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Zar Peter
2007-08-08, 03:39 PM

THE RULES (new rules in red):

This game is based on the orignal Ultimate Cloak & Dagger from Tormsskull. Thank you Tormsskull for giving me the permission to ressurect it.

The rules will be slight different, especially the vote rules as will be explained beyond.

1.) The goal

The goal is to kill off all people on your kill-list and save all people on your heal-list
The game ends if one or more people managed to clear their kill-list.
If there is more then one who cleared their list, winner is the one who managed to keep the most people on his heal-list alive.
If these lists are equal, too, we have a draw and two or more winners.

2.) The lists

The kill-list and the heal-list will be send out via PM by me to all participating players.

3.) How to kill

Everyone get three votes:

- a major vote (worth 3 points)
- a average vote (worth 2 points)
- a minor vote (worth 1 point)


You send a PM to me with your votes (for example: 3 points for player x, 2 points for player y, 1 point for player z)
You may change every vote once in a round by PMing me your new vote.
At the end of the round I will count up all votes and will show in the thread who voted for whom.
(for example: Player w: 3 points for player x, 2 points for player y, 1 point for player z)

The people who got the most points are killed!
The people who got the least points are killed!
The people who didn't send me a vote without an excuse are killed!

If you are going on holidays or do something else where you know you can't get into the internet feel free to PM me an advice for whom you will vote in the meantime, when and if you want to change your vote later and so on.
I will try to obey your advices, if there are too many it could be that there will be mistakes so this is just for emergency cases!

4) other issues

One round should last 3 days, I will update the thread every 24hours with the standings (who would get killed till now) and a list who have'nt voted.
I will not remind the ones who haven't voted.

So, sign up is open, if you have questions or ideas feel free to post in this thread.
I will close sign up if there are enough players (between 15 and 25).

Players (17):

Andre Fairchilde
D'anna Biers
Fleeing Coward
Jontom Xire

2007-08-08, 03:51 PM
In. again.

2007-08-08, 03:54 PM
I've been meaning to try one of these out as you (Zar Peter) seem to have an interesting version of it. Sign me up.

2007-08-09, 12:15 PM

I'm in.

2007-08-09, 01:17 PM
I'll try this at least once.

2007-08-09, 11:02 PM
In once again, hopefully I'll do better this time...

2007-08-09, 11:15 PM
I'm in to set a new death record.

Andre Fairchilde
2007-08-10, 12:02 PM
I'm in, again.

Here's my default votes for when I'm on vaction:

3 Votes for Pwenet
2 Votes for Radikalskippy
1 Vote for Zar Peter

Zar Peter
2007-08-10, 12:06 PM
WARNING: Killing the narrator will end the game immidiatly!

Andre Fairchilde
2007-08-10, 12:16 PM
That means on this sign up thread the narrator must have neither too many or too few votes.

~ Sorry ZP, made my vote, now it's too late to change...

Zar Peter
2007-08-10, 12:18 PM
You may change every vote once! It's in the rules! Come on, what do you want to change your vote? You already won a game, at last!

2007-08-10, 12:24 PM
Y'know, i agree with andre on this.
3 points to Zar peter
2 points to Joosbawx
1 point to uhh.. Janusnori.

2007-08-10, 12:34 PM
I'll get you Andre, and you're little swashbuckling avatar toooooooooo!

Andre Fairchilde
2007-08-10, 12:37 PM
Ok, I'll change my vote:

3 Votes for Pwenet
2 Votes for Radikalskippy
1 Vote for D'anna Biers

But only if I'm on D'anna Biers' heal list.

Zar Peter
2007-08-10, 01:22 PM
Thank you, Andre! Now it's Khaldan I must bribe.

ANd I think I take D'anna's post as sign up.

2007-08-10, 02:27 PM
Sign me up and please don't kill me!:smalleek:

Fleeing Coward
2007-08-10, 05:53 PM
Sign me up and please kill me.

2007-08-10, 07:11 PM
I'm back in for it

2007-08-11, 01:17 AM
Sure, I'm in ... Let's see if someone can win in one round this time.

2007-08-11, 04:38 AM
What the heck.
I'm already in too many games.
I might as well make it one more.
Sing me up, Pete.

Zar Peter
2007-08-13, 05:14 PM
Sign up ends on friday!

Game starts at the weekend.

Jontom Xire
2007-08-14, 01:41 AM
I'm probably going to be useless at this, but what the hey - sign me up.

