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2017-08-08, 02:37 PM
I've concluded the Mines of Phandelver campaign and I'm moving on to Storm King's Thunder. The PC's are halfway through lvl 5 going into the first session. There is a downtime of two years between the two campaigns and I've asked the PC's what they want to do during their downtime. Our bard, who currently sails on a pirate ship, is despretately searching for a bard item. Some kind of music instrument.

He is able to spend around 600 gold looking and I rolled on the buying magic item table and rolled a natural 20. He's proficient in Persuasion, with a total bonus of +7. So, I'm thinking of giving him a good item but looking for some idea's. I was first thinking of an uncommon item, but seeing the roll I'll be willing to give him something along the lines of a rare of even very rare item. Maybe with a loan attached to it from the pirate leader. He's a supporting character, so I want to give him a functional item rather then a flat bonus.

Looking for some ideas for good homebrew items, any advice or tips are greatly appriciated!

2017-08-09, 09:14 AM
Instrument of the Bards - Accordion
Along with the normal abilities of the instruments of the Bards you get
Bane - It's an accordion, the bane of EVERYONE's existence
Blindness/Deafness - Deafness only, again it's an accordion thus a blessing in disguise
Control Water - It is a Pirate's instrument after all
Water Walk - Again it is a Pirate's instrument

This may put it to high of a rarity for you, but I like the idea of an accordion causing Bane and Deafness to someone, and Control Water/Water Walk is to useful not to be on a Pirate magical item.

2017-08-10, 01:59 PM
Since they're on a boat, perhaps a sailor-version of the Lyre of Building (http://archivesofnethys.com/MagicWondrousDisplay.aspx?FinalName=Lyre of Building). It could be a lyre, a violin, an accordion, a flute, whatever, and "negate any attacks made against inanimate construction" once per long rest, and magically construct, repair or rebuild a ship nearly completely once a week.

Liran Sterling
2017-08-25, 11:01 AM
Sorry for posting on a thread that's been dead for a couple weeks, but I only just saw it and I was inspired

I'm not familiar with Storm King's Thunder (I only ever homebrew my campaigns), but whenever I play, I play a bard, so I may be of some assistance. If much of this campaign will take place on a ship or around ships, an instrument that was tied to the ship and could control the ropes and nets and everything might be interesting. Obviously anything that controls wind or water, or storms through the power of music (something like the Song of Storms in Ocarina of Time) would be interesting.

I, as a bard, have made a couple homebrew instruments for myself that my DM has allowed, and one weapon for a bard in a campaign I DMed. You may hate what I came up with, but feel free to use them or change them to better suit your needs.

The Siren's Song
The Siren's Song is a stringed instrument of any type. It's strings are woven from the hairs of a siren, and it's body is a bluish white material, somewhere between marble, wood, and metal.
Harmonious Hymn When a certain tune is played as an action, all allies who hear it are brought closer together. When any ally rolls a natural 19 or 20 on an attack roll while listening to the song, they may call in an ally to make a free attack roll against their target. This effect stacks, so if the assist attack also rolls a 19 or 20, they may call in an additional assist of their choice. This song can be maintained with concentration as actions for as long as the player chooses.
Bolstering Bolero Once per long rest, a magical tune can be played as an action, which inspires all allies who hear it. Each ally who hears the song is granted a free use of a Bardic Inspiration Die which they may use at any point in the next five turns. This Bardic Inspiration does not expend any uses of the bard's limited uses of Bardic Inspiration.

Lirewen is an ornate instrument which is a blend between a guitar and a lyre. The body is that of an elegant lyre, but attached to it is the long fretted neck of a guitar. (The appearance can change pretty easily, this is just what the bard I play, a son of Apollo, made).
This instrument is interesting, because of its endless possibilities. The instrument itself is inherently magical and can cast sleep at maximum potency once per long rest. It can be used as a weapon which deals 1d4 psychic + 1d4 thunder damage and uses the CHA modifier to attack and damage rolls, and has a range of 60 ft. for all who can hear it. But the most interesting thing is that its strings can be upgraded to grant additional abilities and buffs as the campaign progresses. So far, my bard has only replaced one string, which now glows faintly golden, and it grants him an additional use of Bardic Inspiration.

The Lark's Feather
The Lark's Feather is a +1 sword, a thin saber (considered a rapier for proficiency's sake). It is forged from the finest platinum alloys, and cut into the blade are small grooves, causing it to resemble the feathers of a bird. When swung, air passes through these grooves and hums, creating a melody. With a skilled and deft hand, the humming can be controlled and used like an instrument, though this skill will come with time. It deals 1d8 piercing or slashing damage, and the wielder may add their CHA bonus instead of STR or DEX when making attack and damage rolls. Whenever the wielder gives anybody a Bardic Inspiration die, the Bardic Inspiration roll has a +2 in addition to whatever is rolled. Also, whenever the wielder scores a critical hit, each ally who hears them is given a free use of Bardic Inspiration (yes like Bolstering Bolero), OR the wielder regains all expended uses of Bardic Inspiration as if they just rested. This "OR" is up to the DM, and the weapon can grant either on or both of those bonuses on a critical hit, depending on what you think is appropriate.

Thanks for letting me ramble, I love bards and homebrewing weapons, if you can't tell.