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2007-08-09, 02:11 PM
Adventure for my group this weekend. Group contains Cleric, Wizard, Sorcerer, Ranger/rogue, Paladin, fighter, all are about 2 xp from lvl 3 so will make lvl 3 before going too far into the adventure. What do you all think? Where do you think I need imporvements? BTW forgotten realms setting.

Howls in the night

Adventure background: This is a continuation of the last adventure. The Golden Wizard has been set loose. His next mark is to attack and retrieve his staff of necromantic power. Known as the 1000 bone staff its power amplified the Lichs power beyond most others capabilities. It has been kept at a village several miles north of the city of Loudwater. However still being week he has ordered his werewolf Lt. to retrieve his staff. Of which the party must defend the town from. The lycanthrops already know the party is arriving and have set up a welcoming party. At the same time the cleric and the golden wizard are manipulating the sisters and learning how to break the spell binding the hags.

What the PCs know: The PCs know that the staff is a kept secret in this town. They are armed with a scroll sealed with the seal of the clerics from the desecrated temple. They should be expecting trouble along the way. They are not sure who it is was that helped the Lich escape that was chained up.

What the PCs dont know: There is a lycanthrope that has infiltrated the village and will betray the PCs at a critical moment.

Adventure Synopsis: After getting into town they warn the cleric that the Lich is coming for his staff handing him the scroll if he still has it. The werewolf in the first encounter will try to take the scroll and escape with it. In which case the cleric asks the party to help protect the temple in which the staff is secured. He also will tell them of the binding spell put on the staff by 3 sisters in Loudwater. The party will be accused of killing the town mayor/lawman. However they should be able to talk their way out of it and investigate who really killed him. After a short investigation the party will uncover and be forced to fight the culprit and discover here is a werewolf in disguise taking the visage of a local. During the fight while the party is distracted the town will come under attack and the staff will be stolen. Giving the party a choice go back to Loudwater, with most likely cursed villagers, or go after the werewolf. Hopefully party will go back to Loudwater but backup adventure must be prepared.

Encounter 1: combat encounter DM: roll 1d20 odds night attack evens day attack
Day attack: The Werewolf and 2 wolves set up an ambush point along the path. The Werewolf is first armed with a long bow and sends in the 2 wolves to trip the close combat fighters as he shoots the casters. If fight going too easy 2 more wolves jump in as reserve.
DC 17 to spot ambush
Night attack: Standard night attack. The person on watch makes a DC 18 Spot or listen check. If spotted Init as normal. Otherwise one shot from long bow. Werewolf shoots and scoots. DC 15 to spot. Once in CC changes shape to hybrid form

Encounter 2: Role-playing encounter You enter the outskirts of town. From this distance you can tell a building has burned as its smoldering ashes still rise with smoke. (If the party approaches) Several men all armed with makeshift weapons approach with stern looks on their faces. One man steps in front

Leave here foul beasts with your tail between your legs or perhaps the beating you got last night wasnt enough.
The men are hostile but can be talked down to being unfriendly with successful diplomacy. Once understanding that the party are not the wolves they are fearful of some of the men slightly lower their guard but still keep a watchful eye out.

The man leading the pack of men is the town lawman Derek Foresight. Last night wolves attacked along with half men half wolf aberrations. With the help of the town Cleric Mark Lighthammer they were able to fend them off. Only one building next to the town temple was burned. The temple is the largest building in town which is a bit unusual.

After introductions the party is off to meet the cleric Mark Lighthammer.
Temple: You enter a large single room temple. At one end is an alter dedicated to Kelemvor. The temple is simply made with large logs roughly cut and plaster showing between the logs. Braziers used during the winter line the walkway in the centre aisle. Only two Stained class windows one behind the alter and one above the doorway give light to this room. Near the alter stands an elderly man effortlessly carrying a large maul on his should turns to the group. His mouth mutters for a brief moment before his eyes lose the hardness in them and his mouth opens to a smile welcoming the visitors.
Mark Lighthammer cast a detect alignment spell on the visitors just to make sure they were not spies. And his smile makes all the men noticeably ease up.
After the Cleric reads the sealed letter from party his mood turns sour. He asks the party for protection while transporting the item mentioned in the letter to the town of loudwater before moving it again to a safer location. Needing the day to prepare he says that he believe the town may be attacked again.