2007-08-14, 07:26 AM
Sorry, but I withdraw from this game. It looks fun and good luck to all.

Raiser Blade
2007-08-15, 01:49 AM
with the new average point this should get even crazier

good luck ZP:smallwink:

p.s. im in:smallsmile:

Zar Peter
2007-08-17, 01:15 AM
Today is the last sign-up day!

2007-08-17, 02:02 AM
This looks like fun.

I'm in.

Zar Peter
2007-08-18, 05:56 AM
In 8 hours I will begin making the lists, last chance to sign up!

Zar Peter
2007-08-18, 03:25 PM
Game Begins Now!!!

All lists are sent out, if you got no list or have questions about your list please PM me!

You can vote now, please vote in this order:

Major Vote (or 3points to):
Average Vote (or 2 points):
Minor Vote (or 1 point):

If you want to confuse me you can write it in a different order but than it's more likley that I make mistakes.

First update in about 24 hours!

Zar Peter
2007-08-19, 03:13 PM
*** First Round, First Update ***

I have 7 of 17 votes, it's time for the first update!

In the lead, with 8 points we have D'anna Biers!

The winner of C&D III, Andre Fairchilde managed to get 5 points.

Akaziel and (surprise) janusnori got both 4 points.

CurlyKitGirl, Jontom Xire, radikalskippy and Raiser_B1ade got 3 points

Castaras, Orzel and Pwenet with 2 points

Artemis97, Shadow and Tormsskull with only 1 point.

Fleeing Coward, Helgraf and Khaldan are sitting on the street and begging for at least one little point. (zero points)

Next update in 24 hours, I want to see some more votes till then!

P.S.: You may post in this thread. I'm not offended by bantering about the game here!

2007-08-20, 02:35 PM
P.S.: You may post in this thread. I'm not offended by bantering about the game here!

But then everyone will know about our devious plans....

Anyone looking to work out a deal of some sort should PM me.
I may help you.
I may kill you.
You never know.

2007-08-20, 02:53 PM
Well then dear ol' Shadow; I'll tell you my most devious strategy:
Stay alive, keep Heal List alive, kill off Killees, deal with one person only.

And now my most secret and ultra-awesome super-special strategy try not to beg to join in.:smallwink:

Zar Peter
2007-08-20, 05:08 PM
*** First Round, Second Update ***

I have 15 of 17 votes!

Still in the lead, but now with amazing 17 points we have D'anna Biers!

The winner of C&D III, Andre Fairchilde got close with 12 points.

Akaziel is now the lonley third with 8 points

Khaldan and Helgraf both got 7 points

Castaras, Fleeing Coward and radikalskippy got 5 points

janusnori and Pwenet have 4 points

CurlyKitGirl, Jontom Xire, Raiser_B1ade and Tormsskull gathered at least 3 points

Orzel is alone with his 2 points

and Shadow and Artemis97 would die now with only 1 point

End of round 1 in 22 hours!!!

Didn't vote till now: janusnori, Fleeing Coward

2007-08-20, 06:57 PM
Janusnori, Fleeing Coward,(Or anyone who would like to change their votes) I will trade you a saving vote for me now for a vote for anyone you want in the next round. Want someone particularly dead next round? Need someone on your heal list protected? PM me and we can make a deal.

2007-08-20, 11:29 PM
Wow....you guys SERIOUSLY hate me.

Zar Peter
2007-08-21, 02:01 PM
The last hour till the end of round one!

Zar Peter
2007-08-21, 03:19 PM
*** End of the First Round ***

Here are your votes:

{table] player | Major Vote | Average Vote | Minor Vote
Akaziel | D'anna Biers | janusnori | Castaras
Andre Fairchilde | D'anna Biers | Pwenet | janusnori
Artemis97 | Raiser_B1ade | Helgraf | Tormsskull
Castaras | CurlyKitGirl | D'anna Biers | Shadow
CurlyKitGirl | Fleeing Coward | Pwenet | D'anna Biers
D'anna Biers | Andre Fairchilde | Andre Fairchilde | janusnori
Fleeing Coward | Andre Fairchilde | Artemis97 | Orzel
Helgraf | Akaziel | Shadow | Khaldan
janusnori | | |
Jontom Xire | Andre Fairchilde | Khaldan | Helgraf
Khaldan | D'anna Biers | Helgraf | Andre Fairchilde
Orzel | Akaziel | Castaras | Khaldan
Pwenet | D'anna Biers | Shadow | Fleeing Coward
radikalskippy | Khaldan | D'anna Biers | Shadow
Raiser_B1ade | radikalskippy | Akaziel | Artemis97
Shadow | Jontom Xire | Orzel | Artemis97
Tormsskull | Andre Fairchilde | Helgraf | Fleeing Coward [/table]

As you can see janusnori sadly didn't manage to come to his computer.

