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2017-09-04, 12:13 PM
Mundane Weapon and Armour Enhancements

Many weapons are great not because of their magical quality but because of their amazing craftsmanship and design, as well as the quality of the materials from which they are crafted. This allows a martial character to contribute to situations that would normally require a magic weapon even when devoid of one, for example.

Unlike Elite Equipment (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?530265-Elite-Equipment-(Nonmagical-items-for-high-level-characters)), these abilities are capable of applying to ordinary weapons. Further, you can apply these on top of a base elite item.

Combining Elite, Mundane, Magical and Psionic Enhancements

In general, you can add these abilities to elite, magical or psionic equipment. In order to combine these effects with magical or psionic equipment, you just stack the effective enhancement bonuses to find the cost - that is, a lucky (+1) flaming (+1) longsword +1 of pain (+3) has three different +1 qualities on it and a +3 quality on it and costs 72315 gold pieces.

Elite items are assumed to include the masterwork cost and their effective enhancement bonus (+1 for elite, +3 for phenomenal, +5 for glorious, +7 for ultimate) in their base cost. For example, emeici are ultimate weapons costing 400,000, of which 98,300 is assumed to be the combined enhancement and masterwork cost. +3 emeici, +1 collision emeici or emeici of pain therefore cost 502,000 GP - the difference between a +10 weapon (200,300) and a +7 weapon (98,300), plus the base cost of the emeici themselves. If you have a set of +5 emeici, the price is the +12 value (2,880,300) minus the +7 value (98,300) plus the cost of the emeici themselves (400,000)

Enhancements and Mundane Bonuses

All weapons and armour with mundane enhancements must be masterwork, and therefore have a +1 bonus to attack rolls. Apart from that, you cannot get an enhancement bonus for them and they therefore do not need to be of +1 quality before you can enhance them. However, they follow the same pricing rules as magic items (2000 times the square of the enhancement bonus), and therefore have an effective bonus for all qualities.

Weapon Qualities:

Amplifying (+X): Each attack with the weapon deals X extra points of damage, plus X more for each time the weapon has struck the target in this encounter.
Annihilating (+7): A hit with this weapon deals extra damage equal to a quarter of the target's current hit point total (not their maximum hit point total). Calculate this before dealing any damage. In addition, a creature slain with this weapon is torn to shreds, smashed to dust, or left as little more than a bloody smear - they cannot be resurrected short of a true resurrection or similar effect.
of Blood (+2): Whenever you roll a natural 20 on an attack roll with this weapon, you can make an extra attack immediately at your full base attack bonus. You must actually roll the die to get a 20 (roll even if you have an ability such as a deity's maximise roll; you hit either way but might not get extra attacks). These extra attacks can generate even more attacks.
of Combat Maneuvers (+4): Striking a foe with a weapon of combat maneuvers entitles them to a free trip, disarm, sunder, grapple, feint or bull rush against that foe, using that attack roll if relevant.
of Counterattacking (+5): Missing the wielder provokes an attack of opportunity from them with each weapon of counterattacking they have. Any attack of opportunity can be taken with all weapons of counterattacking the wielder uses in addition to any weapons the wielder could already use to make the attack.
of Critical Striking (+5): The weapon's critical multiplier and threat range are doubled.
Damaging (+X): The weapon deals Xd6 more damage on a successful hit.
Executioner's (+17): Any strike from the weapon automatically slays the target unless they succeed on a fortitude save (DC = damage dealt). This isn't a death effect and cannot be prevented, resisted or mitigated by any means short of passing the save. Any effect which would cause the creature to pass the save automatically is ineffective.
Failsafe (+1): A failsafe weapon doesn't automatically miss on the roll of a natural 1.
of the Immortals (+5): Damage dealt by the weapon is true damage. True damage cannot be prevented, resisted or mitigated by any means.
Lacerating (+X): The weapon deals X points of bleed damage to the target. (Bleeding targets take 1 point of damage each round until healed.)
Long (+1): The weapon has inclusive reach, like a spiked chain does.
Master-Crafted (+2): The wielder of a master-crafted weapon re-rolls the first attack roll per round which results in a miss.
of Might (+2): Attacks using a weapon of might can, at the wielder's option, knock the target 5 feet away, or knock the creature prone. A fortitude save (DC = damage dealt) negates this effect.
of Pain (+3): Damage dealt with this weapon cannot be healed magically.
Piercing (+4): Attacks with the weapon are touch attacks of the same type.
of Reloading (+3): Ranged weapons that need to be reloaded only. The weapon can be reloaded instantly.
Sharp (+3): A sharp weapon has twice the normal critical threat range and the wielder can re-roll critical confirmation rolls.
of the Shoe (+3): A weapon of the shoe can be worn on the feet so long as it's a light weapon for the user. It can then be used for two-weapon or multi-weapon fighting as appropriate. It cannot, however, be thrown from the feet.
of Violence (+8): A creature wielding a weapon of violence deals double damage. The doubled damage is multiplied on a critical hit (or from other sources) as though it were the original damage of the weapon.
of the Wardancer (+6): When the user of the weapon attacks with it, they can make a free five-foot step.
of Woe (+13): A creature struck by the weapon takes such terrible pain that it drives them insane. They must take a will save (DC = damage dealt) or be confused permanently. A creature driven insane in this way is never considered willing to return from the dead.
Wracking (+9): The weapon deals 1d6 points of true damage to each of strength, dexterity and constitution to the target struck. True damage cannot be prevented, resisted or mitigated by any means.

