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2007-08-08, 10:32 PM
If I get it statted out I'd like to put it in the mitp book, but I'm not focusing on that for now. Here's the lore for it, and if you need any other information, I'll be happy to provide it.

Long ago, a twisted wizard was bent on leaving a long lasting impression on all who lived on the planet alongside him. So, he made stones and spent long years scripting them with carefully detailed runes and sigils, with each stone dedicated to a specific element. After over two decades of work, he had finished the stones. He built an entire dungeon specifically so that he could continue his work in peace and quiet. Two more decades passed, and he had finished the second to last stage of his work.

He invited an entire town to witness the final stage of the product. They all came to the dungeon's center room, a marvelous place of red carpets, and in the center of the circular room was a raised circular platform, on which the five stones layed. The wizard, although no one else knew, had gone insane during the precise work on the stones was being done. He walked to the center of the room and screamed words of darkness. The six stones erupted, the sigils and runes on them seemed to scream out curses in pain. A large glowing design cut itself into the raised circular platform. The stones erupted in a multi-colored explosion, and after the explosion settled, things were peaceful. On the platform laid an egg shaped boulder. Electricity raced up it and fire circled around it. Cracks in the boulder showed darkness, and light seemed to bounce around the egg. People screamed in terror and tried to run away, but the boulder cracked, rocks flew at speed, impaling people as they tried to leave. A loud shriek was heard in the middle of the room. A bird-like dragon rose from the circular platform. It was a bright yellow, it had no arms, nor legs, just a head and wings for limbs. It shrieked once more, looking down at the wizard who had worked on it. It opened it's mouth and sent a bolt of fire at the wizard, disentigrating him. The dragon flew towards the only exit, where the people were fleeing to, and held it's wings high in the air, A force field of dark energy raced towards the exit, destroying all who were hit by it.

The room lay in ruin, bodies littered the floor, the walls were about to collapse, only the dragon was alive. It then flew away to destroy more life.

The dragon of the elements is a one of a kind creature. It is not alive nor dead, and is purely made of dark magic. Although it appears to have a physical form, this is only an illusion. The real "body" of the creature is a multi-colored orb in the torso area of the image. This is the only thing that takes damage. Players who aim for the orb must physically state they are aiming for the chest or torso area of the image.

2007-08-08, 11:35 PM
Quick note: MitP is no longer accepting new submissions and voting on pre-existing ones ends on the 10th.

2007-08-11, 08:41 PM
Aw, ok. Anyways, any help statting it out would be nice.

2007-08-13, 05:03 AM
I suck at statting as well but I am willing to give a few pointers
From your description, it sounds like a orb in an illusion that appears to be oversized yellow psuedodragon with supernatural attacks.
I would make it an actual being that had a weak spot as an orb imbedded in the chest, since an illusion could be dispelled.
Perhaps you could make it an construct immune to damage not dealt to the orb?
I took liberties describing the orb

Possible build

Dragon of the Dark Planar Orb
Large Construct
Fly 60 feet (Good)
AC Special
SA Planar Attacks
SQ Orb Vulnerability
Illusionary Construct
AL Chaotic Evil
Darkvision 120 Feet
SV Fort

Illusionary Construct
Immune to Paralysis, Poison, Disease, Mind Influencing Effects, Death Effects,
Not subject to Critical Hits (Except Orb) Subdual Damage, Ability Damage, Ability Drain, or Death from Massive Damage
No damage affects body, and the Illusionary Body can not be dis-spelled.
However a character that can see through/pierce the illusion can see the only real part of the creature is the orb in its' chest

Orb Vulnerability
The only vulnerable part of this creature is the orb in it's chest, the rest
is an combonation of a force effect and an illusion.
As a result, only destroying the orb will destroy the creature
The orb must be targeted and has a AC of 20 due to the force illusion of
the Dragon

Dark Orb Of the Planes
The Orb is 3 feet in diameter and resembles an obsidian sphere
with multi-coloured auras traveling across it's surface
Although it is 3 feet in diameter, it is 9 inches thick. The rest of the orb is hollow, but contains a maelstrom of planar energies bound in dark magical power,
This Maelstrom is what powers the entity and gives it its' powers.
The Orb has a Hardness of 10 and 30hp per inch

Destruction of the Orb
If the orb is shattered, this maelstrom escapes, expanding away from the orbs location in a 60 foot burst before the field collapses.
Any creatures caught in the burst suffers an effect from the table below,

Roll a D8

40 pts of Sonic Damage DC 25 Reflex Half
40 pts of Acid Damage DC 25 Reflex Half
Person Turned To Stone DC 25 Fortitude Negates
40 pts of Cold Damage DC 25 Reflex Half
Finger of Death DC 25 Fortitude Partial, 3d6+15 if saved
40 pts of Fire Damage DC 25 Reflex Half
Confused (as Confusion) DC 25 Will Negates, Lasts 10 Rounds,
Random PC is Caster
40 pts of Electrical Damage DC 25 Reflex Half