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A Chaos Fiend Is a weapon of mass of destruction. [Chaos Fiend] Is either an acquired or born template.
Chaos Fiends are residents to the Plane of Nowhere, also known as the [Hidden Plane], [Somewhere In-Between] and .
There are 7 'Original' Chaos Fiends. However, knowledge of the first fiend Is incredibly obscured with many conflicting points. Generally, the only one that matters Is the Mother of the Fiends, the 7th fiend, and her her father, The Creator, The Second Fiend. This also gives the GM many options. The second fiend Is "Krylgren, The Second Fiend."
A terrible beast of fire and chaos that rose from the carcass of the Soul of the Great Dead Old Ones,
what remained of the being's eternal soul after It was succumbed and burnt in the fires of hell for an infinite amount of time was Krylgren, the second of the fiends."
"Junavir, The Seventh Fiend. Arguably the weakest out of the original seven, as she Is the direct spawn of Krylgren and a human woman...
She's the only one that can walk the material planes, but, despite being the weakest, she Is the only one now out of the seven that can actively sire children. All fiends except the other six come from Junavir."

Chaos Fiends are not very specialized, however, they can pick 4 Skills that automatically become Class Skills. Furthermore from that, a Chaos Fiend's class skills are:
Fly, Knowledge: Planes, Knowledge: Arcana, Spellcraft, Use Magic Device

I am also a doof and forgot to add:
A Chaos Fiend gains +2 Str, Dex, Int at level 1.
+2 Con, Str, Int, on level 2.
+2 Con, Str, Dex on level 3.
+2 Con, Str, Wis, on level 4, for a total on level 4 of +8 Str, +6 Con, +4 Int, +2 Dex, +2 Wisdom.

A Chaos Fiend has 4+ Int Skill Points per level.

HD 2D8
A Chaos Fiend Is always proficient in their natural attacks but gains no additional proficencies.

All increases are from base creature.

Caster Level = Racial HD.

A Chaos Fiend has a movement speed of 40'ft. If acquired, It's +10 of base creature.


[Chaos Mutation 1] [Claws] [Chaos Armor] [Negative Energy / Fire Infusion] [Negative Energy / Fire Aura]

[Chaos Mutation 2] [Chaos Mutation 1] [Fangs] [Chaos Armor +2] [Darkvision] [Fire and Negative Energy Resistance 10]

[Chaos Mutation 3] [Chaos Mutation 2] [Disortion] [Mind's Eye] [Flying]

[Chaos Mutation 4] [Chaos Mutation 3] [Swift Teleportation] [Sprout] [Death Wish] [Bloodthirst]

At Level 1 a Chaos Fiend naturally gains: Claws x2 that each deal 1D8 of damage. Chaos Armor which functions are permanent, unavoidable natural armor. Infusion and Aura. The infusion and Aura are both Supernatural.
At first level, a Chaos Fiend makes a choice between Fire or Negative energy. Once made, these bonuses can not be changed. [Infusion] permanently causes any attacks made by the Chaos Fiend inflict that type of damage. It deals +1D6 Damage. This bonus can not be turned off. [Aura] can be activated as a swift action and disabled as a free action [Even on an enemy's turn.] It has a range of 10+10'ft/Chaos Fiend level (Maximun of +50'ft) and deals 1D6 damage per 2 Chaos Fiend levels, minimum of 1D6 to a maxinum of 2D6. They also gain [Chaos Mutation 1 (See below.]

At level 2 a Chaos Fiend naturally gains: Chaos Mutation 2, Chaos Mutation 1. (See Below). Fangs. A chaos fiend gains a mouthful of fangs. This Is a natural secondary attack that deals 2D6 of Damage. Chaos Armor +2, Darkvision [120'ft], Fire and Negative Energy Resistance 10.

At level 3 a Chaos Fiend naturally gains: Chaos Mutation 3, Chaos Mutation 2. [Disortion] At level 3, a Chaos Fiend gains a Nullifaction Field that affects enemies on adjacent squares. The nullification field causes the subject targets/spells/effects to immediatly be subject to a Wild Magic Rulecheck. This Is a supernatural effect.
Mind's Eye. A Chaos Fiend gains Mind's Eye. A Chaos Fiend gets a +10 to Perception and can not be struck by a sneak attack. Furthermore, a Chaos Fiend can not be snuck up on or caught by surprise.
Flying. The Chaos Fiend sprouts a pair of large, fiery or corrupted wings (Depending on your infusion/aura.) With Average Manueverability with a flight speed of 80'ft.

