View Full Version : D&D 5e/Next Bladelock fix

2017-08-28, 05:29 PM
Eldritch Blade (invocation):
As a bonus action you can shape the energy of your eldritch blast into a blade that last for 1 minute and requires concentration. As an action you can make a number of melee spell attacks equal to the number of Eldritch blast rays you can normally fire. Each attack does does 1d10 force dmg. Any modifiers that would apply to eldritch blast, apply to the blade attacks.

What do you think?

2017-08-28, 07:44 PM
Let's step back here a sec and think about what you've done.

You've taken Eldritch Blast. You've reduced the range to melee. To compensate for this, you've added a bonus action and used up my Concentration slot. And this upgrade costs an Invocation slot, over and above the Agonizing Blast you still need.

Not only is it an enormous nerf, but it doesn't even do what we want Blade Pact to do-- you're not using an actual weapon, and you can't interact with feats and abilities that require the Attack action.