View Full Version : (Starfinder) Armor Upgrading

2017-08-19, 09:06 PM
Because of the equipment level system in Starfinder, armor scales heavily with your level, but some armors provide specific benefits, be it having no armor check penalty or a high maximum dexterity bonus to AC, that aren't provided by another armor for several levels later. To address this issue, which for most isn't too big, but is dreadful when it comes to power armor (seriously, who wants to wait 5 levels for a new suit of power armor with AC barely any better than what you already had?).

For upgrading your armor, follow the normal crafting rules (to upgrade from level 9 to 10, you'll need at least 10 ranks in the respective crafting skill), and for each level you upgrade an armor, increase both its KAC and EAC by +1. This should keep the AC roughly in line, usually slightly worse or slightly better (particularly with the Elite Aegis Series and Jarlslayer armors), than armor that is naturally of the upgraded level.

As for costs, simply follow this table created from estimated costs of armor of each level. For upgrading multiple levels at a time, simply sum together the upgrade costs for those levels together.