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Raiser Blade
2007-08-10, 06:06 PM
Alrighty folks i assume most of you know about the Oots Showdown
well this is pretty much the same but with Marvel and some DC superheroes

You can find the showdown rules here http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=35046&highlight=oots+showdown
except as previously stated this is a superhero showdown not OotS

If needed i can make more characters but for now these are your choices

Roles will be distributed by me it is not first come first serve
So send me your top 5 and i'm going to try and make sure every body at least gets one in their list

Captain America-Male-Superhero(16hp)/init +1
Shield Block/Reduce 1 damage (passive)
Shield Throw/Deals 3damage to 2 target characters
shield block is not in effect this turn or next
Inspire Confidence/Modify target characters init +2permanently
Can only be used once per character
Honor and Loyalty/Captain Americas attacks against supervillians are modified +1(passive)
Shield Bash/Deals 3damage to target character
Tactician/All characters who attack Cap. this turn gain -7init for the next 2 turns

The Hulk-Male-Neutral (12hp)/init 0
Hulk Smash/Deal 1 damage to target character
<when the hulk is hit you may add 1 damage to this attack>
Bulletproof Skin/Reduce 0damage
<when the hulk is hit you may add 1 damage reduction>
Regeneration/Roll 1d6 heal the result -1 min.1 (Hulk must have 3 or lower hp)
Berserk Rage/Target random character deal 4damage
Super Strength/When attacking ignore up to 2 Damage Reduction (passive)
Rampage/If the Hulk is not attacked for four straight turns he wins(passive)

Webbing/Target character canít act next turn
Swinging Kick/Deal 3 damage to target character
Spider Senses/The first attack of a round directed towards spidey gains-3(passive)
Black Suit/Spiderman gets two actions every turn
Spiderman loses 1hp each round (Passive)
Web Balls/Deal 1 damage to target character and they lose an action next turn
Revenge/If a character has hit Spiderman Spidermanís attacks against that character gain+1

The Human Torch-Male-Superhero(11hp)/init+2
Firewall/reduce 1 damage from each attack(passive)
Supernova/damage the Human Torch 7 does 3 damage to every character of your choosing ignore DR
Fireblast/Damage target character 4
Fireball/Two target characters take two damage
Burn/Whenever the Torch deals damage to a character that character takes 1 damage each turn for two more turns(passive)
Flame On/Next turn the Torch gains +1 to his attacks and +7init

The Flash-Male-Superhero(10hp)/init+10
Flurry/You may make two attacks on two or one target deal one non reducable damage on each attack
Rapidly Vibrating Molecules/When The Flash attacks someone with DR reduce their damage reduction by 1(passive)
Really Hard to Hit/When the flash is targeted by an attack roll 1d6 on a result of a 5-6 the Flash takes no damage(passive)
Rapid kick/Deal 3 damage to target character
Hyperactive/You may take an extra action on your turn if you do next turn you act on init-5(passive)
Infectious Enthusiasm/You may select one person who hasnít attacked the Flash and grant them +3init next turn

Invisible Woman-Female-Superhero(9hp)/init0
Invisibility/Next turn when Invisible Woman is targeted by an attack roll 1d6 on a result of a 3-6 the Invisible Woman takes no damage
Force field/Target character reduces 5 damage next turn
Force Blast/Target character receives 3 damage
Reflect/All damage directed towards Invisible Woman this turn is redirected to the attacker
Jessica Alba is Hot/All attacks by Males directed towards invisible woman gain-1 (passive)
Force Flight/Initiative becomes+3

Rouge-Female-Neutral (10hp)/init+1
Steal power/One of targets abilities is stolen at random once used that power goes away and you may steal a new power.
Deadly Touch/Deal 2 damage to target character one of target characters powers(chosen at random) cannot be used next turn
Absorb Life/Take 2hp from target(you cannot deal lethal damage this way)
Quick Strike/Deal 2 damage to target character(init +2this turn)
No Touchie/When rouge is hit by an attack the attacker loses that attack for two turns(passive)
(healing powers are affected by this)
Steal Essence/If rogue does lethal damage to a character she gets at random one of that characters powers permanently(passive)

Batman-Male-Superhero (14hp)/init+1
Arrest/Deal 1 damage to Target (Target cannot attack next turn if he is a supervillian)
Batarang/Deal two damage to target next turn deal two more
Inspire Fear/Target characters attacks against Batman are permanently reduced by 1
Ride the Batmobile/Permanently increase targetís init by+4
Call Robin/Summon Robin he has 7hp 2atk +1init
Hatred of Criminals/Batmanís attacks against supervillians are modified+1

Doctor Doom-Male-Supervillian(14hp)/init0
Lightning Shock/Deal 2 damage to target character
Metal Armor/Reduce 2 damage(passive)
Grudge/Doomís attacks on people who have attacked him are modified +2 (Init -3)
Masterplan/You may select an ability if that ability is used on you the reverse happens to you
Summon Doombot/Bring a doombot with 2hp -1init and 2attk into play(limit 4)
Raging Strike/Deal 5 damage to target character Doom takes 2 damage(once per target
Every 2 times doom uses this the damage he takes goes up one)

