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2017-08-16, 10:13 PM
The title basically says everything...this is my SECOND time doing this because the token apparently expired before xD now! Let's dive in!
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The race features

Racial Backstory:After the war of the races, like all of the other races, the Ooloi, The Luminous, all of them, also appeared a whole other variety of race. They currently mainly inhabit the kingdom of (I can't name it yet without the permission of my fellow makers), while at war with a few other races(won't be specified until passed by other makers)(btw, Ooloi and Luminous are not my original races, they are from the "Mythic Races" book among many other cool and awesome races, I recommend you go and check it out! :D)

Racial Appearance: While seeming completely human(any type of race can be given) they have ears resembling that of a cat's(like the human part of the appearance can be any type) with a tail(length will be rolled, see the table of... Height...and weight...WHATEVER THAT PART IS CALLED) similar to that of a cat's. They aren't at all limited to any usual eye color, hair color, etc.
They stand at a height of 4'5-6'0 and they have a weight of 101 lbs.(starved)- 240 lbs.(like...how have you not died yet?)

The two types of (name not came up with yet, here):
These types of (name) lean more towards their human traits then that of their feline traits, they are without the tail that many of the other forms of them get. They gain the same penalties and bonuses as a human does(a.k.a. none), besides a +2 racial bonus to climb, for the reason of their claws and they gain the extra feat at first level, though they do gain a +1 racial bonus to listen(because of their feline hearing). These are rare to see among their race

These forms of (name) are, in terms of appearance, closer to that of their feline side, they are with the tail, unlike their lesser-feline siblings. They gain a +5 bonus to Dexterity because of their feline reflexes and a -2 penalty to Constitution and Strength because of their more frail feline structure along with a +2 racial bonus to listen given by their feline hearing, a +4 racial bonus to tumble, a +2 racial bonus to climb, a -2 racial penalty to search because they are easily distracted, being brought of track and finally a -2 racial penalty to concentration, because they are easily distracted like many of their fully feline siblings.

These are a kind people usually, helping allied city's as a union usually, or, if adventuring, then usually adventuring to help people with whatever problems they may have.

Preferred Class:Rogue, Ranger, Or Druid

Racial Abilities(full list):
Claws and Fangs(1d4 20/2 damage per one hit for fangs and 2d4 20/2 damage if using bonus action for an extra attack, 1d4 20/2 if doing one attack with claws)
Dodge feat
+5 bonus to Dexterity
-2 penalty to Constitution and Strength
+4 racial bonus to Tumble
+2 racial bonus to Climb
+2 racial bonus to Listen
-2 racial penalty to Concentration
-2 racial penalty to Search
-8 will checks when something involves yarn, string, etc.(cuz why not? XD)

Note: I will be taking ideas, so feel free to tell me if I should edit it in any way! It would be very appreciated, also, I cannot reply, so don't think that I'm just plain not wanting to, I legitimately can't

2017-08-16, 10:23 PM
What system are you using?

2017-08-16, 10:55 PM
I have (there are three tabs open right now) a bit of (but that's just on the left of this tab, there are more on the right) trouble fol- (of course it might not be your right but rather mine, depending on your relative orientation) -lowing your text.

It looks like your system might be 3.5e or Pathfinder (or something else).

Why not just use Tibbits?

2017-08-17, 07:39 AM
if it is 3.5 there are no odd ability score adjustments so instead of +5 dex either +4 or +6