View Full Version : Why r u Named the way you name yourself mostly

2007-08-11, 09:16 PM
This has probly been done before but I'm doing it herenow because I can't find it anywhere else. This is my first Thread so sorry if I mess up or anything in advance.

Anyway I want to know if you use a certain name for all your online accounts, and if so what does it stand for and how did you think of it.

Mine's Malic. I came up with it 2 weeks before I got fast Internet access by shortening the word Malice.

2007-08-11, 09:19 PM
Afraid someone has indeed already done this, here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=37037&page=10). Covers both rl and board names.

2007-08-11, 09:25 PM
Sorry then. Thanks for the link.