Armour and Shield Qualities:

Ablative (+X): The wearer has damage reduction 5X/-
of the Fortress (+2/+4/+6): As fortification except that the ability is nonmagical, costs as much as a +1 greater bonus, and protects against all precision damage, not just sneak attacks.
of Fumbling (+2): A creature who rolls a natural 1 when rolling to hit the wearer strikes itself instead.
Mirrored (1000 gp): Shield only. The shield is a mirror and reflects gaze attacks upon the user.
Null (+12): The item contains nullstone, a substance which naturally disrupts magic. Magical, supernatural, psionic, spell-like and psi-like effects don't work within 60 feet of the user. Any attempt to use magic to move within 60 feet of the user fails and summoned creatures are banished if within that area.
of Salvation (+15): Damage to the wearer beyond 100 in one attack (after checking for damage reduction, resistances, and so forth) is negated.
Sealed (+X): The wearer has resistance 5X to all energy types.
of Vengeance (+X): Whenever a creature strikes the wearer, they take Xd6 points of damage.

General Qualities:

of the Aeons (+2): The item is indestructible.
Horrifying (+8): An enemy who looks upon the user is terrified unless they succeed at a will save (DC 10 + 1/2 the user's hit dice + the user's charisma modifier). The terrifying effect lasts for 1 round, but creatures must save every round that they remain aware of the user.

2017-09-04, 01:52 PM
Some are nice, some problematic.

Personal impression only...

Amplifying and Annihilating are tedious.
Executioner's is SoD every round. Nuts.
of the Immortals/of Woe/of Salvation/Sealed/of Vengeance/Horrifying - don't see how those can be included in any way under a title that has "mundane" in it.

2017-09-04, 01:56 PM
Amplifying and Annihilating are tedious.
I'm not seeing any weird maths beyond multiplication and division.

Executioner's is SoD every round. Nuts.
The +17 isn't a typo, though.

of the Immortals/of Woe/of Salvation/Sealed/of Vengeance/Horrifying - don't see how those can be included in any way under a title that has "mundane" in it.

Most of this is just being effective at doing the thing that armour and weapons do, having spikes on, and being scary/painful.

2017-09-05, 12:35 AM
I'm not seeing any weird maths beyond multiplication and division.

I think nonsi means, for Amplifying at least you have to record how many times you've hit each creature in each encounter.

Very original ideas - I like the Diablo-esque weapon prefix/suffix flavour.