At last it was a tough match between D'anna Biers and Andre Fairchilde but

D'anna Biers reached the first place, 17 points are leading to a high class lynching with a golden guillotine.

Andre Fairchilde with 15 points was very close behind.

8 points and third place for Akaziel

The fourth place with 7 points reached Helgraf and Khaldan

Than we have the sixed place, actually 6 points worth, for Shadow

The seventh place with 5 points claimed Fleeing Coward

The eight place, 4 points, is in a draw between Pwenet and janusnori (but janusnori didn't vote and will get lynched anyway).

The tenth place is very popular, 3 points are going to Artemis97, Castaras, CurlyKitGirl, Jontom Xire, Orzel, radikalskippy and Raiser_B1ade

And at the end of the table, one lonly point was the leftover for poor Tormsskull, I'm very sorry to see you die!

So but now to the living, second round begins, update in app. 24 hours, you may vote NOW!

Zar Peter
2007-08-22, 11:26 AM
Only two votes till now!

This will be a ridicoulous first update!

2007-08-22, 11:35 AM
To avoid a quadruple post by ZP I will do something.

A small wizened old woman walks into the Assassins Guild (survive the fianl exam and you pass. Only one will win!) and shows a slip to the Headmaster. In a cracking voice she says "Sorry, I'm late sir but I was delayed by Mamma at the disguise shop." Turning to the cot hook sje takes off her hat, face and cloak and sits down for an interview.

Zar Peter
2007-08-22, 02:47 PM
*** Second Round, First Update ***

I have 4 of 17 votes!

Since I have only four votes, there are only 24 points to give away. And from this 24 points
Artemis97 got amazing 10!

6 points for Fleeing Coward are not bad, too!

CurlyKitGirl got 3 points,

Andre Fairchilde has 2 points

and Orzel, Pwenet and Raiser_B1ade have 1 point.

Zero points till now for: Akaziel, Castaras, Helgraf, Jontom Xire, Khaldan, radikalskippy and Shadow

Next update in app. 24 hours, please vote!

Zar Peter
2007-08-23, 04:35 PM
*** Second Round, Second Update ***

I have 8 of 14 votes, you are a bit lazy, I think.
And, proper for the title, I will annouce a rule change after this round!

Sorry for being late, I simply forgot.
So here are your points till now:

10 points for Artemis97

Close behind with 9 points: Pwenet

Fleeing Coward is third with 6 points

Andre Fairchilde has 5 points

Castaras, CurlyKitGirl, Raiser_B1ade all have 3 points

Helgraf and Khaldan got 2 points

Akaziel, Orzel amd Shadow with 1 point

and Jontom Xire and radikalskippy didn't manage to get one point so for them

Didn't vote: Akaziel, Artemis97, Fleeing Coward, Pwenet, radikalskippy and Raiser_B1ade

End of the round in app. 24 hours, please vote!

Zar Peter
2007-08-24, 05:08 PM
* End of the Second Round *


Your votes:

{table] player | Major Vote | Average Vote | Minor Vote
Akaziel | Castaras | Andre Fairchilde | Artemis97
Andre Fairchilde | Pwenet | Pwenet | Akaziel
Artemis97 | Pwenet | Jontom Xire | Shadow
Castaras | Andre Fairchilde | Artemis97 | CurlyKitGirl
CurlyKitGirl | Fleeing Coward | Andre Fairchilde | Orzel
Fleeing Coward | Andre Fairchilde | radikalskippy | Akaziel
Helgraf | Artemis97 | CurlyKitGirl | Jontom Xire
Jontom Xire | Castaras | Khaldan | Helgraf
Khaldan | Artemis97 | Zar Peter | Shadow
Orzel | Pwenet | Raiser_B1ade | Helgraf
Pwenet | Shadow | Artemis97 | Fleeing Coward
radikalskippy | Shadow | Pwenet | Akaziel
Raiser_B1ade | Pwenet | Andre Fairchilde | Orzel
Shadow | Pwenet | Pwenet | Artemis97 [/table]

As you can see your narrator got 2 points.
And if you look closer you will see that Helgraf, Khaldan, Orzel, radikalskippy and Raiser_B1ade also got 2 points.