At level 4, a Chaos Fiend reaches full maturity and can now pursue any goal It wishes (Taking class levels.)
They gain Chaos Mutation 4, Chaos Mutation 3, Swift Teleportation, Sprout, Death Wish and Bloodthirst.
[Bloodthirst], the Chaos Fiend can enter a Bloodthirst. Whenever an enemy Is struck by the Chaos Fiend, It drains 1 point of constitution damage and heals equal to Its HD. However, a Chaos Fiend may not choose to end Bloodlust until all enemies are dead. A Chaos Fiend loses all Dex bonuses (Although are not considered flatfooted) and their reckless nature reduces their AC by an additional 4 and they have a -5 to attack. However, they gain DR 5/Cold Iron and deal an additional 1D6 of damage with natural attacks.

[Death Wish] A Chaos Fiend can activate Death Wish. Upon activation, It becomes immune to all damage taken for 4 Rounds. At the end of these 4 rounds, It takes all the damage It should've taken multiplied by 2. (10 would become 20.)
The damage Is taken at the end of your 4th turn.
[Sprout] The Chaos Fiend sprouts scythe-like weaponry all across Its body. These are all secondary attacks. It gains a total of +12 Natural Attacks. These natural attacks deal 1D6 of damage. The duration for this Is equal to the Chaos Fiend's constitution modifier.
[Swift Teleportation] As an immediate action, four times per combat on the Chaos Fiend's turn, the Chaos Fiend can teleport to an adjacent enemy. The enemy must succeed a Reflex save of 20 or be considered flat-footed. This save Is made *after* [Disortion] has been in effect. This Is a supernatural ability with a range of 100'ft+10/level.

A Chaos Mutation Is randomly rolled when the Chaos Fiend reaches an equivelant level.
You roll a 1D6.

Chaos Mutation 1
1: Cat-Ears
2: Chaos Plating
3: Fiendish Resiliance
4: Mask Heritage
5: Unholy Disortion
6: Fiendish Intelligence

Chaos Mutation 2
1: Cat-Claws
2: Chaos Mind
3: Fiendish Sight
4: Skinwalker
5: Unholy Flight
6: True Fiend

Chaos Mutation 3
1: Cat-Tail
2: Chaos Destroyer
3: Fiendish Apocalypse
4: Alter Form
5: Unholy Pressence
6: Greater Fiend

Chaos Mutation 4
1: Cat-Purr
2: Chaos Spells
3: Fiend Body
4: Polymorph
5: Unholy Destruction
6: Chaos Mutation [5]

Chaos Mutation 5
1: Apocalypse
2: Rift
3: Death
4: End Time
2: Chaos Mutation 4x2
2: Chaos Mutation 4x2

(The cat Is there for memes and for any GM that wants to to put in their own mutation can use Its slot.)
Remember, Rule 0. This Is mainly supposed to be your BBEG.

Chaos Mutation 1- :
I won't go over the cat things because they're memes. They can do whatever you want them to do, bubu.
2: [Chaos Plating]: The Chaos Fiend gains +2 DR/Cold Iron per racial HD (+8 at level 4.) If rolled twice (1 on level 1, 1 on level 2.) This bonus increases to +3/HD.
3: [Fiendish Resiliance]: Choose either Acid or Cold. Your Aura and Infusion now deal these instead of fire/negative, and you become immune to your chosen element. You do not lose Resistance. If rolled twice, you become immune to Negative, Fire, and your chosen element. You then get to choose another element and your damage splits into 1D4+1D4 of Acid/Cold. You also become immune to this.
4: [Mask Heritage]: It becomes impossible to decipher your Heritage unless you specify that you wish to reveal It. If rolled twice, you can choose to appear as a human permanently, this can then be altered into chaos fiend or to human as a swift action.
5: [Unholy Disortion]: Whenever a spell-based effect Is subject to [Disortion] and Its wild magic rules, the subject has to roll the D100 twice and take the worse result (GM's discression.) If rolled twice, the target now has to roll 3 times and take the worst result (GM's Discression.)
6: [Fiendish Intelligence]: You gain 8 Skills + Int/Level, and you get to choose an additional +6 Skills that become Class Skills. If you roll this twice, you get these in *addition* to your normal skill ranks.
Chaos Mutation 2- :
2: [Chaos Mind]: Become Immune to Mind-Altering Effects. If rolled Twice, roll a 1D20, If your roll Is higher than the CL of your enemy, redirect the spell as you wish.
3: [Fiendish Sight]: Your Sight transpesses dimensions and rifts. Your attacks can critically hit creatures immune to critical hits, and you may strike incorpereal beings normally, this includes creatures subjected by *Blink*. If rolled Twice, striking a creature immune to critical hits immediatly crits.
4: [Skinwalker]: Kill and assume the guise of any creature. This ability has a duration of 1 Day / Racial Hit Die. If rolled twice, It no longer has a duration.
5: [Unholy Flight]: Manuverability of Flying goes up by 1 step, your speed Is increased by +20'ft, and wings can now deal damage as per wingslam. If rolled Twice, flying goes up by 2 steps, and your speed Is increased from +20'ft to +100'ft.
6: [True Fiend]: If rolled twice, your health increases from D8s to D12s, this increases your health by 2/Level retroactively. If rolled twice, your Hit Die increases by 1/level.

