View Full Version : Barbarian: 5e Hulking Hurler Primal Path

2017-09-01, 08:41 AM
Hulking Hurler:

LEVEL 3: Hurling Expert:
You may wield 2 weapons at the same time if they have the throwing property even if they are not light. All weapons with the thrown property can be drawn as part of the attack action. Additionally, while raging you may apply your reckless attack ability to thrown weapons, and add your raging damage bonus if the weapon is a melee weapon.

LEVEL 6: Oversized Throwing:
All one handed melee weapons are considered to have the thrown property while you are raging, with a range of (20/60)
If you are wielding a weapon with the thrown property in your off hand you may apply your strength bonus to its damage.

LEVEL 10: Distant Throwing
While you are raging, and wielding a weapon with the thrown property you ignore disadvantage imposed due to long range or the enemy being prone,you may also ignore and ⅔ cover to your thrown attacks. Additionally you may add 5 x your raging damage bonus in feet to the distance you can throw your weapons, if you move at least 10 feet before making your attack.

LEVEL 14: Hit like a boulder
While you are raging and wielding a weapon with the thrown property you can score a critical hit on a roll of 19 or 20. If you score a critical hit with a ranged attack the enemy is knocked prone.