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2017-07-30, 09:43 AM
Well it says i have to have 10 posts before i can post pictures, so i guess ill just start with some chitchat.

so i'm working on a homebrew campaign setting and in it there is going to be a religion that revolves around mazes.
so i'm gonna need some, at least 1, 'wonder of the world' level epic maze in there somewhere.
so here's a couple of ideas i had:

combine geomorphic dungeons (dungeon maps that can be connected in such a way as to build 3d shapes out of them.)
with the old rubix cube, or one of it's many variants cheaply bought from china off ebay.
parts of the dungeon could be stuck to the squares or triangles of the rubix toy and at some point have the players
manipulate it to change the dungeon to fit their needs.
i been browsing ebay a bit and those rubix things come in all kinds of interesting shapes, including:
2x2 cube (would work well for more complex interior), 2x2mm, 3x3 4 sided pyramids, octahedrons and dodecahedrons.

another idea i had was to build a dungeon as a tesseract aka hypercube.
then i had the idea of extending it to the 5th dimension by connecting 8 tesseracts together (via magic of course)

does anyone remember an old 2e module called 'The Dancing Hut Of Baba Yaga'?
i think it has survived through the editions in the form of a magic item, and also an updated adventure was published in dungeon magazine at some point. it was an infamous dungeon with rooms that are all pocket dimensions that would normally overlap eachother, so it could never be accurately mapped by players.

so consider this: baba yaga's hut is a construct like the 8 connected tesseracts.
ok, now imagine this thing falls into the hands of a gnome artificer! :P lol

what are your most diabolical dungeon ideas?

2017-07-30, 02:26 PM
Now that sounds like a fun campaign! Have you ever played Planescape: Torment? The Modron Maze was similar to your idea (flavour-wise at least, in reality it had a set map).

Will you be posting the deity etc. for this maze-based religion? Will there be any particular monsters/traps/treasures populating the maze?

This thread might be better suited to the World-Building subforum (to attract more comments), but then again I'm never quite sure. Maybe PM a mod to have it moved?

2017-07-30, 03:28 PM
that's ok, for now i just wanna chat some.
once i get my 10 posts in ill make some proper posts with links n pics n stuff.

i don't have a deity quite yet, but my world will be a post apocalyptic world floating landmasses
where survivors had to reestablish societies and rediscover the gods.
due to the isolation of these landmasses different species will establish a society before coming at odds with
other dominant races.
so a lot of things will be reinterpreted based on fragments of information and i decided
that there will be a religion based on the idea of the maze as a mataphor for life, kinda like the tabaxi faith.
minotaurs will have big mazes which must be traversed by young minotaurs to be initiated into adulthood and various
stations in their society.
an actual deity may or may not actually exist.

i intend to share everything i make in some form or other, both for feedback and eventually to share when finished.

i haven't thought of the minotaur maze much yet, but i might try to do something with rubix puzzle toys for that.
for now i think i will try to write up a baba yaga's hut adventure.
i will not get the chance to DM a campaign for a while so i think this will scratch that itch for a while.

so baba yaga's hut will be now owned or controlled by a gnome artificer who will be the head of an inventors guild.
one of the themes in my world will a sort of magic driven industrial revolution with many hooks based on the consequences of
the invention of some magical machine or other.
currently (ingame) the world is recently changed much due to the invention of flying ships breaking the isolation of the landmasses.

so the whole hut will have a clockwork theme, and it will mostly be furnished to facilitate everything needed to keep tinkering gnomes and dwarves
here's a list of the rooms i am currently considering:

mechanical works
(similar to original)
laundry room
trash disposal
wine cellar
still room
hall of gateways
Observation room
Control room
Navigation room
servant quarters (mechanoid room)
divination hall (communication)
reception hall
Lobby [hut]
Dining room
Art Gallery
Trophy room
Living room
Master Bedroom
Personal library
shrine to garl glittergold
guest bedrooms
Recycling center
Prototype storage room
Activation room
Design room
Assembly room
fungus gardens
moss caves
petting zoo
hedge maze
water garden
botanical garden
R&D (reverse engineering)
Test range 1; obstacle course (earth)
Test range 2; Wind Tunnel (air)
Test range 3; Underwater testing (water)
Test range 4; Performance tests (fire)
Test Range 6: magic item testing
Technical library
prototype storage rooms
Game room
restaurant (food)
kareoke room

2017-07-30, 10:14 PM
Ha, you may not have a deity statted out yet but it seems like you have pretty much everything else covered! Most impressive!

2017-08-01, 03:11 AM
well to be fair i started working on the setting about 4 years ago,
and i still have barely anything written down.