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2017-08-16, 10:02 PM
I want to show here the things I create for D&D 3.5. Most are things like Materials, Feats, Spells, etc. that I want to read some feedback about. Now and then I can post some house-rule, specially when I get to work on my own 3.X system, but for now I'm happy enough with 3.5.

To start with, I want to present the community with a new material and its related new alchemical item, weapon enchantment and disease.

With no further addo, I present you: Uranium 238

This silvery white metal is heavy, but otherwise similar to iron, with steel-like alloy. Unprotected Uranium oxidizes quickly, forming either yellow or black rust.

Metal items made with uranium at normal cost become bright under black-light effects and during the last minutes of sunset, like a Faerie Fire spell, but have double the normal weight. Alchemical dyes made with uranium have normal cost, and add this effect without increased weight.

Weapons need special treatment to work properly, adding 50gp to their cost. Ammunition made of Uranium can be made with half the size of the metal piece instead of double weight, giving a +2 circumstance bonus on checks for concealing and occupying a lesser volume in general.

Powdered uranium burn in contact with air or water. An alchemist can use it to make Uranium Alchemist's Fire, and an Item Creator can enchant it with Incendiary Uranium.
You can throw a flask of uranium alchemist's fire as a splash weapon. Treat this attack as a ranged touch attack with a range increment of 10 feet.

A direct hit deals 1d6 points of fire damage. Every creature within 5 feet of the point where the flask hits takes 1 point of fire damage from the splash. On the round following a direct hit, the target takes an additional 1d6 points of damage. If desired, the target can use a full-round action to attempt to extinguish the flames before taking this additional damage. Extinguishing the flames requires a DC 16 Reflex save. Rolling on the ground provides the target a +2 bonus on the save. Magically extinguishing the flames automatically smothers the fire.

Unlike normal Alchemist's Fire, this variety works as well underwater, and the target gets no benefit from leaping on water whatsoever.

Price: 60 gp.
If the wielder scores a Critical Threat on the attack roll with this weapon, even if not confirmed, it deals extra Fire damage on the target. The extra damage is equal to the Critical Multiplier of the Attack. So, a 20/x2 weapon will cause +2 Fire damage on a natural 20; a 19-20/x2 weapon will cause +2 Fire damage on a natural 19 to 20, even if misses, and a 20/x3 weapon will cause +3 Fire damage on a natural 20.

This enchantment can only be placed on a weapon made of uranium.

Pre-requisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor; Market Price: 500gp.

Observation: on modern settings, this effect can be added to artillery ammunition made of Depleted Uranium without magic, but only a tank cannon or better can achieve the bullet velocity to use it.
The cloud formed by burnt uranium can be toxic if inhaled, at GM discretion, due to the strange properties of the material. This is optional, since in real life the toxicity of non-enriched uranium is just similar to lead, and negligible for D&D standards.

Disease: Uranium Fume's Foam.
Fortitude DC 14
Incubation 2d4 days
Damage 1 Con
Special: If you are exposed to such a cloud again after contracting Fume's Foam, you have to Save for it again. The instances are cumulative. Even if you succeed in the new save, you can't save for already contracted instances in the following day, they are automatic failures.
Symptoms: at first, the only symptom is the increase in foam formed on pee, observed half-way through Incubation. As the Con score lows, weakness and some pain in the kidneys can be felt. It isn't very strong, though, until very low Con scores indicate nearing total kidney failure.