Chaos Mutation 3- :
2: [Chaos Destroyer]: Your Aura and Infusion becomes stronger. Choose any of the following energy types: Cold, Fire, Negative and Lightning. Your Infusion and aura also deals this damage, and the damage types can be changed between as a free action. Fire/Negative can be just negative or just fire, etc, but once the choice Is made, It can not be changed. If rolled twice, your Infusions and Aura deal 2D8 instead of 1D6.

3: [Hellscape]: In a blast of dark and fiery magic, you create a blasted hellscape around you for 60'ft+10'ft per Racial HD. While in this area, non-outsiders suffer Difficult Terrain, lose 5'ft of movement speed, and take 2d6 of fire and 2d6 of Negative energy damage on the first round. You also gain +2 hp/HD, +2 to Attack & damage, and +2 on all saves in this area. This ability Is usable 3 Times per day and has a duration of 10 minutes per HD. If rolled twice, they instead lose 15'ft of movement, take 3d6 of each energy type and all your benefits increase from +2 to +4. Can be usable 8 Times per day and has a duration of 1 Hour per HD.

4: [Roar]: Let out a terrifying roar, staggering everyone within your Aura for 1D4 Round. This Is a free action that can be performed once per combat. Does not work on Mindless creatures or things below animal intelligence. If rolled twice, this aura lasts for an amount of rounds equal to your HD. This Is a [Fear] Effect.

5: [Unholy Presence]: Enemies that entire your Aura must succeed a DC 10+HD+Charisma Modifier save or suffer a -4 Penalty on all check made against the Fiend. If rolled twice, this penalty increases to -8.

6: [Greater Fiend]: You gain all the benefits, and none of the penalties of a Large Creature. If you roll this twice, you count as and gain the benefits of [Huge] instead.

Chaos Mutation 4- :
2: [Chaos Spell]: Pick any fourth level spell. You permanently gain this spell as a once+related casting stat per day. (Wizard/Sorcerer choose Int or Cha. Cleric/Inquisitor choose Wisdom, etc.) If rolled twice, choose a level 6 spell instead.

3: [Fiend Body]: Gain Fast Healing 5. If rolled twice, this effect Is permanent even when unconscious and Is increased up to equal to your racial HD (Maximum of 8.)

4: Chaotic Disruption: As a Move action, shatter an active spell in sight with a Primary Casting Stat Roll. The DC for this Is 8+Spell Level., dealing a D12 per Spell Level (of the spell) to whoever was under effect of the spell and the caster, If they are within 100'ft of eachother. This Is Force damage and Is not subject to Saves, Resistances or Spell Resistance. Usable 1/Day + 1 every 4 HD.

5: [Unholy Destruction]: Enemies struck by your Aura take 1D4 of Constitution, Charisma and Strength drain If they fail a save of Fortitude DC 25. If rolled twice, this also affects Intelligence, Dexterity and Wisdom, however, this can not be resisted with a save and Is a supernatural ability.

6: [Chaos Mutation: 5]: Gain a a chaos mutation from the level 5 list.

Chaos Mutation 5- :
1: [Apocalypse]: Cause a rain of fire stretching 400 Miles + 100 Miles per 2 Caster Levels, dealing 3D10 of Bludgeoning and 3D10 of Fire damage to everything in the area in a fiery explosion and a rain of meteors. The spell duration Is 1 Day / Per 2 caster levels. Can only be activated once a year.
2: [Rift]: Open a rift to another realm / dimension / plane of existance as a full round action. You can exist in this plane / reality regardless of circumstance. This Is the only way chaos fiends can exist on the material plane.
3: [River of Blood]: Whenever you slay a creature of equal or higher to your HD, gain a permanent Health increase equal to the additional HD of the creature, minimum of 1.
4: [End Time]: Summon 100 Plague Bearers per Hit Dice. These plague bearers will die after 1D6 Days spreading an uncureable plague in a 10 mile area from their point of death. Any creature that contacts this plague is subject to the same rules. The residal aftermath of the original plague bearers vanish after 1D4 Weeks and the save to resist this disease Is a fortitude save of 30 or a heal check of 50 within seconds of contracting the plague (6 Seconds - A turn.) This ability can only be activated once per 200 Years on the material plane.
5: [Chaos Mutation 4x2]: Roll 2x Level 4 chaos mutations.
6: [Chaos Mutation 4x2]: Roll 2x Level 4 chaos mutations.
These abilities can not be rolled twice. If you roll the same one, reroll.


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op but cool will use in campaigns

don't incest your kid tho junavir

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