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2007-08-12, 05:40 PM
I'm in love with the Killoren race from RotW and as such, I want to expand their options a bit. So, just to start off, I thought I'd 'brew them their very own Prestige Class, but I need some suggestions/ideas and criticism.

I've not got anything down on paper yet, but I've got a few ideas bouncing around my head and would appreciate any suggestions people could give.

1)First off, Race: Killorens only...simple enough.

2)Flavour: Think Killoren Paragon, but as a full 10 level PrC...expanding on their Fey type, focusing on their role as an avatar of nature itself. Kind of like a Fey Paladin of Nature. Not sure on the name though...

3)Class Abilities:

3a)Spellcasting: Pretty much required IMO...I'm thinking possibly dual 'casting' as Druid/Warlock. Druid 'cos it's all nature-y and Warlock because I think that the Warlock class is all but designed for the Killoren race (if it weren't for the UMD side of it). Not sure on progression though...depends on how powerful the other class abilities add up.

3b)Manifest Natures Might: I wanted this PrC to expand this racial ability to make it more versatile and more powerful...I like the idea of being able to change your focus during the day, but adjudicating the uses per day of the Smite ability (when manifesting the aspect of the Destroyer) could be problematical. I'm open to any suggestions on how this could be implemented, without stepping on the toes of the 3 feats relevant to the racial ability. I have a couple of ideas:

3b(i): May change which aspect you manifest x times/day, increasing with level (perhaps 1/day at 1st, +1/day per 3 levels). Alternatively, rather than changing the aspect being manifested until further notice, it could be a temporary change. For Example, x/day, for 1 minute per class level, the Killoren Avatar may assume a different aspect to the one he selected that morning. Or something like that. As far as balancing uses per day, I considered introducing a sort of floating 'pool' of uses...so, as written, the Smite ability can be used a number of times per day equal to your Charisma mod (IIRC), but the Skill and Initiative bonus given by the Hunter aspect is a permanent thing (no uses/day). With this PrC, you'd get extra uses of smite when manifesting the Destroyer, but if you were to use up all your smites for the day and change to the Hunter aspect, you would gain no bonus to skills or initiative.

Alternatively, rather than changing the aspect being manifested completely or temporarily, simply have an x/day ability to use the granted ability of another aspect (e.g. whilst manifesting the Hunter, x/day you would be able to make a Smite, as if you were manifesting the Destroyer, or gain the skill/save bonus as if manifesting the Ancient)...thinking about it, I think this is a better method. Works better with the ability described below as well. Thoughts?

3b(ii): I've considered the possibility of introducing more aspects of nature that the Avatar can assume. However, I'm unsure on what other aspects might be appropriate...possibilities include Healing (maybe giving the ability to spont. cast Healing spells, as a Cleric) or give a SLA to cast a healing spell x/day or lat on hands or something) and Elemental (I'm thinking something along the lines of giving a limited ability to Turn/Rebuke elemental creatures as the Cleric Domains of Fire and the like...alternatively, it could bestow Energy Resistance or something of that ilk). Any other ideas on other "aspects" that could work? Bear in mind that the Racial ability as written already is about approximate to a 1st level class ability...I want any extra aspects to be of a similar "power level" (but also bear in mind the ability to change aspect...that throws a lot of things in the works when it comes to balance).

With this ability, there is also the possibility of extra feats that would improve the different Aspects, like the ones that exist already.

3c) DR/Cold Iron: Fits the Fey type progression...unsure on how much to give though...is DR:1 per class level too much (for a total of DR:10/Cold Iron at 10th level of the PrC)? I'm thinking not, given that the entry requirements are likely to be quite strict (what with dual 'caster' requirements), but I'm not sure.

3d) Other stuff: Would it be fair to allow stacking with Druid levels for Wild Shape/Animal Companion/Wild Empathy? How about stackage for Spirit Shaman abilities instead/as well (they get little enough love as it is)?

4) Entry Requirements: I'm thinking 2nd level Divine casting, with access to Druid or Ranger spell list, able to use Lesser Invocations, at least one of the Killoren X feats, Knowledge (Nature) Y ranks and the possibilty of an oath or behavioural limiter of some description in the vein of the Paladin Code of Conduct or the Kensai Oath (possibily requiring True Neutral alignment and obviously focusing more on protecting nature). Violation of the oath would result in loss of abilities, maybe even loss of Killoren racial abilities too (completely lose the ability to Manifest Natures Might, etc.)...opens possibility of a Blackguard-esque PrC for "fallen" Killoren...anything else? Thoughts?

Anyways, I though I'd get some feedback before posting a true draft of this class, because I don't think I really have enough material to make a 1st draft yet. So any help would be helpful...Thanks!:smallbiggrin:

Realms of Chaos
2007-08-13, 08:56 AM

I know that some warlocks get their power from fey, but I have never in all of my days heard of a fey warlock.

Through similar logic, the idea of a "spirit" becoming a spirit shaman seems a bit weird to me.

2007-08-13, 10:54 AM

I know that some warlocks get their power from fey, but I have never in all of my days heard of a fey warlock.

Through similar logic, the idea of a "spirit" becoming a spirit shaman seems a bit weird to me.

The Warlock-Fey thing fits (almost) perfectly...think about it;

1)Ignore the "pact with demon" fluff, and replace it with "bound to nature (i.e. Fey)" fluff...in the process, removing the 'evil' part from the alignment restriction (so it's Chaotic only...Fey tend to be Chaotic).

2)They get unlimited uses of their abilities...which fits a connection to the boundless power of nature.

3)They get DR vs. Cold Iron...take a look at most (if not all) of the Fey in the MM...guess what Damage Reduction they have?

4)They get an ability that allows them to heal themselves over a short period of time (Fiendish Resilience)...sounds like it could be a strong connection to nature to me.

About the only thing that doesn't fit is the UMD stuff...the ony modifications required is a bit of name-changing (Fiendish Resilience becomes Fey Healing, for example)

On a 'spirit' becoming a Spirit Shaman...who would understand the forces they're dealing with better than a spirit itself? I've always kinda liked the idea of playing a Fey Spirit Shaman myself...