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Ursus Spelaeus
2017-07-28, 05:42 AM
The Thrall-Harness is a design utilized by illithid and neogi slavers to function as much as a protective suit of armor as a restraint for their hypno-indoctrinated slave-soldiers.

Features of the thrall-harness:

Medium armor, for a perfect balance of flexibility and confinement
Armor includes an enclosed steel helmet, greaves, plus a pauldron and vambrace on the main arm finely crafted from high-quality steel and held together with durable webbing for a +4 armor bonus to AC, a maximum dexterity bonus of +4, and an armor check penalty of -2.
The armor also includes a locked gauntlet on the main arm to keep weapons secured in place and to hinder arcane gesticulations.
The fully enclosed helmet gags the wearer's mouth to muffle screams and magical vocalizations. Slides open from the back for convenient brain and spine access!
The thrall-harness is specially designed to supress arcane spellcasting behaviors without impeding desirable mundane activities; extensive testing shows an arcane spell failure chance of 40%!
The weighted greaves slow walking speed to 20', and running speed to 15' to prevent mischievous wandering.
Heavy materials are concentrated where most needed, minimizing total weight to just 25 lbs.
The harness is designed with special safety precautions to prevent thralls from wriggling out of it; it takes only 1 minute to put the harness on, but 4 minutes to take it off! Once donned, the armor is secured in place with a lock built into the most unreachable spot of the thrall's upper back.
Comes with steel D-rings and carabiners for fastening ropes and chains.
All this, starting at the affordable price of just 60 gp. What a bargain!