View Full Version : New Game Aspect: The Arena

2017-08-24, 03:53 PM
This is an idea I had a while ago when I first DMed. At first, I wanted a simple gladiator arena. But alas, there are few. But, I thought about it more, and realized that it couldn't have worked with real-life physics. I began to experiment. And the Arena was born.
'The Arena', as it is so called, is a huge gladiatorial arena set in a strange demiplane. The Arena is composed of an entrance/greeting area, bleachers, and the pit itself. The pit is a circle filled with sandy dirt that is 75 feet across. There are two gates on either side, one for each combatant(s). It is topped by a huge iron cage. No projectiles can fly out of the cage, nor can spells or fire or the like. A creature cannot teleport through the gate. The bleachers are stacked in rows. They can hold around 750 people and are carved out of brown stone. The entry way is not very long, having enough room for vendors and crowds, not to mention the entrance. Each person entering to watch must pay 1G. To add to the excitement, The pit can change shape, making snowy tundra, rolling hills, rocky crevasses, etc.
To enter the demiplane, one must have an arena ticket. These tickets are small, stone slabs with runes inscribed, and they cost around 5G each. When it desires, a creature may touch a rune on the ticket and be transported to The Arena's entry way. Oh yeah, and the Demiplane constantly has light, and its sky is stripes of bright orange and purple, slowly moving across the sky. The pit can reduce the amount of light, though. In The Arena, Interplanar traveling by any means except by a ticket is disabled.
And of course, you can fight as well. You may pay 5G to enter a fight. Unless otherwise stated, the fight is one on one. If you enter, you will fight a monster or humanoid of the DM's choice. The terrain and amount of light varies, depending on the creature or difficulty of the fight. Each fight is ranked in difficulty (based on CR). The pit (cage included) goes up to 50 ft. high. For purposes of burrowing, it is 30 ft. deep, with a barrier at the bottom. A creature that wins a fight receives a reward of either gold or magic objects (Dm's choice). Reward sizes are based on difficulty.
Any intelligent humanoid that is reduced to 0 hitpoints does not die, but is knocked unconscious and is stable. After the fight, they warp back to the plane they left in the same spot (or the closest if it is occupied). However, an unintelligent, non-humanoid creature (such as a troll or an owlbear) dies. If a creature at 0 hitpoints, but not dead, is assaulted, the creature making the attack is immediately restrained by magical chains. Any Xp earned during the fight can be ignored if the DM so chooses.
The remaining details are up to the DM to decide. Anyways, Happy fighting!
*Please let me know if I need some tweaks or fixes.