View Full Version : Gnome duskblade substitution levels: What You got?

2017-08-02, 01:04 PM
You heard it right. Got a pc who wants to be a gnomey duskblade. He's focusing on gnomish battle cloak and swordcatching, a disarmiologist, but sub levels don't need to necessarily advance those features.

Morphic tide
2017-08-02, 01:49 PM
Gnomes throughout D&D history have a tendency towards Illusions. To make it not focus on disarm-monster assistance, I'd have the sub levels be focused on Illusions assisting various melee stuff. Applying the save DC of illusions to various things in some way would be helpful, possibly reducing the bonus based on the enemy's Will save for some applications. No rolls, just flat number changes. Adding and removing certain spells from the list would be important to make it work. Namely, having an Illusion spell of each level Duskblade can cast is vital.

Just swapping some of the general Gish stuff for using Illusions to assist Gishing is enough for me. One of the things that would be lovely is having the ability to blow slots on decking the enemy's AoO chance.

2017-08-02, 02:22 PM
So at first level drop the hd to d6, add illusion spells to every spell level. Add sleight of hand to class skills.

4th level, grant trickery devotion and the ability to use spell slots to activate it. Each additional time per day requires one additional spell level worth of slots. Slots can be combined. Replaced the ability to use medium armor and cast spells. Medium armor is instead moved back to seventh level.

What to put in that dead 8th level slot?