Encounter 3: Role-playing encounter The party will probably be on guard during the night. The Cleric Mark Lighthammer saying that he can not be disturbed while performing the ritual to prepare the item for transport. From inside the temple you can hear whispers of death and the grinding and snapping of bones. Along with the chanting of the cleric inside. About 1 hour after sundown the town Lawman Derek Foresight is seen leaning against a building corner before he falls over a dagger sticking out of his back along with several claw marks raking his body. As the party surrounds him a villager happens upon them (Charlie Noonlit Beekeeper, candle maker) And calls out to the town blaming them for killing the lawman/mayor.

DC 20 diplomacy to convince the crowd they are not who killed him
- Spot check notes that the local blacksmiths mark is on the dagger
- Talking with the blacksmith reveils that the dagger was sold to a woman in town
o Notes that the woman asked for a new dagger 2 days ago
- The woman states that the dagger was sold to the beekeeper after his broke she is currently waiting for a new one.
- On the way to the beekeeper Spot DC 20 notes blood on the ground. Following the blood Track DC 15 goes to a large hive buzzing with angry bees (Bee swarm) opening the hive reveals the dead beekeeper, Heal check DC 15 reveals that the body had been dead for approximately 1 week.
- Red herrings
o Gather information checks:
 12: Mayor had recently jailed person for drunken behavior and forbade him to drink anymore holds a high grudge.
Investigating further finds out that the man is secretly thankful that the mayor helped him get over his sons death
 14: Person was seen lurking about near the mayor
Turns out that the person lurking near the neighbor was nothing more then suspicions of a townsfolk getting paranoid.
 18: The beekeeper has missed quite a few appointments durring the past week the mayor was going to see him about it.
Party member will find out that the beekeeper is not really beekeeper they they find blood etc.

- if PCs are unable to investigate knife Blacksmith will come up and notify PCs of the knifes origin setting them(hopefully) on the path to the beekeeper.

Encounter 4: Combat encounter Knowing pretty well that the killer is the beekeeper at least and if they found the body they will most likely know the beekeeper is not the beekeeper. He will be found outside and will run into the fields signaling the part of the pack waiting near the woods 2-3 rounds before they come into combat. He will also knock over hives sending up swarms of bees uncontrolled they attack whatever is closest. At the end of the battle a villager will run up shouting that the village is under attack. During the battle at around round 4-5 PCs can make spot checks DC 18 -1 every round afterwards to notice smoke coming from the town.

Encounter 5: Challenge encounter See adventure removing the curse anytime a PC contracts the curse of lycanthropy but only if the cleric has been killed. If the cleric isnt dead and he isnt occupied he can remove the curse.

Encounter 6: Role-playing encounter PCs return to town to find it in shambles many people dead in the streets hearing a roar they run towards the temple. To find the Cleric being struck down effortlessly by a werewolf lord. Behind the Cleric is a box with Runes lined up and down the box glowing red blue and grey. Grabbing the box the Lord shouts to his remaining pack kill them all leave no survivors and runs off. The PCs can approach the Cleric but he is beyond dead. On him they find a scroll with information that will send the party escorting the last of the villagers to the temple.
Challenges transporting villagers
- Some villagers have the curse
- Some of the pack may still be attacking at random.

Encounter 7: Combat The PCs come across a man being attacked by several wolves. A woman in the caravan calls out for her husband.
- 6 wolves
- Man is a messenger sent by the cleric to warn them of incoming danger.

2007-08-09, 02:28 PM
Do they have silver weapons? If not, werewolf will slaughter them. My uncle sent a single bugbear werewolf against my dad's group of 8 level four people, and it was a struggle.

2007-08-09, 02:34 PM
They will get silver weapons in the town from the local BS

2007-08-09, 02:37 PM
OK, because otherwise they'd be screwed. The only reason my dad's group won was because one of the fighters who's player had stopped playing got a crit with a heavy pick. Damage incarnate for that level.

2007-08-11, 07:18 PM
Didn't you post this on the General RPG Forum a few weeks ago?