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2017-08-14, 03:26 PM
So I'm not sure if this already exist but I've been thinking of creating a card based attack/defense system for table top games.

What it boils down to is Rock-Paper-Scissor but I feel that breaks a bit of immersion for the game. So instead of RPS I would want to have six cards for each character class that each has a type of attack they would do (a player may not use specific cards of course).

High Weapon/Magic Attack: These attacks target the head of a creature.

Mid Weapon/Magic Attack: These attacks target the body of a creature.

Low Weapon/Magic Attack: These attacks target the legs or feet of a creature.

Have characters made on them that are using different weapons or spells against a creature. A warrior may be slicing at the head of a dragon with her axe or a mage may be shooting the feat of a lich with his fire bolt.

Each person has three defense cards. High Defense, Mid Defense, and Low Defense (each with different characters or monsters defending in such a way).

When an attack is called both the defender and the attacker will put a card of their choice on the table face down until both are ready to show their card.

Defender = Attacker (example: High Defense versus High Attack) then the defender takes no damage or the attack has no effect.
Defender one defense away from attacker's choice (High Defense versus Mid Attack) then the defender takes half damage or the effect has partial effect.
Defender two defenses away from attacker's choice (High Defense versus Low Attack) then the defender takes full damage or the full effect.

You could set the game around this idea so if a class or character is better at dodging, perhaps give them an ability to half damage once per round (like Uncanny Dodge with the 5e Rogue). Some classes may get additional cards that have specific outcomes based on the defender's choice (so a high attack that is just a feint and it becomes a sweeping low attack).

Some abilities may require the character to choose a specific attack card. If you know that attack is coming, a player paying attention can defend properly. Pushing would always be a "Mid Attack" for some creatures but not for others (the size difference can play a part in this). Some abilities may have effects even when you block perfectly.

Mid Defense is always one stage away from High and Low Defense, this is the safe option for the most part but won't always keep you completely safe.
High and Low Defense are "two defenses" away from each other and receives the brunt of the force for messing up.

I would set up mental magic to work in the same way. You must target and hit your target with magical energies in order for the spell to grab hold and take effect (unlike in D&D where you just point and click). The defender would choose which sort of defense to use with the same sort of RPS set up.

Armor Class wouldn't exist, instead Armor would just give you HP much like in Final Fantasy. Though for the most part your character sheet will be fluff, HP, skills, and weapon/magic damage or effects. You could fluff your character however you wanted and not be tied down restrictive ability scores.

The skill system could work around this concept as well.