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2007-08-10, 02:23 PM
I'm currently working on a home brew campaign to DM a game in, and will be using this topic to post info about the world, especially the parts that I need help with. It follows an Eberron style, keeping the magic=technology theme, and the lack of alignment restrictions for clerics, action points, and other things.

There are two (known) continents, a civilized continent (home to the nations of humans, dwarves, elves, and goblinoids), and a savage continent (home to tribal societies of halflings, catfolk, Gnolls, Thri-Keen, and Orcish and Githyanki empires). In between them is the Citadel of Yog Sototh (inhabited by Githzerai, Buommans, and planetouched) the Isle of Freeport, and the Isle of Shadows. The world's society (Aside from Orcs and Githyanki) is rarely plagued by war, and is more or less now in an age of exploration and advancement.

The primary conflict is not so much one of good versus evil, but natural and pseudonatural. Yog Sototh representing the reality known to the races in the form of a god, and Nyarlathotep, an emissary of destruction from the Far Realms, manipulating the Orcs, aberrations, and others to serve his cause. The Obyrith are also former denizens of the Far Realms, while the Tanar'ri, being born out of the fears and such of mortals, have a slight kinship with reality, and are just as likely to attempt to destroy Far Realm denizens as petitioners and mortals. (If someone could produce stats or something for Yog Sototh and Nyarlathotep as would be presented in Deities and Demigods, it would be appreciated.)

Commorium: Expansive, rolling plains, with moderate forests and mountains throughout. It is the most temperate part of the continent.

The Arcanum (LN) -- Consisting mainly of wizards and archivists, the Arcanum is an organization, concerned only with the furthering of magical knowledge. They care little for worldly affairs unless it presents a chance to obtain a new, powerful addition to their arcane or divine collections of knowledge. They often hold funerary services for powerful wizards and archivists across [Civilized Continent].

Uzuldaroum (NG/CG) -- The largest nation in human lands, the denizens of Uzuldaroum are proud, fierce warriors against all evil they encounter. They are worshippers of the giant pantheon, particularly Stronmaus, and contain a good deal of half-giants as well.

The Ruathar (NG) -- Small, druidic societies that worship Ehlonna, and are on much better terms with the Killoren than the rest of the humans. What few high elves did not become Killoren reside amongst these peoples.

The Wrath of Nomog-Geaya (LE) -- The name used to refer to the unification of hobgoblin forces, the only difference worth pointing out about the hobgoblins of this campaign and the published one, is that they keep goblins as slaves, some of whom are also blues. They're cruelty to the goblins is what lead to the foundation of the Confederacy of the Unshackled.

Murthulkir Mountains: The southwestern part of the [civilized continent], inhabited by dwarves (Dwarven Empire of the Eldritch Depths -- LN/LG) and goblins, in their two competing empires. The underground here also serves as the 'underdark' of the world, housing aberrations and other creatures. Dwarves are the same as always, gnomes work within the dwarven empire, but without the same lands as dwarves. The only thing necessary to explain is the goblin empire.

Confederacy of the Unshackled (LE) -- The CotU is the result of a small band of blues and goblins who escaped hobgoblin rule, and their desire to avoid slavery again, simply by enslaving all others. They have created a strict, militarized society, in which all blues and pure goblins are equal, while all other races have no value. Constant magic and psionic monitoring of their cities and their inhabitants allow all discord to be swiftly silenced, and none are permitted to stay alive in their cities when they are discovered to differ from the rest. They follow a religion which prohibits free thought, and venerates self-mastery in order to master all others, especially through psionics. While bred to hat all others, they are not stupid, and rarely wage all out war, preferring stealth and subterfuge to conquer foes. The aberrations and dwarves are their most bitter foes, due only to their proximity.

Daemonel (NE): Dwelling along the coasts of the massive, putrid lake and river by the same name, the Daemonel empire is ruled by Maerkorar, a great wyrm Styx Dragon who enthralled several Fey'ri and their accompanying elves, and has now reached a status of demi-godhood. The Daemonel denizens have a Mayan-like style of architecture, and have constructed a massive pyramid palace over the entire lake from which their river originates. Maerkorar travels along the river, gathering sacrifices of fiend, Fey'ri, or rotting flesh. Maerkorar has created a new form of Fey'ri, which are know as Maerkolth, who feature traits more suited to aquatic environments.

Killoren (NG): The former elves of the forests of Faernloth were transformed into the Killoren over time, and now seek to halt the spread of the putrid empire of Daemonel. While most are in tune with nature, and therefore become druids, there are a good number of wizards and clerics of Ehlonna, still clinging to their elven heritage.

