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Liran Sterling
2017-08-01, 02:05 PM
Hey everybody. I'm running a campaign this coming school year with some friends at university. I've made an entire world and campaign from scratch. You may have seen the city I've been designing, Dowhirst, because I put it on this forum, as well as my custom class archetypes for some players, the Paladin Oath of Loyalty, and the Druid Circle of Blossom. I'll throw links to all of these at the bottom of the post if you're interested.

The world:
The continent of Linden is entering the Industrial Revolution. Numerous countries are gearing up for a war like no other. Magic has been outlawed for 800 years, but still exists, though few people have ever witnessed it. Magic users are hunted down and killed before they can prove to the world they even exist.

Background for this entire class I've made:
When I was first discussing the idea of this world to my best friend (one of my players), he wanted to be a healer. The issue is that with my world, magical healers like Cleric, Druid, Bard, and Paladin, are all banned and illegal, which can cause problems for a Good Aligned party. So I made the Physician class for him. Based around the concept of army medics and scientists, the Physician is equal parts doctor, soldier, and chemist. They are mundane only in that they are nonmagical.

The problem:
I've made a whole new system for this class, which I call Concoctions. Each concoction is made up of numerous effects, allowing for the Physician to create some very versatile creations which are intended to be as effective as many spells. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to make an entire system to be equal yet different to another. For this reason, I submit the entire completed class, including the unfinished section on how concoctions work. Please help me balance this system and make it fun, versatile, and functional for my player.

I understand that one subclass is very similar to Barbarian, it was intentional, but if it is too similar, I can get rid of it entirely.

Here is the pdf of the Physician:

And here are my other Homebrews:

Circle of the Blossom:

Oath of Loyalty:

Sariel Vailo
2017-08-01, 03:16 PM
I have found somethimg similar like the last time just show the player your creation and the one ill show you.
But now that nasty bit o buisness be behind us ill look at your class

Sariel Vailo
2017-08-01, 03:26 PM
Its just healing and its fine the concoctions ok. But thats in my opinion.