View Full Version : How to make the Monkey Kings Staff

Night Eternal
2017-07-27, 10:57 AM
I'm trying to make the monkey kings staff. Which can extend, shrink and thicken lol. How would you guys go about that.? thank in advance for any help

2017-07-27, 11:06 AM
The system might help. It's different in 3.5, or 5E, or M&M, or etc.

Wristlet Eater
2017-07-27, 11:22 AM
In 3.5, it would be a Sizing weapon. Not that that will do everything the Journey to the West shows it doing, but it's the closest.

Night Eternal
2017-07-27, 02:35 PM
The system might help. It's different in 3.5, or 5E, or M&M, or etc.

? Couldn't find it :(

2017-07-27, 04:11 PM
? Couldn't find it :(

He meant: Which system are you using? Which game do you want the staff for?

Night Eternal
2017-07-28, 03:57 PM
sorry 5e thanks.

I cant figure out how to structure it. i though about assigning charges for the abilty to shrink and expand but it would have to be a decent amount.

I wanted at will but that seems to far. Giving it 15 foot reach limit is another is another possibility. Or each charge allows 10 feet. But i don't know.

2017-07-29, 05:42 AM
Next question, then. I assume this is a magical weapon, so what rarity should it be? Uncommon, rare, very rare, legendary? That way we'll know what to balance it around.

Based on its properties in the legends, it's probably an artefact. But I imagine you want it a little more accessible than that. In the legends it also weighs like 17000 pounds regardless of its current size, so trying to accurately replicate its original properties is totally unreasonable anyways.

Here's how I would imagine it: It's a magical quarterstaff, though without any +X bonus. As a bonus action, you can change the weapon's size. You can either make it thicker, which increases its damage by 1d4, or longer, which increases its reach by 5 feet. It can be enlarged up to a few times, maybe three, and you can combine the different benefits. So you could transform it into:
- Maximum length: 1d8 damage, 20 foot reach
- Maximum thickness: 1d8 + 3d4 damage, normal reach (it's more of an iron great club at that point)
- Two length, one thickness: 1d8 + 1d4 damage, 15 foot reach
- Etc.
You can also make it chopstick-sized for easy transportation. (Sun Wukong would carry it behind his ear.)

^ I think this would be "very rare" quality, about equivalent to a +3 weapon. That's not very accessible, but then again I don't know what you're planning to do with it. Let me know what you think.