Doctor Octupus-Male-Supervillian(14hp)/init +1
Brilliant Mind/Double the effect of an ability next turn
Claw Attack/Deal three damage to target
Destroy Neural Inhibitor/(hp+3 and init+2)(Passive)
Use Claw/Bring claw with 1hp 0 init and 1attk into play (limit 4)
Hold Hostage/Target character cannot be target by a non attacking action for two turns
Greed/Whenever Doc is healed the healer gets to choose his next action

Regeneration/At the end of each turn heal Sabertooth 1hp(cannot exceed 15hp)(passive)
Vicious strike/Deal 4 damage to target character
Escape/If Sabretooth takes 5+ damage this turn after the attack that hits him for his fifth point of damage saber-toothed can no longer be targeted
Battle Fury/When saber-toothed has 3 or less hp left his attacks go up +1
Double Slash/Deal 2 damage to two target characters
Feral Agility/Next turn Sabretooth has two actions

Poison Sting/Deal 2 damage to Target Character target takes 1 damage for the next 2 turns
Lash/Deal 3damage to target character
Enhanced Reflexes/Reduce 3 damage on one attack(Passive)
Enhanced Speed/Init+4(Passive)
Lunge/Deal 4 damage to target character (Enhanced Reflexes is not active next turn)
Upgrade Battle Suit/Modify+1 all of your attacks(Passive)

Dr. Strange-Male-Neutral(10hp)/init 0
Mystic healing/Heal target 5 they act last next turn
Psionic Blast/Deal 3 damage to target character ignore DR
Enhance Strength/Double the power of target attack next turn
Enhance Speed/Target character gets a extra action next turn
Mental Prison/Target Character may not make a non attacking action for three turns
Mental shield/Reduce 1 damage also You may not be targeted by negative non attacking abilities(passive)

Call Northstar/You may control Northstar 8hp init+1 3attk (once killed may not be brought back)
Healing Light/Heal target 4hp
Mach 10/Init+5(passive)
Concussion Blast/Deal 3 damage to target ignore DR
Hypnotizing light/You may pick target characters next action
Blind/Target characterís action targets random character

War Machine-Male-Supervillian(13hp)/Init.+3
Ion Cannon/Deal 3 damage to target
Battle Suit/Reduce 7 damage total
Overdrive/Deal 6 damage to target(Hurt WM 4)
Suit Repair/Heal WM 2
Stun Cannon/ Target cannot act next turn
Upgrade/Grant Target an extra action next turn

Terrax the Tamer-Male-Supervillian(15hp)/Init.0
Earthquake/Deal 3,2,1 damage to 3 targets
Rock Shield/Reduce 2 damage
Pummel/Deal 4 damage to target
Cosmic Power/Hp+5 Init+2(passive)
Herald of Galactus/Init +4 Hp+3(passive)
Thirst for Power/Boost all of Terraxís attacks +1 for 3 turns after which he loses 5hp

Shang Chi-Male-Superhero(17hp)/Init+1
Fist of Fury/Deal 4 damage to target
Living Weapon/Init +5(passive)
Exploit Weakness/Ignore 2DR for all of Shangís attacks
Meditation/ Heal 1
Submission/ Targets actions this turn are nullified +1 to attacks against this character next turn
Hatred of Evil/Shangís attacks are modified +1 against Supervillians

This is a revitalizing of the old thread because it got passed over and i think this could be a good game.

2007-08-13, 06:10 AM
Due to a certain phobia, I won't play. But OOTS showdown was awesome.

2007-08-13, 05:46 PM
Oooh I'm interested. I'll PM you my choices...

2007-08-13, 06:09 PM
The Flash is madly overpowerzomg!!!!! Seriously though you need to tone down that init bonus.

Raiser Blade
2007-08-13, 09:45 PM
hmm looking back on teh flash i will tone him down not so much on speed but on damage to compensate because come on possible 5 damage its a little too much

Edit: i will gladly take character fixing suggestions so if you think a character is under/over powered speak up

Edit numero 2: toning down the hulks 6damage attack to 4
for those of you who had him as first choice you may pick a new number 1 if you so desire

2007-08-14, 07:35 AM
Ok I'll join in, sending pm now. :smallsmile:

2007-08-14, 04:18 PM
I liked showdown. Lets see how this one plays out.
Sending in PM now.

Maybe we should get this thread moved to structured games?

Almighty Salmon
2007-08-14, 05:14 PM
This looks like fun, i'm in.
Sending my pm now.

Raiser Blade
2007-08-14, 06:25 PM
yeah the mods have to move it

so i will propably change the title

2007-08-14, 06:56 PM
I'll try this
Pming choices.

