View Full Version : D&D 5e/Next Rune Magic System (Version 3) - Rune Scribe feat, Runes of Power, Fighter Archetypes

2017-09-04, 10:36 PM
Rune Magic (Version 3) (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rU3B252K-yejeem_1uuUclwTPlHqimzYJdW1F9WdSq0/edit?usp=sharing)

After two complete overhauls and a playtest of version 2 over the weekend, here is where its at. Inspired by the previous editions description of rune magic, and using a feat to refluff existing spell casting. The feat gives similar "ignore somatic" as War Caster, but is easily attached to any caster who wants that flavor.

The Runes of Power are separate from spells, unique little runes you can pick up via a feat or in archetypes. So far have only done the Rune Priest and Rune Warden for fighter, but am working on the others as noted.

Interested to see what others think so far.