And no one got less than 2 points!

That means: I am dead! As the others, too!

Furhter more:

Pwenet got 21 points, I think that's a record, Congratulations.

Artemis97 and Andre Fairchilde far away with 12 points

Shadow 8 points

Castaras 6 points

Fleeing Coward 4 points

Akaziel, CurlyKitGirl and Jontom Xire 3 points.

Before I post more please check if I got all points correct.
Someone has cleared the Kill List but I'm too tired to check all PMs, please check your votes if all is correct, I will post more tomorrow!
(On the other hand, I'm dead anyway)

2007-08-24, 05:11 PM
Can I get a sad theme song again for setting a new death record?

Raiser Blade
2007-08-24, 05:13 PM
wait so is this like a record for mostest killings in one update

2007-08-24, 05:17 PM
Looks like you recieved my votes, yet somehow I didn't get the receipt back from the message...odd. oh well.

2007-08-24, 05:19 PM
And i was able to legitamately break 2 rules in less than a day. WEWT! I want a MEDAL!

Zar Peter
2007-08-24, 05:32 PM
For medals pleas PM Lord Herman!

You can have a spoiler sentence:

I broke 2 rules in one day in Cloak and Dagger IV, I killed the narrator and I got away with it. But all I have now is this ugly spoiler sentence!

Jontom Xire
2007-08-25, 01:29 AM
Ok, can someone explain to me how to play this game. Not the rules, but how to play it.

I lost one off my heal list yesterday, and FOUR today!!! I've got one left. Meanwhile not a single person on my kill list has died :(

Yeah I'm hampered by limited internet access and limited time and being in several other games, but even so!

If anyone wants to trade, I'll be happy to give votes the way you want just in exchange for getting one person on my kill list dead.

2007-08-25, 11:13 AM
No offense JX, but it sounds to me like you're a lost cause....

Zar Peter
2007-08-25, 11:16 AM
If no one finds any mistake in the votes I will end the game in two hours. As I said one of you cleared the Kill list!

And JX: It's mostly based on the mysterious thing called LUCK. Some people try to play it with a kind of strategy, but it's mostly luck!

2007-08-25, 11:22 AM
Well then I guess having just sent you my list for this round was a waste!
Congrats to whoever won.

Zar Peter
2007-08-25, 12:14 PM

Congratulations to Andre Fairchilde, Shadow, CurlyKitGirl, Fleeing Coward, Akaziel, Jontom Xire and Castaras.

You all survived Meatloaf Day!

And the winner of Cloak and Dagger IV, The sudden rule change is:


And your price:

I not only survived meatloaf day in Cloak and Dagger IV, the sudden rule change, I also won the whole game in TWO ROUNDS! Although there were new rules and stuff! But I didn't get nothing, expect this, a little bad written and overlong, spoiler sentence for my signature.

Sign up open for the next game, I think I will not open a new thread because the games are a little short.

Lists will posted soon!

Zar Peter
2007-08-25, 12:17 PM
{table] Kill List | Heal List
Orzel | Raiser_B1ade
D'anna Biers | Andre Fairchilde
Jontom Xire | Shadow
Khaldan | janusnori
radikalskippy | Castaras
Tormsskull | Fleeing Coward [/table]

D'anna Biers
{table] Kill List | Heal List
Andre Fairchilde | Shadow
Raiser_B1ade | Jontom Xire
Tormsskull | Fleeing Coward
Khaldan | radikalskippy
Artemis97 | Helgraf
Akaziel | janusnori [/table]

{table] Kill List | Heal List
Shadow | D'anna Biers
janusnori | Fleeing Coward
radikalskippy | Pwenet
Khaldan | Orzel
Jontom Xire | Helgraf
Andre Fairchilde | CurlyKitGirl [/table]

{table] Kill List | Heal List
Pwenet | janusnori
Shadow | Khaldan
Akaziel | Helgraf
Castaras | Fleeing Coward
Jontom Xire | Raiser_B1ade
D'anna Biers | Andre Fairchilde [/table]

{table] Kill List | Heal List
Orzel | Khaldan
Fleeing Coward | Raiser_B1ade
radikalskippy | Jontom Xire
Castaras | janusnori
Akaziel | CurlyKitGirl
Artemis97 | Pwenet [/table]