Raiser Blade
2007-08-15, 06:24 AM
hmmm i will add nightcrawler tomorrow

Raiser Blade
2007-08-15, 04:13 PM
Nightcrawler-Male-Superhero (13hp)/init+4
Group Teleport/Target character cannot be affected negatively next turn(Target gains -1 init permenantly for each attack avoided using this power).
Suprise!/Deal 3 Non-reduceable damage to target.
Image Inducer/Nightcrawler gains target characters positive effects next turn.
Call Abyss/ You gain control over abyss (6hp)/init+0 1 damage Non-reduceable/When Abyss is damaged by an attack the attacker takes 1 automatic damage that is not an attack
Holy Blessing/Attacks from Supervillians are reduced by 1
Stunning Blow/Deal 2 Non-reduceable damage to target (Target gains -7 init next turn).

If you have the time i would 'preciate' it if you who are participating would send messages out to other forumites to see if they want to participate
because we still need alot of people to sign up

2007-08-16, 12:09 PM
I'm in. PMed

Raiser Blade
2007-08-16, 11:18 PM
okso we have 9 peoples

4.Almighty Salmon
8.Finn Solomon

minimum starting roster is 12

so as long as we get 3 more people game starts aproximately August 25th

Raiser Blade
2007-08-17, 10:47 PM

also three people siged up by message alone so we have 9

see above post for list of players an starting date

Raiser Blade
2007-08-19, 12:13 AM

RAWHIDE.... i mean bump

2007-08-19, 09:15 PM
Come on!
Aren't there at least three more people with a couple of minutes a day to spare for a cool game?! <_<

2007-08-19, 09:28 PM
hmmm...seems Raiser_B1ade's showdown got more attention than mine...

oh well, i'm in. i'll PM a list shortly.

Raiser Blade
2007-08-20, 10:09 PM
*bumps thread

at least 2 more c'mon peoples

Raiser Blade
2007-08-21, 04:01 PM

anyways game start in 4 days regardless of number of players

2 characters chosen at random
after roles have been assigned will be played by a template

2007-08-21, 04:09 PM
Excuse me? Excuse me? If a certain character becomes a template character it will severely affect my first choice! What do you suggest I do?

Raiser Blade
2007-08-21, 04:47 PM

umm hope that characte doesn't get templated

just out of curiosity which character is that

you can pm me if you want to keep it secret

Raiser Blade
2007-08-21, 09:16 PM
okso we have 9 peoples

4.Almighty Salmon
8.Finn Solomon
11.Xykon Fan

minimum starting roster is 12

so as long as we get 3 more people game starts aproximately August 25th

ooh 11 now

Raiser Blade
2007-08-22, 03:51 PM

also roles will be handed out tommorow so that we can start on saturday

if you join after roles are handed out then you get second pickings

Raiser Blade
2007-08-23, 05:46 PM
4.Almighty Salmon-Cap. America
5.Neodan282-Human Torch
6.GoC-Dr. Strange
8.Finn Solomon-??? For some reason i cant find your pm
11.Xykon Fan-Rouge

I will allow trades if both parties agree

also I am still accepting players they just dont get to pick those characters that have already been handed out

Also Finn Because i think i deleted your pm you can pick one of the remaining characters (I'd take flash) or i will write up a whole new one if you want

Raiser Blade
2007-08-24, 11:40 PM
alright game starts tomorrow

4.Almighty Salmon-Cap. America
5.Neodan282-Human Torch
6.GoC-Dr. Strange
8.Finn Solomon-Flash
11.Xykon Fan-Rouge

I will post your power choices tomorrow morning

also finn i dont think you gave me your four choices

anyways first round lasts 36 hrs if your actions are not sent in then you contract inactivity flu

so deadline=12:00 pm Monday

Raiser Blade
2007-08-25, 01:52 PM
2.Vicous strike
3.Double strike

2.Finn Solomon
The Flash
1.Really hard to hit
2.Rapid kick
4.Infectious Enthusiasm

The Human Torch
1. Firewall
2. Fireball
3. Fireblast
4. Burn

Dr. Strange
1.Enhance Strength
2.Enhance Speed
3.Mystical Healing
4.Mental shield

5.Xykon Fan
1.Steal Power
2.No Touchie
3.Steal Essence
4.Absorb Life

1.Poison Sting
2.Enhanced Reflexes
3.Enhanced Speed
4.Upgrade Battle Suit

7.Almighty Salmon
Captain America
1.Shield Block
2.Shield Throw
3.Honor and Loyalty
4.Shield Bash

1.Healing Light
2.Mach 10
3.Concussion Blast
4.Hypnotizing light

1.Stunning Blow
2.Call abyss
3.Holy blessing
4.Group Teleport.

1.Spider Senses
2.Black Suit
3.Swinging Kick
4.Web Balls

11.Gnoll Lord
The Hulk
1: Hulk Smash
2: Regeration
3: Rampage
4: Bulletproof Skin
anyways first round starts now ends monday
send actions via pm

Template characters are....

Doctor Doom Template: Passive: attacks superheroes and villians
2.Raging Strike
3.Summon Doombot
4.Metal Armor

Shang Chi Template: Heals until attacked
1.Fist of Fury
4.Hatred of Evil

2007-08-26, 08:02 PM
RB1, i suppose that's the order of initiative?

Raiser Blade
2007-08-27, 02:15 AM
no look for showdown game thread in SMBG

It will all become clear then