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2017-09-12, 01:39 AM
Kryx's Houserules (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxGh_mU9ihaPbXMtclcwWTlsM1U/view) currently have Knight, Samurai and Warlord as the fighter options. Before I propose all these changes to my group, one of our players is a Battlemaster/Dex dual wielder with a more sneaky side, and those three options don't suit his character.
So Skirmisher is the option I'm trying to add, just unsure of the balance.

Skirmishers are light infantry or cavalry soldiers stationed to act as a vanguard, flank guard, or rearguard, screening a tactical position or a larger body of friendly troops from enemy advances.

Expert Flanker
Starting at 3rd level, when you make a weapon attack with advantage against a creature, that creature takes an extra 1d8 damage. You can deal this extra damage only once per turn.
Also, while not wearing bulky armor, if you make a weapon attack against a creature, that creature can't make opportunity attacks against you for the rest of your turn.

Running Point
Starting at 7th level, you have advantage on Perception checks to notice creatures and details, and when you navigate while travelling, you remain alert to danger.
You also gain one of the following: Acrobatics, Athletics, Perception, Nature, Stealth. Alternatively, you learn an additional language, or Craft and Trade.

Battlefield Positioning
At 10th level, you learn either the Maneuvering Attack or Evasive Footwork maneuver.
The first time you use either the Maneuvering Attack or Evasive Footwork maneuver on your turn, it doesnít count as your maneuver this round for Combat Superiority.

Expose Vulnerability
Starting at 15th level, you gain the following maneuver: When you hit a creature with advantage, allies within 30 feet of you, who can see both you and the creature, gain advantage on the next weapon attack roll they make against the creature before the start of your next turn.

Weave Through the Fray
Starting at 18th level, your speed increases by 10 feet when you arenít wearing bulky armor. Also, you can apply the damage from your Expert Flanker feature more than once per turn, but only once per creature.

Any feedback on balance or even naming conventions, would be much appreciated.

Edit: Hit and Run changed to Expert Flanker, with different mechanics.
Weave Through the Fray mechanics changed to fit Expert Flanker.

2017-09-15, 06:03 AM
Another option for the more lightly armored.

The archetypal Scout excels at finding safe passage through dangerous regions. Scouts usually favor light armor and ranged weapons, but they are comfortable using heavier gear when faced with intense fighting.

Light Armor Master
Starting at 3rd level, you gain a +1 to AC when wearing Leather or Hide armor, and are unencumbered.

Forward Scout
At 3rd level, you gain the ranger class feature Natural Explorer. Also, you gain proficiency in two of the following skills of your choice: Acrobatics, Athletics, Investigation, Medicine, Nature, Perception, Stealth. You can choose to gain a language or proficiency with thievesí tools in place of one skill choice.

Starting at 7th level, you gain expertise in the skills/tool you chose for your Forward Scout feature.

Crack Shot
At 10th level, you learn the Precision Attack maneuver. If you already know this maneuver choose another maneuver to learn. You can use the Precision Attack maneuver even if you have already used your maneuver this round.

Quick Step
Starting at 15th level, you can take the Dash action as a bonus action on your turn, if you are not wearing bulky armor. Also, climbing doesnít cost double movement.

Rapid Strike
Starting at 18th level, you learn to trade accuracy for swift strikes. If you have advantage on a weapon attack against a target on your turn, you can forgo that advantage to immediately make an additional weapon attack against the same target.