As you can see, I need a lot of help with the naming of places and things, further posts/edits of this one will include more details about the world which I am attempting to put together, when it's done, I will probably post this in the recruitment forum, thanks in advance for any help with this.

2007-08-11, 09:30 PM

Deimos is the only known continent other than Phobos, and is primarily home to either nomadic or brutal cultures. The southern part being composed mostly of jungles, progressing into savannas, and finally a harsh desert. Further north from that, the cycle repeats, the dilapidated remnants of a foreign civilization visible throughout, however utterly devoid of inhabitants.

Halflings -- Halflings wander through the jungles and occasionally savannas of Deimos, worshiping the Seelie Court, and are typically the friendliest of the races towards visitors from Phobos. They frequently associate with Fey, the Wandering Order of Azjathoten, catfolk, and Thri-Keen, but shy away from Gnolls, Githyanki, and Orcs. Halflings in this campaign use the rules for tundra halflings, presented in the Frostburn sourcebook.

Githyanki -- The Githyanki came to the material plane at the behest of their lich-queen, and began to colonize a large portion of the deserts of Deimos, most parties being mysteriously lost in the northern half of the continent, and driven off by the collective efforts of the indigenous people of the southern half. With the arrival of Nyarlathotep, all the Orcs were galvanized to build a massive empire of their own, and began their ongoing war with the Githyanki. The attentions and resources of both empires are so focused on breaking their stalemate, they have no time to pay much attention to conquering the other races of the world. Many of the other races work to help deplete the resources of both, in order to make these favorable conditions last.

Orcs -- While still brutal and uncivilized, the Orcs have managed to be terrorized by Nyarlathotep (In the form of the Haunter in the Dark) to unite under the cause of the Great Old Ones, and slay everything that opposes their will. They have forged a great empire, which is now in constant war with the Githyanki.

Gnolls, catfolk, and thri-keen are unchanged from the way they are presented in the MM, Races of the Wild, and the Expanded Psionics Handbook.

2007-08-13, 04:02 PM

Hailing from the mysterious northern continent, changelings (Calling themselves the Cho' Nii, or Children of Nii) are led by their god emperor Nii, and a council of leaders of their most powerful clans. In changeling society, death by aging is below their great heroes and leaders, and they are preserved through whatever form of undeath (or other method of prolonging life) they find preferable. Those born commoners of changeling society are typically rogues, ninjas, and other such classes, while the highest ranks of society consist of wizards, artificers, and clerics, and finally sorcerers and favored souls claiming to derive their powers directly from the will of Nii. Changelings claim dopplegangers to be the first race Nii modeled after himself, who were considered a failure and cast out into the world to fend for themselves. Changelings view psionic powers as an abomination, and as such, changeling psionicists are never found within their cities. Changelings are expressive and artistic, and have much mastery over the arcane and divine arts. They are, however, somewhat lazy, and have constructed the Konzrukk (Warforged) to carry out the tasks of a working class, and serve as the primary soldiers on the front lines of battle. The Konzrukk are given leisure time, and are typically content to be the servants of the changelings, as they treat them rather well, even allowing them to take names of their own. Changelings are a emotional and unpredictable race, and tend to base their relations with a race entirely on their first encounter, though it is given to change if proper appeasement/offense is made. The god emperor Nii has created several 'farms' where the sustenance necessary to keep their undead heroes alive are grown through magical processes in every city of the empire, as well as creation forges for the Konzrukk. The favored appearance of imperial citizens is to keep the natural gray skin, though with developed facial features, and a mostly dark attire.


Typically found as the working class of the Cho' Nii Empire, a few Konzrukk have been given permission to leave, on the terms of a mutual anti-aggression pact, and under the notion that the Cho' Nii can always build more. Other than the working class, they also serve to handle the tasks that require more raw power than subterfuge, serving as samurai body guards to the Cho' Nii elders, and being the primary soldiers in times of war. Most non-Imperial Konzrukk societies are found in the south of Ter' Nii, or in the northern half of [tsc]. Those that dwell in [tsc] are often fighting with the native drow population, and attempting to protect what travelers would accept the help of a mysterious "machine-man."


