View Full Version : D&D 5e/Next Seven (+1) New Sorcererous Origins

Grizl' Bjorn
2017-08-22, 03:42 AM
Looking forward to feedback!


2017-08-22, 10:02 AM
First I have to ask, has some inspiration for this been taken from Once Upon a Time? Alright here's my take on it:

First on the design choice, in order to balance with current sorcerer sub-classes I would have the additional spells available but not known, similiar to warlock.

Catastrophe seems mostly okay but I would pick one theme for ti and go with it.

Fey Touched:
Fae Skin: Just use cha modifier
Master of G & B: I would make it cheaper to augment enchantment and illusion rather than refunding sorcery points.
Bind the Soul: This is too open ended and tough to adjudicate. I like the idea but it seems a little too far into dm territory to be useful.
Sidheís Spite: Seems okay as is.

Ursaís Protection: Again I would just use cha modifier.
Claw To Claw: Not sure how I feel about this. I think I would give a natural weapon that works off spellcasting mod and scales with levels. Inflict wounds is already competitive for one of the highest single target damaging spells in low and mid levels.
Wear the Bearís Skin: I feel like a partial transformation would be more thematic than a full on transformation. Something more akin to rage than wildshape.
Survivor: Might even be a little weak at this level.

Pretty spot on I think.

Season Cycle:
Mutable Aspect of the Seasons: I would just have them choose one after completing a long rest rather than depending on the season.
Seasonís Bounty: I would remove the cha bonus. Goodberry already creates a competitive amount of hp gain. I would base the seasonal benefit off of the form chosen for Mutable Aspect of the Seasons.
Seasonís Wrath: Again base it on Mutable Aspect of the Seasons, otherwise fine.
Seasonís harvest: See above.
Change the Turning Earth: Given above this ability becoems obsolete. I would play a bit more into the changing the season around you aspect or come up with something new.

Fate Marked:
Control Variance: Interesting but not exactly simple in design. I would keep this ability but try to rework it somehow into the more simpler design of 5e.
Luck lash: The problem I see here is that it makes heightened spell kinda obsolete. Maybe remove the overlap?
One last chance: This ability is also odd. I am not sure how I feel about it. I think in practice it would be pretty useless.
Swap Luck: This is cool and thematic. I can see some good combos but nothing especially broken.

Undo Mistake: This is a bookkeeping problem waiting to happen. I would do since the end of your last turn.
Heartís Desire: Nice thematic benfits. Situational but I think that's probably fine.
Betterment: This is strong but probably not overpowered.
Wish: Kind of a 3 wishes approach here. I like it.

Constructed Sorcerer:
Reforge Self: seems fairly useless. I would replace this. the rest look alright.