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Crazy Author
2017-08-26, 06:27 AM
Apologies if this or something like it is covered elsewhere, I tried searching and found nothing. I'm adding the following as either a path ability or feat for mythic characters, and was hoping for some advice on what mythic tier should be required (1/3/6) or if it should be a feat with a prerequisite in place. Or if its portions should be separated into two abilities/feats.

Weathersighted: You are never affected by weather effects except how you might choose to be, including magically-created effects from non-mythic sources. Precipitation and detritus clouds (fog, rain, snow, dust clouds, etc) do not obscure your vision, unless they are the result of a mythic effect or an effect from a mythic source.

(name and fluff wording are works in progress, feel free to apply opinions there as well)

The "kid in me" wants to place it as a 1st-tier universal path ability, but the DM voice in me is leaning toward 3rd-tier or a feat that requires third tier. It strikes me as actually underpowered for later tiers, but appropriate for a mythic character who has begun to develop a bit of an "individual identity" in terms of mythic abilities; hence the 3rd-tier leaning.

...it's mostly being added for the specific benefit of one particular player's preferred character theme, so I've also considered simply allowing the vision as part of a sort of half-template for their character, with advancing immunities to wind and temperature as their hit dice increase. I'm only pushing in the mythic direction because other players in the group tend to see something and say, "I'd like something like that" on later characters; it'd be easier on everyone to have a quick option for them to take than a progression to eyeball every time they level, I think.

Any pointers at similar topics/abilities are also appreciated in advance. :smallsmile:

2017-08-26, 07:58 AM
General rule of the thumb for homebrew content - If its mainly for thematics and it is not a threat of instantly ending the world; you should always aim easier access. For example - I have a friend wanting to play a "Blind Archer" type character. So - told them to go Marksman (psionic/dreamscarred press class), and made a level 1 power version of Touchsight instead of level 3; even bumped it up to 1 hour/level duration. As far as I see it (ha, pun); hes essentially limiting his max vision range and burning power points to do the same thing a normal character with normal sight can do passively: with a few added benefits of touchsight. While having effective blindsight 60+ feet radius is impressive, it wont break the game when used in the hands of a guy whos, literally, crippling potentially 1040-ish feet off his composite longbow's potential range (Especially if someone just flippin' charges him into melee range in that 60 foot to 5 foot distance...). You can always retcon your decision later and nerf or even buff the ability if it proves to much of an issue in either direction of underpowerd or overpowered - but from a casual glance I don't see an issue with it being low tier, personally. Hope they like it!