Powerful psionic beings whose minds are host to the wills of the Elder Gods, the Kalashtar are good, but on a wholly different scale than most others, considering other races to be insignificant motes, much less important than stopping the Old Ones and the Outer Gods in their sinister attacks on reality. This attitude and their psionic affinities have caused them to get off on bad terms with the Cho' Nii, as well as distracting them from making amends anymore then stopping all out war. While they travel through all the continents, they only do so in isolated numbers, and in investigation of the presence of Nyarlathotep. They commonly work with the denizens of the Citadel of Yog Sototh, however the Elder Gods care only for stopping the Outer Gods schemes, and nothing for Yog Sototh itself.


While highly uncommon, shifters can be found living in isolated villages the world over, just as were creatures are. They are hunted and feared on [tcc], left well enough alone on Ter' Nii, and respected and revered across [tsc].

2007-08-14, 03:01 PM

Yog-Sototh (N): Yog-Sototh is the world as we know it, and is represented in all things other than aberrations, obyrith, the Old Ones, Outer Gods, and Elder Gods. Yog-Sototh counts as an over-deity, and therefore cannot grant spells. Clerics in his service gain spells in the same way a cleric who believes in no god do. Undead are considered a natural part of the world, and therefore clerics of Yog-Sototh may only rebuke/command undead. Good clerics of other religions aside from Nii and Azjathoten still turn/destroy undead. Yog-Sototh is said to take the form of a conglomeration of glowing bubbles.

Nyarlathotep (CE): Nyarlathotep is the messenger of the Outer Gods, and will stop at nothing to pave the way for his masters to destroy all that there is and ever shall be. He is worshiped by orcs, aberrations, and many evil cults throughout the lands. His portfolio and domains are evil, destruction, chaos, and trickery. Nyarlathotep has many forms, differing from region to region. He is known as the Dark One in the human lands, appearing as a hooved, hairless, swarthy man. The peoples of [tsc] know him as the Haunter of the Dark, A bloated, batlike creature with a single, burning, three-lobed eye which appears able to kill by fear alone. The elves know it as the Dweller in Darkness, which wails as it forms and reabsorbs random appendages. It has no face, but can take any shape it pleases for short time periods. The denizens of the Murthulkir Mountains know him as the Floating Horror, a bluish, red-veined, jellyfish-like creature. The Cho' Nii know him as the Howler in the Dark, a hideous, howling giant with a tentacle in place of a face. The Kalashtar are familiar with all of his forms, and investigate sightings of any with great vigor.

Nii (N): Nii is a recently ascended creature, of unknown origin, who created the doppleganger and Cho' Nii races. He dwells within the capital of the Cho' Nii empire, and loosely governs the whole of it. He is typically benevolent to his people, but he is known for extreme punishment of those who anger him with blasphemy and attacks on his people. Nii is highly fond of the fine arts, and encourages his people to pursue artistic expression as they see fit. He appears as a changeling with tattered royal garbs, dark hair, and with dark rings surrounding his eyes. His portfolio is: changelings, magic, art, retribution, and vengeance. His domains are magic, death, artifice, and nobility.

Azjathoten (N): Azjathoten is a member of the Seelie Court, and is the leader of the Wandering Order of Azjathoten. He and undead are viewed as the ultimate hunters by the tribal societies, and his primary worshipers follow this perspective. He values tradition and loyalty, but believes that being controlled entirely by another being a hindrance to personal strength. Azjathoten and his worshipers are the only known practitioners of the ancient art of the arcanamach, and Azjathoten himself often appears to powerful spellcasters to test their skill. He appears as a pale human or halfling, with dark hair, red eyes, and a black, feather-like cloak. His face is often painted in the same fashions as the tribal halflings, with decorative markings surrounding the eyes and covering other parts of the face, however his are only black. He may also appear as raven, owl, or any other flying bird so long as his plumage is black, and the eyes appear a glowing crimson. Much like Nii, he and most of his followers treat people as they treat them, and both gods are treating each other cautiously, but an allegiance is likely not far off. His portfolio is: Undead, magic, retribution, and hunting. His domains are death (If cleric is good, then repose), magic, darkness, and strength.

Maerkorar (NE): When the Fey'ri of Faernloth sought out a savior for their people, they came across Maerkorar. The Styx Dragon was more than happy to 'save' the Fey'ri from their high elven pursuers, and the empire he forged afterwards would come to be one of the greatest threats to the sanctity of Faernloth. The waters of the river Daemonel know run black as the river Styx he once called home, and the foulness of the place has begun to spread to the forests as well. The once peaceful denizens of the forests have now turned into fiendish monstrosities, and the Fey'ri summon more and more denizens of the lower planes to feed their god and serve amongst them. Maerkorar's portfolio is: Scalykind, evil, Fey'ri, and greed. His domains are darkness, scalykind, water, and evil.