Please, take a look at it, i'll be glad to any comment and critic.