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2017-08-07, 03:08 PM
For a while I was thinking about creating a possibly custom psionic power (I'm not sure if a similar idea does not already exists). I imagine it as being something like an aura that can be activated/deactivated and extended at will and it does have the following properties while it is active:
- affects all living beings by erasing all the information upon which their internal processes are relying, that is all dna-stored information, any kind of information stored at any level. Any being caught in the area of effect of this aura will take an initial unavoidable damage and must make both fortitude and reflex saves to avoid further damage. If it fails these saves, it will die simply because its body forgets how to function and decays to the most simple elements. Essentially it will liquefy.
- it also affects any non-living structures that store information, erasing it entirely from those structures. For example, if a computer is subjected to this aura, it will lose all the information stored.
- it does that by affecting the reality itself, creating a field of random fluctuations/noise in the reality itself, in its area of effect when it's activated. Because of that, the bearer of this aura cannot be directly perceived in any way and any divination spells and abilities, True Seeing and the like included, will fail in the presence of this aura, since they cannot perceive anything other than pure noise.
So, given these properties, what level should this power be at? It seems to me pretty overpowered, but also cool. Maybe it should be an epic power?

I also still have not found a suitable name for it.

2017-08-07, 03:29 PM
Definitely an Epic Power. Save or Die, and take damage regardless, and total immunity to detection? Epic for sure.

2017-08-08, 06:21 AM
Thanks. So, I think I have found a name for this ability: Aura of Oblivion.
It can be generated by either an artifact (a major psionic artifact, I call it the Shard of Oblivion) or manifested as a personal power of an epic psion.
This aura also works on any non-living entity that contains information, so it would affect undeads (corporeal and incorporeal), spirits, constructs such as golems, spells and psionic powers that store information and so on.
I'm thinking that this aura should be available only for a level 40+ psion, is that reasonable?