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2017-07-27, 07:36 PM
Hello all! I'm that guy who's been rewriting all the monsters.
I'm here now to do something smaller, but something that I think will be considerably helpful.

Nearly every creature has an Unarmed Attack, whether it's a Bite, Claw, whatever, and Monsters don't really follow a pattern for the damages.(Example; A Beholder has a 4d6 Bite, Nalfeshnee has a 5d10 Bite, and a Young Dragon gets 2d10+2d6, despite them being in the same region for Hit Dice and Size.)
So I think I figured something out to help determine the size of the Damage Die, and something for the number of damage dice.

Each Creature has three types of Unarmed Attacks; Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary.
The Die for a Primary Attack is one die step lower than the creature's Hit Die, which is based on size.(Gargantuan Creatures would have a d12, Medium would have d6, etc.)
The Die for a Secondary Attack is two die steps lower than the creature's Hit Die. These usually make up the bulk of attacks in a Multiattack(Half or more).
The Die for a Tertiary Attack is three die steps lower, but usually has a longer reach or special effect, such as knocking a target prone.

Each Creature falls within three types of creature(I think). Brutes, Half-casters, and Casters.(For simplicity; I know that few creatures actually cast spells.)
A Brute Creature's main threat comes from their attacks, rather than a special power. Things like the Tarrasque, Dinosaurs, etc. fall here. They do one die of damage for every 6 Hit Dice they possess, rounding up.
A Half-Caster Creature has a moderate presence in Melee, but has some tricks, such as low-level Innate Spellcasting, or Breath Weapons. Dragons, some Devils and Demons, etc. fall here. They do one die of damage for every 8 Hit Dice they possess, rounding up. They probably have an additional effect on their attacks, such as additional Elemental Damage, or a grapple or penalty upon hitting.
A Caster Creature has little physical ability, focusing on spells or tricks to win a fight. Beholders, Liches, etc. fall here. The do one die of damage for every 12 Hit Dice they possess, rounding up. Their attacks should have a magical effect attached to them.