{table] Kill List | Heal List
Orzel | Pwenet
Tormsskull | Khaldan
D'anna Biers | Akaziel
Raiser_B1ade | Andre Fairchilde
Artemis97 | janusnori
Fleeing Coward | radikalskippy [/table]

{table] Kill List | Heal List
Fleeing Coward | Orzel
Shadow | radikalskippy
CurlyKitGirl | Tormsskull
Andre Fairchilde | Castaras
Jontom Xire | Pwenet
janusnori | Artemis97 [/table]

Andre Fairchilde
{table] Kill List | Heal List
CurlyKitGirl | Artemis97
Pwenet | Orzel
D'anna Biers | Akaziel
Khaldan | radikalskippy
Helgraf | Fleeing Coward
Raiser_B1ade | janusnori [/table]

Fleeing Coward
{table] Kill List | Heal List
Pwenet | Akaziel
Helgraf | CurlyKitGirl
Shadow | Tormsskull
Castaras | radikalskippy
Andre Fairchilde | D'anna Biers
Orzel | Khaldan [/table]

{table] Kill List | Heal List
Castaras | Jontom Xire
Fleeing Coward | D'anna Biers
Raiser_B1ade | CurlyKitGirl
janusnori | Shadow
Artemis97 | Andre Fairchilde
Orzel | radikalskippy [/table]

{table] Kill List | Heal List
Pwenet | D'anna Biers
Helgraf | CurlyKitGirl
Akaziel | Orzel
Fleeing Coward | Jontom Xire
radikalskippy | Artemis97
Castaras | Tormsskull [/table]

{table] Kill List | Heal List
Helgraf | Shadow
Artemis97 | Castaras
Jontom Xire | Tormsskull
CurlyKitGirl | Khaldan
D'anna Biers | Raiser_B1ade
Akaziel | Orzel [/table]

{table] Kill List | Heal List
janusnori | Andre Fairchilde
Orzel | CurlyKitGirl
Khaldan | Tormsskull
Helgraf | Jontom Xire
Raiser_B1ade | Akaziel
Pwenet | Castaras [/table]

{table] Kill List | Heal List
radikalskippy | Artemis97
Tormsskull | Shadow
Fleeing Coward | Andre Fairchilde
Akaziel | Raiser_B1ade
Castaras | Pwenet
Khaldan | Helgraf [/table]

Jontom Xire
{table] Kill List | Heal List
janusnori | Orzel
Shadow | Khaldan
Andre Fairchilde | Helgraf
CurlyKitGirl | Castaras
Tormsskull | D'anna Biers
Artemis97 | Raiser_B1ade [/table]

{table] Kill List | Heal List
janusnori | Akaziel
Pwenet | Jontom Xire
Helgraf | D'anna Biers
CurlyKitGirl | Shadow
Raiser_B1ade | Artemis97
Andre Fairchilde | Tormsskull [/table]

{table] Kill List | Heal List
radikalskippy | Akaziel
CurlyKitGirl | Artemis97
Shadow | Fleeing Coward
D'anna Biers | Helgraf
Jontom Xire | Pwenet
Tormsskull | Castaras [/table]

2007-08-25, 12:25 PM
Wow, I won. :smallbiggrin: I'd like to thank everyone who made deals and traded votes with me. I couldn't have done it without you all. Pwenet, I would apologize for conspiring against you, but it was either you or me. Such is the nature of this game.

Raiser Blade
2007-08-25, 12:36 PM
Bu..but you made a deal with me :smallfrown:




Jontom Xire
2007-08-25, 02:17 PM
Darn it, D'anna Biers and I had almost the same list. If I'd known you could put two votes on the same person I could have saved her and had a deal with her to work together.

Raiser Blade
2007-08-25, 02:20 PM
wait you can put 2 votes on the same person ???????

Why didn't someone tell me this earlier!

Zar Peter
2007-08-25, 03:30 PM
wait you can put 2 votes on the same person ???????

Why didn't someone tell me this earlier!

3.) How to kill
Everyone get three votes:

- a major vote (worth 3 points)
- a average vote (worth 2 points)
- a minor vote (worth 1 point)


I meant that that you must vote at last for TWO different players (Khaldan read it as you may only use two of his three points which is wrong.)

Anyway, for questions about the rules I have this little thread here, which is relativly abbandoned when I'm not posting.

2007-08-25, 03:32 PM
Hey, it worked! I even got to kill the narrator! So whenever you think that the rules are impossible to break, think of something.

((this post is not intended to make anyone do anything. Don't sue me))